It was a long Day

Today was pretty long.    I wasn’t feeling all that well and at some point my back was really hurting.  I took some Tylenol and it was infinitely better but not as much.  It was hard to breath at times. 

Because of the federal holidays mail was a bit skewed but it was done by the time I started OT.  It was just about then my back began to hurt again.  When I left it was after 6.  I got all the way to the car and discovered I left my keys on my desk.   I was really frustrated.  It took some effort to walk from the office to the garage and now I had to go back and do it again.  I think it was just before 6:30 when I got back to the car and headed home.

Luckily the drive wasn’t bad.  No traffic jams so I made it home by quarter of 7.  Mom was waiting for me and dinner.  I knew I should have called her.  She understood.

I had the left over Shepherd’s pie (comfort food I called it) and Mom poached some eggs.  After dinner I came upstairs and watched the Entertainment shows until NCIS came on.

I enjoyed the episode.  I am not sure how long Vance will be “probie” Vance.  It was good though.

Mom is heading to bed as I write this.  She was tired she went to a meeting this afternoon and has another one tomorrow.

Well I am heading to bed.  As I said wasn’t really feeling good all day and I am being extra vigilant as I had a couple of dizzy spells this morning while sitting at this desk.


Shepherd’s pie sounds really good :)