Still awake.

Obviously I had too much caffeine yesterday because I am still awake.  Mom went to bed shortly before midnight.  I think she is bed reading and I have been replying to an email on the Living2well list.  It was in response to my Frustrations entry on Wednesday.  I have also been dealing with a nose bleed.  Thankfully it has stopped.  I think I am going to take a shower and see if that will help induce sleep.

I am also feeling a little guilty.  Both  Cousin Carol and Ryan posted to their Facebook pages  their disappointment in family members not supporting them in the recent drama.  The message is hitting home because I have neither called them or written them given them support.  I am hoping her number is in my pocketbook and I will definitely call.  That’s if she even answers. 

I am trying everything  to get to sleep.  I have been reading blogs from Los Anageles California .  Each one unique and some not so much.  I don’t particularly want to see the ones that are selling stuff.  Some of reproductions of Cosmetic ads you would find in stores, or anything else that they are trying to sell. 

May be I should  Sue Patton Thoele’s Freedoms after 50.  It was given to me for my 50th Birthday last year.  I may have mentioned this before.  Unfortunately I don’t want to use the over head light.  The other one by the bed is not easy to plug in after I unplugged it last week inadvertently .  I can’ t I just need to shower and get to bed.  Hopefully the non-aspirin with sleep aid will help as well.

Now that it is getting to be 2 am and I have done everything possible to get to sleep I am going to give it a shot.  See you  all later.


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