Snow Day

I was up my normal time.  Well at least by 6:15.  I set up the ironing board to iron and then went and cleaned off the stairs in teh back and front of the house.  I cleared of my car and when that was all done I set up coffee and then ironed and showered..  

As I  was getting dressed I had gotten a few text messages from Cami.  She wanted to know if we could wear jeans on snow days.  I hadn’t heard if New Haven was closed or not but I told her to go for it.  I left the house by 7:30 after gulping the coffee down.  

Since I had heard the traffic reports I decided to go along the shoreline into New Haven and got on at Kimberly AVenue exit.  It wasn’t bad that way.  I avoided the delays.  I still managed to get to the office after 8..

It is quiet right now and that’s because many people are not here.  i like it sometimes and there are other times I don’t.  I guess I would prefer to be home and watching TV or on the computer instead of working. in weather like this..

It is now just before 7 pm.  I managed to get the daily stuff done and cleared out by the time I left this afternoon.  I still have a huge mountain of readdress mail but as I told Dk I will get to it each day.

The ride home was pretty good for a commuter’s hour.  THere was barely any traffic southbound.  The highways were pretty dry and the secondary roads were not that bad.  I stopped at the the card shop and got some cards I have been meaning to get.

Mom wasn’t home when I got home so I had a little time for myself.  I managed to get the recyclable stuff out.  The garbage is only one bag so it doesn’t need the containers..  When Mom got home we talked and chatted.  She told me that our friends Mike and Tess would be coming over to help her set up her new Epson Printer/copier/scanner.  

WE got our own dinner.  I had meatloaf sandwich and it was good.  It isn’t exactly agreeing with me but I will fix that later.  

I haven’t updated any of my calendars to reflect people’s birthdays’  I know of one and that would be my Aunt Rita.  I am pretty sure her family is thinking of her and Missing her very much..  My Cousin Carol usually posts something but I haven’t seen anything..

Well She may not have posted a memorial but she did post news.  Her son is in the hospital.  She doesn’t give details only that he was admitted after going to the ER.  

I actually am very tired and can’t keep my eyes opened so I am going to bed.


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