Today went as expected

Today went pretty much the way I expected-lots of mail and very busy.  I did some scanning while waiting for  the second round of work.  I also found more lockbox waiting for me so it was just about then that I asked to stay late for the mail.  I kept going.  I have a few small piles to open and will do that in the morning.  I worked through most of my lunch but was able to get something lite.

I decided to take a taxi home since I would miss the buses to Milford.   I was home not to long after I caught one.  I actually called for one but this one was just driving around.   I am not sure what time it was when I got home.  I had a few minutes to relax before dinner.

Mom was cooking spaghetti for dinner since it was Lent.  She said oh there is plenty of meat for you…I reminded her that it is Lent.  Unfortunately I had already blown it because I had sausage for breakfast.    I didn’t want to compound my actions any further.  It was delicious but now is making me extremely thirsty.

We found out that one of our friends on our 4th District Committee  lost their Mom.  I had to send out a message to the rest of the members.  Mom already knew about from TM. 

I just received another Borough Snow  Emergency update form the Burgess.  I sent it along to our neighbors.  Hopefully our street will be done this weekend.  Mom and D discussed the garbage pick up schedule. 

She saw the dermatologist today and even she can’t figure out what’s going on.  She said the stuff she is on now from Monday was too strong.  Mom didn’t pick up the other prescription she just came home and slept.

As a matter of fact she has gone to bed now.  I was going to stay up but My shoulder is now hurting and so is my side again


Happy Valentine's Day Kate!!
Kate said…
Thank you the same to you and yours.

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