I really had a hard time getting up

I really wanted to get up early so I could get some stuff done before leaving for work.  It didn’t happen.  I kept turning the snooze button on the cell phone.  When I finally did get up I was rushing around and managed to leave just before 7:30.  The weather wasn’t helping any either. 

Work went well.  I had to train JanetN to fill in for me while I am gone next week.  We managed to get the mail done by 1 or so.  It should be fine. I spent the late afternoon thinking today was Friday.  I still have two more days before that happens.

The weather all day was rainy and cold.  It basically stopped late this afternoon.  Now in the dark I can see the stars and the clouds.  The rain filled the wetlands and you can’t even see where the marsh is anymore.  It looks like one big lake.

I saw the Hematologist tonight.  He says everything looks good (except the swelling of the legs) but that may be soon I won’t have to take the meds anymore.  He wants me to take them for now until at least maybe march or April (it will be a year by then since I had the blood clot).

When I got home from the Doctor it was nearly 6.  Mom had dinner cooking for me.  Baked chicken and it was delicious.  There were roasted potatoes and asparagus.  We will be having it again tomorrow night as well.

I spent the rest of the night getting the garbage out and watching TV.  I am a little achy tonight getting up out of the chairs were a little hard until I took some Tylenol.  Everything seems better now.

Do you remember when I mentioned the Amber Alert last night?  Well it turned out badly.  The 47 year-old grandmother killed the two little boys and killed herself.  IT happened an hour after the Amber alert was started.

Well I am going to turn in early.  I need some sleep and I have a lot to do between now and Friday.