Wednesday Mid Week Reflection

So it is that time again for Mid-Week reflection.  What has happened this week that impacted my life.  Well for me along with many in the Northeast was the biggest snow storm of 2013.  It like Thor’s Hammer to many cities and towns causing enormous consternation.  As of right now Clean up continues.  Some streets and roads have yet to be completely cleared of the snow.  It has irritated many because it makes for dangerous driving.

Roadways, businesses, and schools were all shut down  for several days for safety and protection until the storm passed. Many schools will be opened by Thursday.  I return to work today.  It was suggested that we make arrangements with our administrations to use our time and continue to remain home.  No.  Not going to happen.  I am already expecting mail to backed up from Friday.  Besides I can’t stay here another day.  I would be bored.

Milford had their share of accidents and storm related deaths.  Sadly someone had died of a heart attack while shoveling.  Two young boys were in a accident in the north section of the town.  They remain in stable condition.

Most of the activities for my woman’s club had to be rescheduled for next week.  That’s okay because well we are supposed to get more snow again at the end of the week.

My sister and her husband  were virtually trapped in their house by the snow.  They have at least 4 entrances and each of them were completely covered by the snow.

My SIL I don’t believe had any troubles other than the impassible roads.  Her children were safe.  One was in the City and the oldest son is in Washington state and I think he has to worry bout is rain.  Her youngest  probably had lots of snow and still digging out.  But he is Ambulance driver so probably spent a lot of time in New Haven.

I have been writing every day this week some times several times a day.  If you would like you can read them here. 

The aches and pains I spoke of earlier in the week are not as prevalent as they had been but they are still there.  I slathered on some Ben Gay last night to see if it would work.  It wasn’t helpful.
For Several Days now Mom has been having severe itching and has been unable to sleep.  She saw the doctor yesterday and is supposed to see a dermatologist today.  We are stumped at this point because she is still taking meds she has been for a while.  So we don’t think it’s the meds.  We thought it was the laundry detergent and the dryer sheets.  It hasn’t happened to me.  It is making her miserable.  She was given something yesterday to take away the itch and make her sleepy.  She slept for three hours yesterday and again afterwards until this morning.