Another Day off Tomorrow

I just got word via email that we are being asked to stay home tomorrow.  I have mixed feelings about this.  A part of me is now officially over the storm and want to get back to routine.  I am expecting now what would be few days of mail  waiting for me come Wednesday.  It is a bit overwhelming.    The other part of me is saying “cool”.  However, I know Mom will not want me watching TV all day either.  So I expect to be working on taxes and bills.

Dr. T sent out emails regarding the club.  First she sent out the newsletter and then about the decision to cancel Wednesday’s meeting or not.  She also has tentative dates for the Creative Writing contest reception planed for late April and Late May.

Neighbor Don sent me an email regarding the Garbage Pick up schedule resuming.  It looks like ours will be on Saturday again for this week.  That’s good because it will take me that long just to get them out to the curb the night before.

I just remembered I have to send out an email to the 4th District reminding them about the meeting  on the 21st.  it’s a good thing I remembered.  That’s been done now.  Let’s see who responds to the emails.

The computer was acting a little “hinky” this afternoon.  It was slow and I was getting script messages.  I ended up turning off the computer at the tower.  Something I don’t like doing.

Mom was sleeping until about three and got up finally to do laundry and shower.  She probably will keep it low key for the rest of  the day.