We have snow

It is snowing and has been for the last few hours.  We are not supposed to be getting that much around here.  It is a real disappointment because I was really looking forward to a big storm.   On  the other hand I am glad it won’t be a big one as we are having the Mexican train game day here on Sunday.  The National weather people have named this storm Kahn.  I am not sure why but it is apparently making things rather messy.  It looks like the storm is passing us very soon .  According to this map it is already moving  aways towards the northeast.

Today was a very stressful day.  I got to the office and there was a note waiting for me from Judy regarding the mail on the floor. It was the junk mail and so mid morning after a few emails about a few of the processes we got it cleared out .  All there is is the medical Society magazines.  Judy wants me to spend at least a half hour every day work ing on it.  Lindsa who was asked to help out offered to help again the next time it gets to be heavy.  Anyway, Susan has scheduled a meeting for the three of us on Tuesday to discuss the mail.  I told Lee Ann a union rep and she says to reiterate that this job  used to be a 2 person job and should be again.  The practice has been growing etc.   She also agreed that I shouldn’t be going in by myself.  I let Judy know too.

I saw Debra today.  I talked about the issues that were stressing me out this week and what to do about them.   She felt terrible.   I was very glad to be leaving there today and getting home by 4:30.  Lee Ann had told me before we  left that  I don’t worry about it over the  weekend.  She will talk to me again on Monday.

I was really glad to be home by 4:30.  It was still light out and no problems.   Mom was reheating/cooking the corned beef again and we had that for dinner.  It was very good.  The rest of the night we have been doing our own thing.  She was watching TV and I was online for a while and then went and watched TV.

Now I am going to bed.


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