Not going to work today

Well it looks like I won’t be going to work until Tuesday.  I actually found out from Facebook and then I checked my inbox at work.   They said non-essential  personnel need to stay home so that the University and the city can continue clean up methods.  I made some calls and sent some emails to confirm the information.

Yesterday was a little stressful.  Mom and I were snapping at each other.  I didn’t like the way she was talking to me and she wasn’t thrilled with the way I was responding.  It was frustrating.  I don’t think it was because we were literally in the house together the entire weekend.  Its just because I don’t like how she responds to anything I say or do.  Part of it is basically attitudes from both  of us.

For example I cleared off the cars.  She didn’t like the fact I didn’t do hers while I was out there  doing mine.  I figured she  didn’t ask me to do hers yet..  So needless to say I had to do it a couple of times.  Neighbor Don did an awesome job on snow blowing the driving way but the snow also collected on the tires and I need to get those cleared off better.  I can do that tomorrow.

I also had to make the porch stairs clearer than I had originally.  The way I figured it why?  Where was I supposed to put the snow?  It was heavy and people would have been able to get up and down the amount we had.  Luckily I felt the snow was melting a lot of it (but not enough to help).  I am actually thinking of going out in the morning and clearing more from the side walk.

I think my other problem is I am over tired.  I didn’t sleep well Saturday night and my shoulder and my lower back still hurts (surprisingly not as much).  Something new that’s happening is when I have been eating.  It hurts below my through (Mom seems to think its my esophagus).  She also thinks I have been using muscles I don’t normally use.  This has been happening for a few days now.  The Esophagus not so much.  I may have to break down and call the doctor.

I talked with Sis tonight she says they are somewhat trapped in there house.  There are five feet snow drifts against her doors and her entire street is still not plowed.  She is trying ot find people to help with the snow removal.

We continue to get updates from both the city and the borough about the snow removal.  They feel they should be down with it all by  Monday night or so.   I saw some of the plows this afternoon.  Funny none came down our street.  I have a feeling our street and many others will be done last.

We are supposed to be getting something by Tuesday again.  I have had enough snow for now.