Long and Busy

Good evening everyone I hope you are doing well.  I am very tired and still not feeling completely well. The shoulder is getting better but I still have some pain in the lower back (and when I am in the cold air and walking fast) and or when I yawn.  Although I did find I was able to lie down this afternoon with little or no problem.  I am not sure what that is about.

I went to work this morning for a few hours and got a lot done.  I was hoping to get there fairly early but after last night’s crappy sleep fest.  It wasn’t prudent.  Getting to the garage was somewhat of a chore.  I was hoping to park near the building but that wasn’t the case.  Public works was also doing some major snow removal at the intersections and caused some what of a delay.

After work I went to the nursing home for the Valentine’s Delivery.  The club every year makes home make cards to deliver to the residents of the nursing home (120 residents).  We then pick a day (usually before Valentines Day) and deliver them.  We were supposed to do it last week but because of the weather we couldn’t.  I found them upstairs waiting for Dr. Telka.  She had just spent time with a woman who turned 100 earlier this week.  We decided to serenade to her the Birthday song.  She was wonderful if not altogether with it.  We had to finish the rest of the wings and the first floor.  We were finished just after 2.  We stood around in the recreation room while there was another activity going on.  We talked about the storm and vacations.

After I said goodbye to DR.Telka (and the last of the girls was picked up) I came home.  Mom was no where to be found (she had been shopping) so I grabbed a make shift lunch (bread) and watched TV for a while.

Mom came home around 3:30.  I decided to take a relaxing bath and get into my pajamas.  Mom went to church.  After the bath I went back to bed and watched TV until Mom came home.

We had decided to have soup and sandwiches for Dinner.  She had home made chicken soup and made a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich on some Trader Joe’s exotic bread.  Do I really have to say it w as delicious?

While we had dinner we watched our regular PBS shows.  After dinner I headed back up stairs to watch NCIS.  It is still on now.  I think there are three more hours of this marathon.

We are supposed to get more snow this weekend.  (Whoopee!)  When I was leaving this morning there were flurries but stopped mid day.  The sun came out for a while too.  Late this afternoon the clouds rolled back in.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked out to the street lamp and see it snowing.

Tomorrow will be probably another full day of volunteering, family time, and church.  I also have to get ready for the week ahead.  I have to pay some bills this weekend too.


I hope your shoulder and back get better. This snow probably isn't helping :)
Kate said…
Thanks I hope so too. I really don't want to take time for the doctor. I personally think its COPD and I was diagnosed with that a long time ago but it went away (I thought).

Did you get a lot of snow? We got another couple of inches during the night..