The last two days have been very busy for me.  Work has been busy with every thing and both nights I stayed until 6.  I might be able to stay for only two more nights this week.  Tomorrow night I have an appointment with the Hematologist. 

I was supposed to be writing up the minutes from the 4th District meeting last night but after I got home and made shrimp for dinner (baked) I just got so tired and fell flat.  Tonight has been the same thing. I did manage to send out an email to the 4th asking them to pick a date for our next meeting.  As it stands it conflicts with the membership cocktail party.

Mom gave me her left over spaghetti and eggplant from her lunch this afternoon.  It was delicious.  She wasn’t all that hungry and opted for cereal.  It was during dinner that I felt weird.  I got light headed.  It was not the only time.  It has happened three times already.  When it happened at the table Mom asked me if I told the doctor.  I will when I see him at the next appointment.  I don’t think Dr. Liu can do anything about it.

Mom has been keeping busy these last few days as well.  She has had some meetings, Dr. Appointments and blood work to be done.  As I mentioned she had lunch with a friend today and it was their monthly get together.  She says there is going to be a meeting on Thursday she needs to attend that trumps the DTC and its being held here.  So she has been cleaning the house (again).

AT 8:30 tonight there was an AMBER alert posted out of North Stonington CT.  Two small children Ashton Perry (6 months old) and his brother Alter Perry age 6 were taken from their Daycare center.  Apparently their grandmother took them.  I ask that you say some prayers for these two little guys.

I probably should be getting my thoughts together for this weekend.  Mom and I are going to visit family in PA.  We will be gone for a few days and I am looking forward to it.