Awesome Day

I had such an awesome day today.  Work went well.  I got a lot off my desk.  Now I just have to through tomorrow and then make sure all that is taken care of.  I will have left everything in the capable hand of my team mate JN.  I stayed and did OT. 

I came home and Mom’s meeting was just nearly ending.  I took a moment and talked with a few people who were having a side bar conversation in the back room.  It was getting later than I had expected so I decided not to go to the DTC meeting.  I opted for having Dinner and watching TV.

I heard from Jim a couple of times today.  It was about Monday’s activities.   He wanted to let me know that he would meet us at the hotel around 3 on Sunday.    When he called later he asked if all my papers were in order.  I had explained that the certificate was mailed a few months ago.  He did make a very good point that they would not know what it was about.  I think I better call them tomorrow and fully explain.  I will be very annoyed if there were papers to sign and neither parent nor child sent them too me. 

The Borough sent an email to residents (who have signed up for email updates) that included a storm survey.  They wanted residents to give their opinion of the work and quality of the job.  I sent it on to a few of my neighbors and one already said they let them have it. (In his words an earful).  I personally have mixed feelings about it.  I understand to a degree that they were given priorities but we also pay Borough taxes and should have been done earlier then the Friday and our neighbor should not have done it herself.

Now that the day has ended my legs and getting a little stiff so I am going to hit the sack.  I am relieved to know my neck isn’t hurting today as it was yesterday.  I don’t know why that is (probably because I stayed away from salt for most of the day).  I have had my meds refilled so I am picking them up tomorrow night after work. 

Hope your day was as wonderful as mine.  Have a great night.