The Sun is shining

The sun is shining now but I wasn’t too sure it would stay out.  Anyway I managed to get some if not all the slush off the side walk.  I did it from our sidewalk to the driveway.  I pulled the snow away from the muffler/exhaust pipe and  pulled it way from the door where Mom nad her passengers do not have to climb over snow to get in.  However, that will all change when  the temps drop later tonight.  We are supposed to get more snow by the end of the week.

Mom had a CAC 6 meeting (I am hoping not far) at 2 but it was cancelled o she is getting ready for the day.    However, she is so uncomfortable.  She is still itching all over and she couldn’t sleep.    Even the Gold Bond Lotion didn’t work for her.  Sorry Gold Bond..  She later told me she got an appointment for 2 and left here around 1:30.

Dr. T sent out the cancellation notice for tomorrow night’s meeting.  It will be rescheduled for next Wednesday at the same time.  Again barring any  weather events that may happen.  Later on more emails came and they were about trying to get a valentine’s delivery perhaps today.  One of the other members can’t make it next week.   I did get a chance to talk with Dr. T about the storm and about the Valentines Delivery.  I hope that everyone gets the messages.

I have gotten three  responses to the 4th District meeting reminder in the last 24 hours.  Of course it is still early so I am expecting more.  I would have said five but Mom and I are a given.  Since it is usually held at our house anyway.

Okay its after 3 and Mom’s not home yet.  I am going to  go and get more of the lotion and  get some cards.


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