Where is the Sun?

You know something I really need to stop watching the weather reports.  I could have sworn they said we would get sun.  There is no sun outside.  There was fog this morning but its lifting in the city.  Other areas seem to still have it.

I talked with Mom this morning and she is doing okay but feeling guilty for not going up to see Liz.  I agreed that I felt the same way but neither of us can afford to get sick.  I am hoping Liz understands.  LIz called this morning still a little weak and not sure when or if she is getting out today.  Mom has a meeting or two I think other than that I have no idea what she is doing.

I am hoping a picture I sent to Liz with a text gets to her.  I just wanted to let her know I was thinking of her even if I couldn’t be there.  I called Nelson to see how he was doing and he was cleaning the house in anticipation of Liz’s return home.  He reassured me that Liz and he both understand why we haven’t gone up and they encourage it.

The sun came out around lunch time.  It warmed my immediate office up a little.  I was going to go and get the card for Sharon M but I wanted to get my work done first.  As it was I hd very little lockbox and the lobby mail from downstairs hadn’t arrived for today.  

I sent a picture to Liz letting her know I was thinking of her.  She texted me back and told me she was going home today.  I qucikly called Mom but totally forgot Ethel.  I figured MOm would tell her. That wasn’t the case.  I got a text message from Ethel a bit ago.

As I was cleaning up for the day (and updating calendar appointments) Lockbox for today arrived.  it will be waiting for me for tomorrow.  I am going to try and go in early.  Then I can get everything done.


I don't think I've seen the sun since 2012 LOL
Kate said…
I think I would really be depressed if that happened. Although I am sure the Northeast has been through that at some point.

I did take another look the weather report and we are getting a "wintery mix" over night tonight. Then by saturday it will be sunny.