It is snowing

Well the snow started this morning before I left the house.  The drive in was fine.  I got to work and just started working on re-address mail.  It kept me busy until about 10.  I spent time working on the scanning and then opened what little campus mail that had been here when I arrived.

We had gotten an email from the Top admin sending everyone home by 12 so those of us who had not left already were getting ready to go by 12.  I took the highway home at the advice of one co-worker.  It was the best advice too.  I noticed that the highways were much better than the side rides.  I was over on Oxford/Marshall Hill Road when this Toyota started sliding and drove right on to the corner property and drove on to Merwin Avenue.  I was a little nervous that I would slide but it didn’t happen and the person behind me must have noticed what was going on because they gave me wide berth as well.

When I got home Mom was at Costco getting her prescription.  Her car had been returned from the garage earlier.  When she came home I told her about the car sliding in front of me.  She is not feeling well right now so she is getting into her pajamas and going to rest for a while.

I have some laundry going and was watching TV but I don’t think I want to do that all afternoon.  I may take a nap as well.