Storm update

As you can see I haven’t gone to bed.  It isn’t for a lack of trying but I decided I didn’t want to go yet.  I was checking out Facebook and some other sites to see how others are dealing with the storm.  My neighbor Kim shared a video of their dog Finian playing in the snow.  He liked it at first but I think with the wind and the deep snow and the ice pelting against the windows and house it was too much for him.  Others have a predicament on what to do with their fur babies when there is a lot of snow and not too much walking space. 

Like I said it is still snowing but the ice is no longer hitting the house or windows so it is a little quieter.  Even the wind is barely audible.  The accumulation is now closer to the 2 feet they had predicted.

State Rep Kim H Rose announced that many of my fellow Woodmont  residents are currently without power.  She said repair crews are out there now.  Happily we never lost the power.  I am thinking those closer to the beaches then we are lost the power.

One of the things I like about snow storms is when lights reflect off the fallen snow It gives off a glow of sorts.  It looks really cool.  It even gives off the same glow inside the house.

Well I am going to go to bed or at least try and get to bed.  I am going to have to get the recycle bin picked up tomorrow it has a lot of snow in it already.