Washed Away

Good Morning All it is after 9:30 and I have been up since 8.  It felt good  sleeping in a little.  Especially after  getting up early  all week.  My original intention was to have the laundry done by a certain time I just have to move it (up or back can’t remember).

Most of the snow we got has been washed away by the rain and warm temperatures.  I was just looking at this forecast and it is supposed to get into the 50’s.  This will do wonders for those who have this flu or anything else for that matter (bristles).  It looks like it will be cloudy but warm all week long.

Hmmm.   I just got a notification that some one wants to join the group and start one of her own.  I posted a welcome request and gave her some information on how to start her own group.  I hope that’s what she wanted.  She is from senior center or home I guess.

Mom is about to start baking the cake for tonight’s party.  She told me she is just waiting for everything  to come to room temperature.  I think actually I know she wants to do it on her own.  That’s okay.  I  should be doing other stuff anyway.

Now its nearly noon time and have only done a few things around here  so I am going to check on the laundry and take care of some other stuff.


I really love your blog Kate!! I was also going to add you through your FB link but I thought you might not know that it was a blogger so I wanted to ask permission first :)
Kate said…
Hi thanks for the comment...Sure you can...I would love for you to follow me.
Then I shall follow you. Feel free to follow mine as well!


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