I was so tired

I was so tired that I forgot that I had already posted the Wednesday Mid week reflection post this morning.   I am heading to bed very soon.

First I wanted to tell you about last night.  It was snowing when we left for the restaurant.    SIL & Sis were waiting in their car for us and then we walked in  and were seated.  We chatted and ordered our food and then half way through “R” joined us.  We had a blast.  I ended up having Surf and Turf for the main entrée.  Instead of  the lobster I had stuffed Shrimp.  The waitress recommended that.  The salad was delicious and so was the dessert. 

Work went very well  I got everything done and was able to do over 400 pages of scanning (about 45 batches) by the time I left tonight.  We had a brief meeting with Huron  (the consultants) they basically explained what they will do and for how long. 

When I got home Mom had been “kidnapped” by our Friends Mike and Tessa for a post birthday dinner.  She got home just about 9.  They had dinner at the Union Restaurant in New Haven.

Mom was making stuffed peppers but I stopped her when I told her I wasn’t hungry and not to make dinner.  I had an omelet earlier in the day and it kept me full for most of the day.  Unfortunately by mid afternoon to late afternoon I wasn’t feeling well. 

I may be getting my wish for a big snow storm.  It looks like the storm that is supposed to be here tomorrow might be late Friday into Saturday.  There is a Blizzard watch for most of the state.  President T needs me to reschedule the Valentines Delivery for Saturday and make it to Sunday.

Debra called me and asked if we could change our appointment time for Thursday or earlier Friday.  I really can’t do that.  I will have to really think about it actually.


Yes a huge snowstorm is coming to the northeast!!!
Kate said…
Yeah it is supposed to happen some time tomorrow night into Saturday but schools and others are already planning on not coming to work tomorrow in preparation for the storm. TRaffic on our section of 95 and Route and 84 are not always condusive to great mental health.