Up before the alarm

I have been here just under two hours.  I woke up before the alarm did this morning.  Once it rung I got ready for the day.  I was out the door a little after 7 and to the garage a short time later.  Now if you all know me by now you will know most of the time I have to clean out the car before taking it to the garage.  Today was no different.  The garbage bag is now in the trunk waiting to be emptied.

I caught the 7:20 bus and I was here by 10 after 8 (not something I would like to continue).  I  chatted with Mama Joanie who was in the process of having to go home as she had been told she has Pneumonia.  I hopped right to the mail.  I had to finish the mail from yesterday.  Soon after today’s mail came.

I spent a few minutes talking and consoling MsLee She is mourning the loss of her 15 year old dog.  It was their “child”.  It had not been well since Friday and it passed away in her arms on Saturday.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly the daily stuff was done and while I waited for my ride I worked on the postage tallies for yesterday.  I have to do todays first thing and then whatever comes in afterwards.  

I found out there was a time change for the epic training class for the end of the month.  It was originally scheduled for the 24th now its on the 30th.  The only downside is its in the middle of month end.  I have a feeling it will be a lot of pressure.  The good thing is I won’t be alone.  It will be with my “crew (Annette, Joanie, Janet, and of course Anthony).

I am thankful that I could count on Janet for a ride home tonight.  She dropped me off at the gas station to pick up the car.  THe traffic was so wonderful and watching the sun go down was absolutely breathtaking (now you know I can’t take pictures to send to my email-yet).

It was just after five when I got home and a few minutes later Mom came in from her meeting.  Now she is cooking dinner along with talking with Jim on the phone.  Which was spooky because we had been discussing Jamie’s Confirmation ceremony for March.

Anyway as the discussion went we agreed that it would not be feasible for us to do a one day trip.  I told her I plan on taking that entire week off anyway.  She was hoping that we could actually stay with Jim and she even tried to talk about it with him tonight and he apparently and firmly said no.  She feels that he doesn’t want us to see the condition of the apartment.  On some level I agree with him and some level I agree with Mom.  We should be able to stay with him as it will be expensive for at least Mom.  Actually it shouldn’t be all that expensive for one night.

I have to reschedule my appointment with Dr. Becker still.  I knew I wasn’t going to make it in time when I made the impromptu service appointment yesterday so I made sure I called bright and early this morning.

I got a newsletter from my friend Jeannette in Hesperia CA today.  She usually sends several holiday cards every few months to cover all the holidays.  She was one of my pen pals when I was still an active pen pal writer.  When her letters continued to come after I stepped back Mom was angry that i continued to write.  I emailed Jeanette explaining to her the circumstances.  AT first she was insistent she would continue to write.  It is now usually just email on my part.

Okay it is nearly 10:30.  I was watching NCIS.  I was quite shocked at the end but I will leave that for my NCIS blog.  I also got a call from Debbie M we discussed a little more about the Mexican Train game preparations for the 27th.  We will have anywhere from 5 to 10 players that day.    I need to make sure there are enough chairs for us.

I am so stressed right now and tired that if I don’t get off the computer and to bed I will be awake all night-again.