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Marvelous Monday

Today was simply marvelous.  I am serious too.  I stayed in bed longer than I wanted to but I managed to get showered and dressed and on the road a little after 7:30.  I saw my God-puppy Pup -Pup with his Mom.  They were on their morning ritual apparently Pup-Pup has been having knee problems again.

The commute into new haven was a little weird.  I kept wondering why everyone was trying to out-drive each other.  They were basically very pushy and it made for some anxious seconds.  I tried to remain calm.  Still need to work on that.

I got to the office exactly at 8 am.  I should have sat down and started working (there were a few things that needed to be opened but they were for the US mail.  I was going to start putting the time early but it just didn’t seem right to do that.  So those things were counted but I didn’t actually put the time until it was time to.   I did spend some time chatting and then I started work.  I decided to get some scanning done until the lockbox came. 

The lockbox was light as usual and so it didn’t take long for me to open so I was able to get back to the scanning for an hour and half until the second leg of the mail came.  That mail seemed to be heavy and took me until after 3 to open it and then deliver it.  That included the lobby mail and any additional mail from Finance office.  The last 35 minutes I busted my ass to make sure the postage tallies were done before I started OT tonight.  IN all there were over 700 pieces of mail.  Some of it wasn’t part of YMG and was returned and some had to be sent back to original sender.  I wasn’t sure I would have it all done but I managed to do it. 

I did OT tonight and did scanning by the time I left tonight I did well over 800 pages of scanning.  That is including earlier in the day.  Some of the batches were almost 2oo pages.  It may not seem like a big deal but there is a little bit of preparation before scanning each batch.  I asked Mama Joanie what is the goal “they” are looking for?  She said not to worry about it because it all depends on the batches.  There will be small ones that take no time at all while there will be others that will take longer.

I left the garage tonight after meeting the newest Parking authority attendant.  We chatted up a storm for a few minutes and then I took off for the card shop here in Milford.  I got a card for Mom’s Birthday tomorrow and one for JRP whose birthday is next week.  Unfortunately this made me late for dinner.

I didn’t get to the house until quarter of seven.  Mom had my dinner heating and waiting.  It was the left over lamb shank dinner we had last night.  I thought it was pretty good.  Just a quick FY about the recipe I shared with you yesterday.  Mom didn’t use the wine that it called for (she doesn’t cook with wine anymore and she feels that the cooking wine is basically vinegar).  She also didn’t use the chicken broth it called for either.  We didn’t have any she did have to add water but next time will use the Chicken broth.  She also won’t add the tomatoes next time either.

Last week I had some questions about my cycle and asked Mom if I should be concerned and she said she would look into it.  Well today she sent me an article from WebMD that put my mind at ease for now.

As I mentioned earlier tomorrow is Mom’s birthday and it is also Bob’s 64th Birthday.  SIL EOP is having a mass said at 7:30 in the morning.  I can’t make the mass but I am going to have Mom’s card ready for her so she can see it.  I am really excited about what I did and I hope she will like it.  I made a donation to Bridges in her honor.   I was tired of getting gift cards from the store she likes so much. 

Okay I think I better hit the sack.  I am starting to get really tired and I need to be up early so I can be showered and dress by the time Mom gets up.

Have a great night.


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