There is something Different about the Street

Whoa…I leave bright and early this morning to a very crowded street (filled with the snow) and tonight the street is much wider.  Thank you Mallico Construction.  Neighbor Don was not pleased.  I bet he is now. 

I had a great day at work.  I stayed until 6 and then came home.  I will be going in early tomorrow.  It also depends on the weather.  I have heard several conflicting reports about this weekend.  I have gone on record as saying Enough no more snow.

I talked with Mom today she was barely awake.  She isn’t feeling completely well yet.  We both feel she may be catching a cold.  She really doesn’t need this on top of every thing else that’s been going on.

I had a good session with Debra.  WE talked about the storm and how we dealt with it.  What my weekend plans will be etc.  I also expressed some concern about Mom.  Now that is in mid to late 80’s her health isn’t the greatest.  On some level it hasn’t been and others she is fine.   As I told Debra I don’t think she will be gaining any more weight .  I think she is at her “new Normal”. 

I had a rather scary moment today.  If you have been reading my blogs you will know that for several days I have been finding it hard to take really deep breaths without having pain on the side.  I can breath normal too but when I laugh hard I get this sharp pain on my right side (I think I had this problem just about the time I was in the hospital last April) .  I was thinking it could be COPD and or the appendix.  Everyone I have talked to about it says I should get it looked at.  I will soon.  I did think I was going to get sick but it didn’t  happen. 

The other scary thing  that happened was my left hand  decided to spasm (again).  It felt like someone was taking the tendons or  these  invisible ropes and pulling them together.  It didn’t last long and I managed to stretch them out.   I will have to keep an eye on that. 

My right arm seemed to be getting better.  It didn’t hurt much and every now and again I get a little pain.  I am not sure what that was about .  This started before all the snow lifting happened.  At least it doesn’t feel like I broke it.

Something happened to my computer tonight.  It wouldn’t “wake up” up from sleep mode.  I shut it off at the tower and even that took a while to turn off.  The mouse went dead for a short time too.  Now it seems to be okay.  I don’t want anything to happen to this  thing.  As it is I can’t watch too many videos on this thing because it is always sputtering and buffering.  It makes me crazy.

Got an email from MVB asking me to send an email to the 4th District asking them to nominate people for the Awards we are giving out to people who best represent as a Democrat, community Service etc.

Dr. Telka sent out an email regarding the Beth-El Shelter Dinner Date.  It looks like it has to be changed from March 20th to April 4th.  I don’t see a problem.  It is on the first Thursday of April.  That’s okay too.

Okay I am going to turn on my Friday night Public Radio station music and fall asleep to that. 

Have a great night everyone. 


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