Two Days

I haven’t written since Tuesday night.  Yesterday now seems like it was very busy for me.  I was late again and had very little sleep.  So anything I wrote probably sound or read like gibberish.

I was able to get the mail done in a fairly timely manner and was able to work on other things.  After Work I headed to the store and bought the veggie basket for last night’s meeting.  When I finished with that I went home.  

When I arrived Mom was still at one of her meetings and would come home a little while later.  This allowed me to have a bite to eat and relax until it was time to leave for the meeting.  It also allowed me to read/write some more to Jeannette.  It is turning into a 4 page letter (its pretty much the font I used).  I will send as an attachment first.

I left the house a little after 6.  I had  already called Roberta and she said she would be there by 7. Telka was just preparing for the meeting.  She was setting up the arts and crafts stuff.  As more and more girls came I was given door duty.  I showed the girls where to go and I stayed upstairs had some food and chatted with Kelly when she first came.  As it got closer to 7 Roberta came and then around 7 :30 the meeting started.  

The meeting went really fast.  We talked about the upcoming activities and the chamber of commerce grants (the adults all got emails regarding the interview date).  We sent home made Valentines Card to our our sponsored child for Valentines.  There were no installations so we went for refreshments.  We chatted until the girls went home and then three of us caught up.

It was just about this time when I started not feeling well  I had am not sure what happened but I finally had to go home.  It was nearly 9:30 by the time I got home.  I got the garbage out front for pick up and then chatted with Mom.  I was going to watch TV but instead I wrote some more for Jeanette and then went to bed.

This morning I managed to get up early enough to get the garbage put out.  I took my time getting ready for work and managed to leave a little after 7:30.  The drive in was a bit hard.  The sun was very bright and distracting for me.  I really need to get new sunglasses.  

The mail volume was light.  This allowed me to spend time working on the re-address mail for a good portion of the afternoon.  It also allowed me to write in th blogs, pay some bills, and surf the web for a bit.

I had a grilled balsamic Vegetable/mozz sandwich with soda.  I was trying to find anything that would fill the hungry feeling in my stomach as well as wake me up.  Both seemed to have worked but now the hands are starting to hurt again.

Tonight will be a fairly quiet night.  Its laundry night and perhaps finish the thank you notes that I have left.  I hope to finish the letter to Jeannette.