Thursday, February 28, 2013

Awesome Day

I had such an awesome day today.  Work went well.  I got a lot off my desk.  Now I just have to through tomorrow and then make sure all that is taken care of.  I will have left everything in the capable hand of my team mate JN.  I stayed and did OT. 

I came home and Mom’s meeting was just nearly ending.  I took a moment and talked with a few people who were having a side bar conversation in the back room.  It was getting later than I had expected so I decided not to go to the DTC meeting.  I opted for having Dinner and watching TV.

I heard from Jim a couple of times today.  It was about Monday’s activities.   He wanted to let me know that he would meet us at the hotel around 3 on Sunday.    When he called later he asked if all my papers were in order.  I had explained that the certificate was mailed a few months ago.  He did make a very good point that they would not know what it was about.  I think I better call them tomorrow and fully explain.  I will be very annoyed if there were papers to sign and neither parent nor child sent them too me. 

The Borough sent an email to residents (who have signed up for email updates) that included a storm survey.  They wanted residents to give their opinion of the work and quality of the job.  I sent it on to a few of my neighbors and one already said they let them have it. (In his words an earful).  I personally have mixed feelings about it.  I understand to a degree that they were given priorities but we also pay Borough taxes and should have been done earlier then the Friday and our neighbor should not have done it herself.

Now that the day has ended my legs and getting a little stiff so I am going to hit the sack.  I am relieved to know my neck isn’t hurting today as it was yesterday.  I don’t know why that is (probably because I stayed away from salt for most of the day).  I have had my meds refilled so I am picking them up tomorrow night after work. 

Hope your day was as wonderful as mine.  Have a great night.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The last two days have been very busy for me.  Work has been busy with every thing and both nights I stayed until 6.  I might be able to stay for only two more nights this week.  Tomorrow night I have an appointment with the Hematologist. 

I was supposed to be writing up the minutes from the 4th District meeting last night but after I got home and made shrimp for dinner (baked) I just got so tired and fell flat.  Tonight has been the same thing. I did manage to send out an email to the 4th asking them to pick a date for our next meeting.  As it stands it conflicts with the membership cocktail party.

Mom gave me her left over spaghetti and eggplant from her lunch this afternoon.  It was delicious.  She wasn’t all that hungry and opted for cereal.  It was during dinner that I felt weird.  I got light headed.  It was not the only time.  It has happened three times already.  When it happened at the table Mom asked me if I told the doctor.  I will when I see him at the next appointment.  I don’t think Dr. Liu can do anything about it.

Mom has been keeping busy these last few days as well.  She has had some meetings, Dr. Appointments and blood work to be done.  As I mentioned she had lunch with a friend today and it was their monthly get together.  She says there is going to be a meeting on Thursday she needs to attend that trumps the DTC and its being held here.  So she has been cleaning the house (again).

AT 8:30 tonight there was an AMBER alert posted out of North Stonington CT.  Two small children Ashton Perry (6 months old) and his brother Alter Perry age 6 were taken from their Daycare center.  Apparently their grandmother took them.  I ask that you say some prayers for these two little guys.

I probably should be getting my thoughts together for this weekend.  Mom and I are going to visit family in PA.  We will be gone for a few days and I am looking forward to it.

I really had a hard time getting up

I really wanted to get up early so I could get some stuff done before leaving for work.  It didn’t happen.  I kept turning the snooze button on the cell phone.  When I finally did get up I was rushing around and managed to leave just before 7:30.  The weather wasn’t helping any either. 

Work went well.  I had to train JanetN to fill in for me while I am gone next week.  We managed to get the mail done by 1 or so.  It should be fine. I spent the late afternoon thinking today was Friday.  I still have two more days before that happens.

The weather all day was rainy and cold.  It basically stopped late this afternoon.  Now in the dark I can see the stars and the clouds.  The rain filled the wetlands and you can’t even see where the marsh is anymore.  It looks like one big lake.

I saw the Hematologist tonight.  He says everything looks good (except the swelling of the legs) but that may be soon I won’t have to take the meds anymore.  He wants me to take them for now until at least maybe march or April (it will be a year by then since I had the blood clot).

When I got home from the Doctor it was nearly 6.  Mom had dinner cooking for me.  Baked chicken and it was delicious.  There were roasted potatoes and asparagus.  We will be having it again tomorrow night as well.

I spent the rest of the night getting the garbage out and watching TV.  I am a little achy tonight getting up out of the chairs were a little hard until I took some Tylenol.  Everything seems better now.

Do you remember when I mentioned the Amber Alert last night?  Well it turned out badly.  The 47 year-old grandmother killed the two little boys and killed herself.  IT happened an hour after the Amber alert was started.

Well I am going to turn in early.  I need some sleep and I have a lot to do between now and Friday.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Calendar is getting full

I noticed that my online calendars are not coordinated with my appointment books.  I have a lot of stuff that need to be added to both.  For Example DMarcus emailed us about two upcoming activities.  The first is the Military Whist at her Synagogue on March 9th, and then the dinner gathering at Vito’s in Newington on the 16th.

Tonight DMarcus called with updates.  She had talked with M&R and they are all set for the 9th.  So I will be riding up with them.  I still have to coordinate the time.  It starts at 7:30.  They are not how ever going to be at the Vito’s with us.  So Debbie and I discussed the possibility of me driving to her house in Wallingford and then we drive to Newington together.  It will be late by the time we get back to her house and then of course back home.

In April our group will be attending DMarcus’ Synagogue’s Anniversary Dinner and that’s on the 20th.  I will have to get a new outfit for that one.  (OMG Did I really say a new outfit?)

The woman’s Club has a lot of things coming up.  The first thing we have going is a clothing drive.   We have a place in New York that will take it for us.  I think Dr. T said something along the lines of 200 lbs of clothes for a price.

The Creative writing contest is currently going on and the winners will be awarded in May 22 at the City Hall reception we will have.

In April we have our International dinner at the Beth El Shelter.  There are new regulations too.  All the main cooking has to be done on site instead of being brought to the facility.  We have our Fashion Show at the Nursing home on the 27th of April.  I am “the transportation” squad. 

We have election of officers in May.  For all intensive purposes I will remain as Secretary.  Then in the late spring early summer we have to plan for our summer activities.

The DTC has a number of activities coming up (mostly fundraisers).  We have a membership cocktail party in March (the same night as our 4th District).  I have an email to the district chairman asking about our next meeting.  We may or may not be marching in the City’s St Patrick’s Day parade.  It depends on anyone who wants to march.  It is on March 9th.  Truthfully I may not be able to march anyway.  My legs may not cooperate.  I have to prepare for that night.

We also have to prepare for our annual Awards Banquet.  That’s in June and we may be having some highly important guests.  That’s usually a fun night.

Well I think its time for me to crash.  The hands are feeling a little stiff tonight.

Lazy Afternoon

The weather is not conducive to an active afternoon.  The sun has been playing hide and seek for most of the morning with the clouds winning out in the afternoon.  I did manage to get the rest of the laundry going and it’s finishing up as I write this.

I just took a look at and almost all around us there is snow, ice and a mixed precipitation.  I don’t envy the residents living in the Cape Cod Area.  Can anyone tell me the difference between and  Don’t they get their information from the same place?

The rest of the time I have spent watching the NCIS weekend Marathon.  I figured it was on only yesterday (Yay USA) but it isn’t.  I have seen most of them at least a million times.  I did surf the web for a while too.

I am glad the marathon is on because I just do not want to watch the Oscars.  They bore me to death.  Besides I can find the winners online as soon as they are announced.  I saw a portion of Shindler’s List last night.  It was very good.  It has gotten me consider reading the book itself.  The movie was on USA Network last night.  It was part of their Characters Unite Promotional but I found out it is also the 20th anniversary of its theatrical release.

Tonight’s dinner is a mixture of leftovers and soup.  The Frittata that TM made earlier this week for Mom.  The Rice and shrimp from Friday’s dinner and to top it off squash chowder.

Well its time for me to check the laundry…see ya later.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

So Many things I wanted to write

There were a number of things I wanted to write about this week.  The meteor hitting Russia, The newest addition at Sea World, and one other that all of a sudden popped out of my head.  Well any way it will come back.  It may be a connection soon.

Anyway so a meteor hits Russia.  When I saw the pictures and the video I couldn’t get over the damage it did.  It was beautiful yet frightening that it could happen so quickly and so what I believe is widespread.  It also reminded me of all the disaster movies that have this as a possibility of ever happening.  When I did some checking the first thing I came across was the article in the Palatinate Online that was posted yesterday.  I will be the first to not understand what it is saying but it is scary.  The picture from Fox Network reminds me of the ribbon in the Star Trek: Generations Movie in which Dr. Soran is trying to manipulate the ribbon to get him into the Nexus.

My heart goes out to that little Russian Boy who was killed.   The stories are horrible.  It reminds of the stories that Jim had shared with us about the adoption process for James R.  They were all set to take him home and the Russian Government put a hold on all adoptions.  It was very heart wrenching for them to go through this.  Of course they were not like this couple in Texas.  They were and obviously still very loving to all of the kids.

Finally congratulations to everyone at Sea world San Diego for the recent birth of the newest killer whale.  It was born on Valentine’s Day to  37 year old Kasatka.  As soon as I heard the news I went to the Shamu Camera.  They were down and  as of a little while ago it continues to be down.  I guess they want to give it some privacy.  However, if that were the case they would not have shown it off just hours after its birth.  Of course if you have the link to the article you get the  stupid and uninformed comments about Sea world. 

Well I managed to pay some bills and waiting for the laundry to finish.  I actually have two more loads but now that its nearly 9 I am done.   I will have to finish after bingo tomorrow.

Okay well I am going to crash for the night.  I will see you all tomorrow.

Saturday Goings On

It was cloudy when I got up this morning.  I left here by 7:30 and stopped at the Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  The two cream and chocolate brownie features this month.  I had the two Brownie ones and of course the hash browns and coffee.  I got to New Haven just before 8 but into the office after 8.  I spent the next six hours scanning.  It was a good day’s work I think.

By the time I left it had been raining so it was pretty raw out.  I got home by quarter of three where I found Mom preparing our dinner.  She was making tomato sauce for spaghetti.  She had been shopping earlier so now she was just relaxing until church.

I had lunch and watched TV until 3:30.  I decided to get some laundry done and get bills paid.  I didn’t do any of that last night.  It was also just about then I decided I would get in my jammies for the night too.  I didn’t have any plans for the rest of the night other than what I said I would do so there it is in a nutshell.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lots going on

Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know I am fine.  The last few days I haven’t had a lot of energy to do much of anything and the sleep quota had been low until last night.

Yesterday my Nephew John Eldest Son of Brother Bob and Sister in Law Ethel turned 30 years old.  Ethel had a mass said for him at St Lawrence church at 7:30 and Mom went with her.  I don’t understand why it’s so early but next time I hope to participate.  Anyway he has many birthday wishes posted to his wall on Facebook.  After getting his address I sent him a birthday card and he should get it next week some time.

I have been trying to get to talk to Sis all week but she has been busy.  Earlier this week one of her closest classmates lost her battle with Cancer and they were close.  However, she must be dealing with it well because she has been on the go all week.  Everyone in their family is well.  Oh Liz will be serving communion on Sunday morning and doing the readings at the late Sunday Mass. 

I heard from Jim yesterday.  He thought he was calling the house phone and instead got me.  Luckily it was break time but he was still apprehensive about keeping me on the phone.  He called Mom after we hung up.  He sounded like he has a cold or something.  I noticed he called a little while ago I am going to find out before too long. 

Work is going well been really busy and doing some OT.  I will be going tomorrow morning for a few hours too.   I am curious to know how much OT there will be or how much scanning there will be for me to help with once the new system starts kicking in.  As of right now it is month end so for now I am not really worried.

Today is the first day in many days that I haven’t had a lot of pain.  My breathing is returning to some level of normal.  It’s really weird how much you miss the ability to yawn or sneeze with out having a great deal of pain.  TM thought perhaps I bruised a rib or something.  The symptoms she named off were exactly what I had.  Someone else asked of I had Pleurisy.  I didn’t appreciate that at all.

The last half of the week was filled with meetings and work.  The woman’s Club was pretty good.  I gave the Bridges Flyer to Dr. T to present to the membership to think about a donation.   I just need to tell them there isn’t a deadline yet.  We have a lot of stuff coming up in the next few months.

The 4th District meeting was last night here.  We had a good crowd.  Eleven showed up.  We have a few things also coming up.  We have the membership Cocktail party coming up, plus the annual dinner (both fundraisers before the questions get asked).  I will be getting the minutes done some time this weekend. 

I met with Debra today.  We had to meet earlier then usual.  It was a good session.  We talked about all kinds of stuff and she could tell I was in a good space.  We meet at our regular time next week.

In one week from today I start my week vacation.  I am really looking forward to it.  It’s been a while since my last one.   No I am not counting the snow storm earlier this month.  The first part of the vacation I will be getting ready for my trip to Allentown.  We are going to be there until Tuesday.  The plans for the rest of the week are tentative but I am seriously considering making trips to the Museums in New Haven.  It’s been a long while since I have been to the Peabody or the British Museum.  I am hoping that Liz has returned to the Stratford Museum she is a Dossier at. 

The weather this week has been nice and cold.  I can’t remember the last time it snowed.  There are reports that we are getting some flurries or showers this weekend.  I am just not sure when it will be starting.

Well I think I am going to some paper work and then crash for the night.  I hope you are all doing well and for those of you in the mid West and Plains I feel your pain….

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It was a long Day

Today was pretty long.    I wasn’t feeling all that well and at some point my back was really hurting.  I took some Tylenol and it was infinitely better but not as much.  It was hard to breath at times. 

Because of the federal holidays mail was a bit skewed but it was done by the time I started OT.  It was just about then my back began to hurt again.  When I left it was after 6.  I got all the way to the car and discovered I left my keys on my desk.   I was really frustrated.  It took some effort to walk from the office to the garage and now I had to go back and do it again.  I think it was just before 6:30 when I got back to the car and headed home.

Luckily the drive wasn’t bad.  No traffic jams so I made it home by quarter of 7.  Mom was waiting for me and dinner.  I knew I should have called her.  She understood.

I had the left over Shepherd’s pie (comfort food I called it) and Mom poached some eggs.  After dinner I came upstairs and watched the Entertainment shows until NCIS came on.

I enjoyed the episode.  I am not sure how long Vance will be “probie” Vance.  It was good though.

Mom is heading to bed as I write this.  She was tired she went to a meeting this afternoon and has another one tomorrow.

Well I am heading to bed.  As I said wasn’t really feeling good all day and I am being extra vigilant as I had a couple of dizzy spells this morning while sitting at this desk.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finally Got some Sleep

Well I couldn’t sleep very well after three.  I have discovered if I sleep with that pillow chair it would be okay (but slightly uncomfortable) because I am at incline and there isn’t a lot of pressure on the sides bothering me.  If I don’t sleep with it-it can be uncomfortable.  I know this doesn’t make sense but it is the truth.   I took the night time Tylenol and it let me sleep until 8.  Overall no pain but I am sure it will wear off.   Well I know I still have the problem when I yawn it is still catching.

I woke to a fresh blanket of snow this morning.  It didn’t start until some time after midnight.  Before going to bed last night I checked out twitter and saw some tweets to Channel 8’s Gil Simmons (he is the weatherman there) and there were reports of snow. 

Mom was just getting up when I was leaving.  She still wasn’t feeling well and it would see she had a lazy day so far.  She was sleeping in the chair out back when I came home from my morning activities.

How were my morning activities you ask?  Well they were great.  PJ and Matt were there getting coffee for the residents.  I was late but we did okay.  We played for an hour and we were able to receive communion. 

After Bingo I went to church and then to Liz and Nel’s house.  I was there about an hour and we talked about everything.  The storm, the grandkids including the newest two expected to arrive in March, and the fact that bright and early this morning Liz performed at the 8:30 mass as Eucharistic Minister.  Next Sunday she will be doing both of the ministries at two masses (she will read and serve).  I don’t think she can do both at the same Mass.  She also tells me the Eucharistic Ministers will no longer be on the altar but they will be in the first few pews.

Ah no….I just found a former police office I knew passed away this week.  His name was Officer Ed Kelly.  He was the police spokesperson for Milford Police Department and he was on the force when I was in the Explorer troop in High School His Son Jr was one of our troop members.  I sent a message to some of the guys I grew up with in the neighborhood and on the post with us.  I don’t know if they remember him or care but I thought it would be okay.

Since I have been home I managed to get the sympathy card for our friends who lost a Mom  this week.  The couple is also on the DTC with us so I definitely  had to get the card out.  I also managed to get a load of laundry started.

That wind is blowing hard outside.  It has been all day.  I don’t think I would want to be out there.  It is a little cold in here too.  I am going to have some tea.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Long and Busy

Good evening everyone I hope you are doing well.  I am very tired and still not feeling completely well. The shoulder is getting better but I still have some pain in the lower back (and when I am in the cold air and walking fast) and or when I yawn.  Although I did find I was able to lie down this afternoon with little or no problem.  I am not sure what that is about.

I went to work this morning for a few hours and got a lot done.  I was hoping to get there fairly early but after last night’s crappy sleep fest.  It wasn’t prudent.  Getting to the garage was somewhat of a chore.  I was hoping to park near the building but that wasn’t the case.  Public works was also doing some major snow removal at the intersections and caused some what of a delay.

After work I went to the nursing home for the Valentine’s Delivery.  The club every year makes home make cards to deliver to the residents of the nursing home (120 residents).  We then pick a day (usually before Valentines Day) and deliver them.  We were supposed to do it last week but because of the weather we couldn’t.  I found them upstairs waiting for Dr. Telka.  She had just spent time with a woman who turned 100 earlier this week.  We decided to serenade to her the Birthday song.  She was wonderful if not altogether with it.  We had to finish the rest of the wings and the first floor.  We were finished just after 2.  We stood around in the recreation room while there was another activity going on.  We talked about the storm and vacations.

After I said goodbye to DR.Telka (and the last of the girls was picked up) I came home.  Mom was no where to be found (she had been shopping) so I grabbed a make shift lunch (bread) and watched TV for a while.

Mom came home around 3:30.  I decided to take a relaxing bath and get into my pajamas.  Mom went to church.  After the bath I went back to bed and watched TV until Mom came home.

We had decided to have soup and sandwiches for Dinner.  She had home made chicken soup and made a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich on some Trader Joe’s exotic bread.  Do I really have to say it w as delicious?

While we had dinner we watched our regular PBS shows.  After dinner I headed back up stairs to watch NCIS.  It is still on now.  I think there are three more hours of this marathon.

We are supposed to get more snow this weekend.  (Whoopee!)  When I was leaving this morning there were flurries but stopped mid day.  The sun came out for a while too.  Late this afternoon the clouds rolled back in.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked out to the street lamp and see it snowing.

Tomorrow will be probably another full day of volunteering, family time, and church.  I also have to get ready for the week ahead.  I have to pay some bills this weekend too.

Friday, February 15, 2013

There is something Different about the Street

Whoa…I leave bright and early this morning to a very crowded street (filled with the snow) and tonight the street is much wider.  Thank you Mallico Construction.  Neighbor Don was not pleased.  I bet he is now. 

I had a great day at work.  I stayed until 6 and then came home.  I will be going in early tomorrow.  It also depends on the weather.  I have heard several conflicting reports about this weekend.  I have gone on record as saying Enough no more snow.

I talked with Mom today she was barely awake.  She isn’t feeling completely well yet.  We both feel she may be catching a cold.  She really doesn’t need this on top of every thing else that’s been going on.

I had a good session with Debra.  WE talked about the storm and how we dealt with it.  What my weekend plans will be etc.  I also expressed some concern about Mom.  Now that is in mid to late 80’s her health isn’t the greatest.  On some level it hasn’t been and others she is fine.   As I told Debra I don’t think she will be gaining any more weight .  I think she is at her “new Normal”. 

I had a rather scary moment today.  If you have been reading my blogs you will know that for several days I have been finding it hard to take really deep breaths without having pain on the side.  I can breath normal too but when I laugh hard I get this sharp pain on my right side (I think I had this problem just about the time I was in the hospital last April) .  I was thinking it could be COPD and or the appendix.  Everyone I have talked to about it says I should get it looked at.  I will soon.  I did think I was going to get sick but it didn’t  happen. 

The other scary thing  that happened was my left hand  decided to spasm (again).  It felt like someone was taking the tendons or  these  invisible ropes and pulling them together.  It didn’t last long and I managed to stretch them out.   I will have to keep an eye on that. 

My right arm seemed to be getting better.  It didn’t hurt much and every now and again I get a little pain.  I am not sure what that was about .  This started before all the snow lifting happened.  At least it doesn’t feel like I broke it.

Something happened to my computer tonight.  It wouldn’t “wake up” up from sleep mode.  I shut it off at the tower and even that took a while to turn off.  The mouse went dead for a short time too.  Now it seems to be okay.  I don’t want anything to happen to this  thing.  As it is I can’t watch too many videos on this thing because it is always sputtering and buffering.  It makes me crazy.

Got an email from MVB asking me to send an email to the 4th District asking them to nominate people for the Awards we are giving out to people who best represent as a Democrat, community Service etc.

Dr. Telka sent out an email regarding the Beth-El Shelter Dinner Date.  It looks like it has to be changed from March 20th to April 4th.  I don’t see a problem.  It is on the first Thursday of April.  That’s okay too.

Okay I am going to turn on my Friday night Public Radio station music and fall asleep to that. 

Have a great night everyone. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday 2/14/2013

I think it’s been weeks since I did a Thankful Thursday post.  Let’s see where to start:

  1. I am thankful the snow is melting.  I really enjoyed it while it came down and it was nice to have a couple of days off but truthfully I was getting cabin fever. 
  2. I am thankful for my family, friends, job, volunteering.

I had a great day at work.  It was busy and I managed to get a lot done.  Everything about it is just wonderful.

Mom is not feeling well again.  It’s her stomach this time.  I am not sure about the incessant itching she had earlier this week.  She said the previous meds for is completely out of her system and she has not taken the new stuff yet.   She got some grocery shopping done and some other stuff too. 

I haven’t talked with Jim in a while.  He did call after the storm was over and compared storm stories with Mom.  I guess he is doing alright.  He has reserved a room for us in March for Jamie’s’ Confirmation ceremony.  The kids are doing well as well. 

I haven’t talked with Ethel since the combo birthday/Anniversary dinner last week.  I think she is all dug out from the storm for now.  I hope she had someone come and dig her out.  I plan on seeing her some time this weekend.

My Niece D is currently in rehearsals for a play in NY or NJ.   I have to actually pay more attention to her Facebook postings so I will better understand.  She posted a really beautiful picture of her and her Guy. 

It’s been week’s since I heard anything from D’s Brother J.  When he posts to face book I just reply quickly with Hey I miss you or some much goopy stuff that would probably make anyone gag.

Their younger brother Rob is off on vacation.  We don’t really see each other lots except through-you guessed it Facebook.  I can’t begin to explain the reasons.

Mom talked with Sis today.  She and BIL are no longer snowbound.  They were able to find someone to clear the snow from all of their doors (they have about four).  I plan on seeing them sometime this weekend as well.

All of their kids are doing great.   No really big news there.  We are still waiting for the newest members of the family to make their appearance.  One is due any day now and the other later on the spring.

My health well let’s see except for COPD that’s making its presence know I am doing okay.  I was rather achy this week but as I am writing this they seem fine.  It usually acts up just as I am going to bed. 

Well I am going to sign off for now I will see you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today went as expected

Today went pretty much the way I expected-lots of mail and very busy.  I did some scanning while waiting for  the second round of work.  I also found more lockbox waiting for me so it was just about then that I asked to stay late for the mail.  I kept going.  I have a few small piles to open and will do that in the morning.  I worked through most of my lunch but was able to get something lite.

I decided to take a taxi home since I would miss the buses to Milford.   I was home not to long after I caught one.  I actually called for one but this one was just driving around.   I am not sure what time it was when I got home.  I had a few minutes to relax before dinner.

Mom was cooking spaghetti for dinner since it was Lent.  She said oh there is plenty of meat for you…I reminded her that it is Lent.  Unfortunately I had already blown it because I had sausage for breakfast.    I didn’t want to compound my actions any further.  It was delicious but now is making me extremely thirsty.

We found out that one of our friends on our 4th District Committee  lost their Mom.  I had to send out a message to the rest of the members.  Mom already knew about from TM. 

I just received another Borough Snow  Emergency update form the Burgess.  I sent it along to our neighbors.  Hopefully our street will be done this weekend.  Mom and D discussed the garbage pick up schedule. 

She saw the dermatologist today and even she can’t figure out what’s going on.  She said the stuff she is on now from Monday was too strong.  Mom didn’t pick up the other prescription she just came home and slept.

As a matter of fact she has gone to bed now.  I was going to stay up but My shoulder is now hurting and so is my side again

Wednesday Mid Week Reflection

So it is that time again for Mid-Week reflection.  What has happened this week that impacted my life.  Well for me along with many in the Northeast was the biggest snow storm of 2013.  It like Thor’s Hammer to many cities and towns causing enormous consternation.  As of right now Clean up continues.  Some streets and roads have yet to be completely cleared of the snow.  It has irritated many because it makes for dangerous driving.

Roadways, businesses, and schools were all shut down  for several days for safety and protection until the storm passed. Many schools will be opened by Thursday.  I return to work today.  It was suggested that we make arrangements with our administrations to use our time and continue to remain home.  No.  Not going to happen.  I am already expecting mail to backed up from Friday.  Besides I can’t stay here another day.  I would be bored.

Milford had their share of accidents and storm related deaths.  Sadly someone had died of a heart attack while shoveling.  Two young boys were in a accident in the north section of the town.  They remain in stable condition.

Most of the activities for my woman’s club had to be rescheduled for next week.  That’s okay because well we are supposed to get more snow again at the end of the week.

My sister and her husband  were virtually trapped in their house by the snow.  They have at least 4 entrances and each of them were completely covered by the snow.

My SIL I don’t believe had any troubles other than the impassible roads.  Her children were safe.  One was in the City and the oldest son is in Washington state and I think he has to worry bout is rain.  Her youngest  probably had lots of snow and still digging out.  But he is Ambulance driver so probably spent a lot of time in New Haven.

I have been writing every day this week some times several times a day.  If you would like you can read them here. 

The aches and pains I spoke of earlier in the week are not as prevalent as they had been but they are still there.  I slathered on some Ben Gay last night to see if it would work.  It wasn’t helpful.
For Several Days now Mom has been having severe itching and has been unable to sleep.  She saw the doctor yesterday and is supposed to see a dermatologist today.  We are stumped at this point because she is still taking meds she has been for a while.  So we don’t think it’s the meds.  We thought it was the laundry detergent and the dryer sheets.  It hasn’t happened to me.  It is making her miserable.  She was given something yesterday to take away the itch and make her sleepy.  She slept for three hours yesterday and again afterwards until this morning.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Sun is shining

The sun is shining now but I wasn’t too sure it would stay out.  Anyway I managed to get some if not all the slush off the side walk.  I did it from our sidewalk to the driveway.  I pulled the snow away from the muffler/exhaust pipe and  pulled it way from the door where Mom nad her passengers do not have to climb over snow to get in.  However, that will all change when  the temps drop later tonight.  We are supposed to get more snow by the end of the week.

Mom had a CAC 6 meeting (I am hoping not far) at 2 but it was cancelled o she is getting ready for the day.    However, she is so uncomfortable.  She is still itching all over and she couldn’t sleep.    Even the Gold Bond Lotion didn’t work for her.  Sorry Gold Bond..  She later told me she got an appointment for 2 and left here around 1:30.

Dr. T sent out the cancellation notice for tomorrow night’s meeting.  It will be rescheduled for next Wednesday at the same time.  Again barring any  weather events that may happen.  Later on more emails came and they were about trying to get a valentine’s delivery perhaps today.  One of the other members can’t make it next week.   I did get a chance to talk with Dr. T about the storm and about the Valentines Delivery.  I hope that everyone gets the messages.

I have gotten three  responses to the 4th District meeting reminder in the last 24 hours.  Of course it is still early so I am expecting more.  I would have said five but Mom and I are a given.  Since it is usually held at our house anyway.

Okay its after 3 and Mom’s not home yet.  I am going to  go and get more of the lotion and  get some cards.

Just Realized

I was  sitting watching TV when for the umpteenth Ad for seafood came on that I realized that Wednesday begins the Lenten Season.  It is also Valentine’s Day the day after and I haven’t gotten any cards mailed out .  When ever there is a storm or event and I don’t  leave the house for any reason I forget that time is running out  to get certain things  done.  So I do have to get to the store tomorrow sometime and get them and mail them out by noon.

The Borough sent out another Post Storm update.   Senior Warden of the Borough  gave a report that almost all of the streets are passible and will continue to be worked on.  He urged people to drive safely   They are going to be trucking the snow away (not sure where they are going to put it) .  The6y reminded residents to have the sidewalks cleared as best as they can.

The City of Milford says  all offices will be closed so they can concentrate on getting the city cleaned up from the snow.  That should go well with a lot of residents.

Well I am going to bed. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Day off Tomorrow

I just got word via email that we are being asked to stay home tomorrow.  I have mixed feelings about this.  A part of me is now officially over the storm and want to get back to routine.  I am expecting now what would be few days of mail  waiting for me come Wednesday.  It is a bit overwhelming.    The other part of me is saying “cool”.  However, I know Mom will not want me watching TV all day either.  So I expect to be working on taxes and bills.

Dr. T sent out emails regarding the club.  First she sent out the newsletter and then about the decision to cancel Wednesday’s meeting or not.  She also has tentative dates for the Creative Writing contest reception planed for late April and Late May.

Neighbor Don sent me an email regarding the Garbage Pick up schedule resuming.  It looks like ours will be on Saturday again for this week.  That’s good because it will take me that long just to get them out to the curb the night before.

I just remembered I have to send out an email to the 4th District reminding them about the meeting  on the 21st.  it’s a good thing I remembered.  That’s been done now.  Let’s see who responds to the emails.

The computer was acting a little “hinky” this afternoon.  It was slow and I was getting script messages.  I ended up turning off the computer at the tower.  Something I don’t like doing.

Mom was sleeping until about three and got up finally to do laundry and shower.  She probably will keep it low key for the rest of  the day.

Wow this is quite a shock.

I was watching TV this morning when at the bottom of the screen the news that Pope Benedict XVI is resigning his papacy scrawled across.  He announced yesterday and then I read more here.  Mom was shocked when she heard this.  She has never known any other Pope to do this.  When she asked I said probably due to the Sex Abuse scandal.  Then I admitted I didn’t really know.  According to the article above now I do.

The first questions that pop into my head are What will happen next?  Well the process of finding a successor (for a lack of a better term).  The last time they did this  was eight years ago when his immanent was chosen and he became the leader of the Catholic Church.  How will the world react to this news?  What will this mean for the Catholic church will the rules that the Pope had made be rescinded?  Can they be rescinded?  According to this article much speculation has already started.

The reasons for his resignation slated to take affect at the end of this month were is his health and his age.  He has felt that if either were to be negatively affecting his position he would resign.  The article sites some of the issues that have been a part of his tenure.  All in all it will be interesting to see what happens and how it will affect the world in general.

Mom got up a short time and then went back to bed and is there now resting.  She wasn’t feeling well and I wouldn’t be surprised to have leftovers from last night.

When I finally got up it was sometime after 8.  Mom had already gone back to bed and I just hung out and got her papers from Saturday (it would have been very nice if you had Today’s Papers there but…). 

It has been raining all morning.  It is also foggy and sort of reminds me of Ireland, or the Industrial age.  Well if you have ever seen the pictures in history books you might know what I mean.

I made scrambled eggs and toast for lunch.  It went down fairly well with a minimal amount of pain.  It was simple and good.  I was hoping to have onions in it but we didn’t have any.

I am going to watch NCIS for a while until I get bored.

Not going to work today

Well it looks like I won’t be going to work until Tuesday.  I actually found out from Facebook and then I checked my inbox at work.   They said non-essential  personnel need to stay home so that the University and the city can continue clean up methods.  I made some calls and sent some emails to confirm the information.

Yesterday was a little stressful.  Mom and I were snapping at each other.  I didn’t like the way she was talking to me and she wasn’t thrilled with the way I was responding.  It was frustrating.  I don’t think it was because we were literally in the house together the entire weekend.  Its just because I don’t like how she responds to anything I say or do.  Part of it is basically attitudes from both  of us.

For example I cleared off the cars.  She didn’t like the fact I didn’t do hers while I was out there  doing mine.  I figured she  didn’t ask me to do hers yet..  So needless to say I had to do it a couple of times.  Neighbor Don did an awesome job on snow blowing the driving way but the snow also collected on the tires and I need to get those cleared off better.  I can do that tomorrow.

I also had to make the porch stairs clearer than I had originally.  The way I figured it why?  Where was I supposed to put the snow?  It was heavy and people would have been able to get up and down the amount we had.  Luckily I felt the snow was melting a lot of it (but not enough to help).  I am actually thinking of going out in the morning and clearing more from the side walk.

I think my other problem is I am over tired.  I didn’t sleep well Saturday night and my shoulder and my lower back still hurts (surprisingly not as much).  Something new that’s happening is when I have been eating.  It hurts below my through (Mom seems to think its my esophagus).  She also thinks I have been using muscles I don’t normally use.  This has been happening for a few days now.  The Esophagus not so much.  I may have to break down and call the doctor.

I talked with Sis tonight she says they are somewhat trapped in there house.  There are five feet snow drifts against her doors and her entire street is still not plowed.  She is trying ot find people to help with the snow removal.

We continue to get updates from both the city and the borough about the snow removal.  They feel they should be down with it all by  Monday night or so.   I saw some of the plows this afternoon.  Funny none came down our street.  I have a feeling our street and many others will be done last.

We are supposed to be getting something by Tuesday again.  I have had enough snow for now. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I didn't know

Last night I was looking out the window towards New Haven Avenue when I saw a car driving towards West Haven and I was shocked and confused.  It wasn’t until an hour and half later that I found out the travel ban had been lifted around 4 pm yesterday afternoon.  I posted it on twitter after midnight and my friends from the NCIS world replied.  They said most of the parking/driving bans were lifted by 4 pm.

Hopefully that means that in the next 48 hours our streets will be user friendly.  I don’t know if we will have to go to work  tomorrow or not.  I know I won’t be leaving the street for bingo either. 

I called the nursing home to let them know I wasn’t coming in.  I took  a few minutes to chat with the woman and she said they were tired but still doing okay.

I am not sure what time I finally fell asleep.  I continue to have problems getting comfortable lying down on the bed with what ever aches I am having and also the breathing at first.  I had this wild idea that perhaps I have a blood clot again but I don’t know how I would have gotten one.  My shoulder blade hurts a little and any time I sneeze, yawn it feels like my side buckles like it did last year.

Well I still have to clear a path off the front porch so that when we are able to drive we don’t break our necks getting there.  I also want to get it done before the NCIS marathon.

Today is my young nephew J's birthday I think he is 14 or 15 can't remember.  I sent him a card on Thursday and I hope he got it by now.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Still Cold

It is after 10.  The digging out around the neighborhood has stopped for now.  Don finished probably around 3 or 4.  I also noticed in several different places that the snow was melting quickly.  This is one time I hope it is all melted by Thursday as it is recycle day and garbage day for us.  It took me some time to pick up the recycle bin from the ground and it still has snow in it.  The garbage can is firmly planted in the  snow by the stairs.

The travel ban is still in effect for the state.  We even got email alerts from the asking residents to be patient with the Public works department as they begin to plow and get things back to normal.  So the only thing I will be doing tomorrow morning is making a path on the porch to the sidewalk (still a lot of snow there).

I was watching some videos from around the New England area to see how they faired and how much the storm hit them.  It was very pretty to watch but yeah every one got hit.  I even looked at pictures on

I watched TV for a while but nothing really on.  I have seen the star trek episodes on BBC America before.  Mom just went to bed and I will be going myself.

Digging out

Well good morning my friends.  The storm has ended for most of the South Eastern part of the state.  All that’s left is the digging out.  Earlier this morning Neighbor Kim and her girls were digging out but it seemed to be too
snow blower now and I am thinking we will have to move our cars eventually.  I have heard that Milford got 40 inches of snow.

I have heard from some of my friends Like T and of course Dave.  They are buried in snow completely.  I sent out a general email to my lists of friends and groups that I am on and have heard from at least a couple of people so far. 

Mom got up this morning but had no actual newspaper.  Of course she went on line to read as she does when there is no paper.  She is feeling much better then she did yesterday so now she is going to be doing stuff (within the limits of the house).

I am all showered and have (what I hope is ) a final load of laundry for the weekend going on now.   Then I probably will spend some time straightening up the room and working on my taxes. 

I am trying to find the H&R Block system pack that I got in December but it seems to have all but disappeared amongst the piles of papers on my desk.  Ah just found it…J 

Well I am getting hungry so I am going to have a late breakfast.  See ya.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Storm update

As you can see I haven’t gone to bed.  It isn’t for a lack of trying but I decided I didn’t want to go yet.  I was checking out Facebook and some other sites to see how others are dealing with the storm.  My neighbor Kim shared a video of their dog Finian playing in the snow.  He liked it at first but I think with the wind and the deep snow and the ice pelting against the windows and house it was too much for him.  Others have a predicament on what to do with their fur babies when there is a lot of snow and not too much walking space. 

Like I said it is still snowing but the ice is no longer hitting the house or windows so it is a little quieter.  Even the wind is barely audible.  The accumulation is now closer to the 2 feet they had predicted.

State Rep Kim H Rose announced that many of my fellow Woodmont  residents are currently without power.  She said repair crews are out there now.  Happily we never lost the power.  I am thinking those closer to the beaches then we are lost the power.

One of the things I like about snow storms is when lights reflect off the fallen snow It gives off a glow of sorts.  It looks really cool.  It even gives off the same glow inside the house.

Well I am going to go to bed or at least try and get to bed.  I am going to have to get the recycle bin picked up tomorrow it has a lot of snow in it already.

Not slowing down

It is 8:30 and the storm is going strong outside.  The snow and ice is hitting the windows very hard.  So hard it sounds like the glass is breaking.  It hasn’t really let up all night.

The various reports I have heard and read is that Milford it self should get anywhere from 15 to 25 inches of snow by the time this is through tomorrow afternoon by 5. 

Governor Malloy issued a travel ban by 4 pm this afternoon.  Many of the reporters who had to be out in this weather noticed that almost everyone listened to the ban and stayed inside. 

I spent the afternoon watching TV, surfing the net and reading and answering emails.  One of them was from my brother J.  He wanted us to know that he reserved a room for us at the hotel Wyngate(?) in Allentown for the weekend of my nephew’s confirmation.  This particular hotel is literally right off the highway there and definitely down the street from Dorney Park.

Mom got up around 6 after the phone rang.  The call was from my Cousin Lee in NJ.  We were seeing comparing notes on the storm.  We also caught up on family news. 

Mom stayed up for a couple of hours and just went back to bed.  She wasn’t feeling any better really.  She is going to keep the heat up tonight just in case we do lose power it will turn off anyway.  I really don’t want to lose power.  I would get bored quickly if I couldn’t watch TV or get online.

I have actually turned off the lights and probably will go to sleep as I am tired

It is snowing

Well the snow started this morning before I left the house.  The drive in was fine.  I got to work and just started working on re-address mail.  It kept me busy until about 10.  I spent time working on the scanning and then opened what little campus mail that had been here when I arrived.

We had gotten an email from the Top admin sending everyone home by 12 so those of us who had not left already were getting ready to go by 12.  I took the highway home at the advice of one co-worker.  It was the best advice too.  I noticed that the highways were much better than the side rides.  I was over on Oxford/Marshall Hill Road when this Toyota started sliding and drove right on to the corner property and drove on to Merwin Avenue.  I was a little nervous that I would slide but it didn’t happen and the person behind me must have noticed what was going on because they gave me wide berth as well.

When I got home Mom was at Costco getting her prescription.  Her car had been returned from the garage earlier.  When she came home I told her about the car sliding in front of me.  She is not feeling well right now so she is getting into her pajamas and going to rest for a while.

I have some laundry going and was watching TV but I don’t think I want to do that all afternoon.  I may take a nap as well. 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Batton Down the hatches

All day long people were talking about the impending storm that is coming.  We have heard almost different forecasts.  Most of them agreed it was to all end by Saturday some time.  Anyway people at work were making plans to miss work tomorrow because of the storm.  I am also among those.  I plan on going in tomorrow but if it gets really bad then I am leaving early.  I probably will not be going in to work on Saturday either.

Most of the schools around the state have already cancelled school for tomorrow.  Most businesses and stores have also closed as well.  I was able to cancel the Valentines Delivery for Saturday and the only time that is available is Sunday afternoon.  I have sent the info to T but haven’t heard from her yet.

When I got home tonight I could hear Neighbor Don gathering wood for his wood burning stove for the next several days. He has it all stacked and stored in places that he has access to and won’t run out.  Literally.    He is already planning on not going to work tomorrow so he will be home all weekend.  He has Kerosene heaters if they are needed and the snow blower is ready to be used when it all stops Saturday or Sunday.

The following is my answer to one of my groups “prompts” and here it is:

Since the weather reports have been saying that we are expecting a big storm this weekend t hey have changed dramatically.  I will be working this morning and if the snow hasn’t arrived by later on this afternoon then I will be staying until six to work on the scanning project.  Then mostly like relax for the night.

Before the reports of the storm came I was planning on working on Saturday morning ( part of me was being extremely cynical saying it won’t be much because well that’s usually what has happened in the last snow storms.) and then do the Valentines Delivery but that has now been changed to Sunday afternoon.  So now I probably will stay home work on Taxes and do laundry.

Sunday will a full day of Volunteering and church (again it all depends on how much we get in the snow and if my neighbors have started digging us out or not).  I probably will relax and get ready for the week ahead at work.

 Mom came home earlier than she planned from Bridges meeting.  She had already had dinner and I was just finishing mine up.  We went to the garage to drop off her car and let me tell you I was so aggravated by the time I got home.

First  She parks right in the middle of the parking lot .  Where no one can actually move around her.  There were cars at the gas pumps and I see the tow truck trying to move a car on the line.  I had to pull around a car by the garage door and Mom was already frazzled because she had to drive in the dark.  She didn’t like me yelling at her.  I trying to explain I needed to get maneuver around the cars.  I came really close to telling her to walk.  She sulked until we got home.

I told her about the problem I am having with my side and when I gave one explanation she was rude about it.  Then she saw I had my boots on and she made a comment about me wearing them all day.  I had said to her that I take them  off.  She didn’t hear me.  So I tried a third time.  That time she heard and understood.  I really shouldn’t have to explain myself.

For some reason when everyone hears a snow storm is coming their common sense goes right out the freaking window.

I was so tired

I was so tired that I forgot that I had already posted the Wednesday Mid week reflection post this morning.   I am heading to bed very soon.

First I wanted to tell you about last night.  It was snowing when we left for the restaurant.    SIL & Sis were waiting in their car for us and then we walked in  and were seated.  We chatted and ordered our food and then half way through “R” joined us.  We had a blast.  I ended up having Surf and Turf for the main entrĂ©e.  Instead of  the lobster I had stuffed Shrimp.  The waitress recommended that.  The salad was delicious and so was the dessert. 

Work went very well  I got everything done and was able to do over 400 pages of scanning (about 45 batches) by the time I left tonight.  We had a brief meeting with Huron  (the consultants) they basically explained what they will do and for how long. 

When I got home Mom had been “kidnapped” by our Friends Mike and Tessa for a post birthday dinner.  She got home just about 9.  They had dinner at the Union Restaurant in New Haven.

Mom was making stuffed peppers but I stopped her when I told her I wasn’t hungry and not to make dinner.  I had an omelet earlier in the day and it kept me full for most of the day.  Unfortunately by mid afternoon to late afternoon I wasn’t feeling well. 

I may be getting my wish for a big snow storm.  It looks like the storm that is supposed to be here tomorrow might be late Friday into Saturday.  There is a Blizzard watch for most of the state.  President T needs me to reschedule the Valentines Delivery for Saturday and make it to Sunday.

Debra called me and asked if we could change our appointment time for Thursday or earlier Friday.  I really can’t do that.  I will have to really think about it actually.

Not doing very much this morning