Just Realized

I was  sitting watching TV when for the umpteenth Ad for seafood came on that I realized that Wednesday begins the Lenten Season.  It is also Valentine’s Day the day after and I haven’t gotten any cards mailed out .  When ever there is a storm or event and I don’t  leave the house for any reason I forget that time is running out  to get certain things  done.  So I do have to get to the store tomorrow sometime and get them and mail them out by noon.

The Borough sent out another Post Storm update.   Senior Warden of the Borough  gave a report that almost all of the streets are passible and will continue to be worked on.  He urged people to drive safely   They are going to be trucking the snow away (not sure where they are going to put it) .  The6y reminded residents to have the sidewalks cleared as best as they can.

The City of Milford says  all offices will be closed so they can concentrate on getting the city cleaned up from the snow.  That should go well with a lot of residents.

Well I am going to bed.