Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Well greetings and Happy Easter.  I hope all of you had a wonderful day.  I did despite the lack of sleep I had.  I got up by 8 and did some surfing and then got ready for bingo.  I was going to make DD run but the line was far too long. 

It was nearly 9:30 when I arrived at the nursing home. Robin the newest Recreation staff member was on duty today and it was good to see her.  We chatted for a bit and then started to get ready.  We started bingo early (or at least tried) so that I could leave earlier or on time for church.  We also had Communion Distributed as well.  So we ended up playing for 45 minutes.  I left by 11 and got to the church by quarter after.

When I arrived I sat with Nelson and Liz.  She was getting ready and then she sat with us.  She was serving communion and not the lectern today.    I really should remember and know my catholic teachings better.  I was expecting today’s service to be long (and not unlike Friday’s readings).  It was long but not the same readings.  They were shorter then what I was expecting.  After church I we ran into my cousins on Mom’s side.  I haven’t seen them in quite some time.

I said goodbye to them and headed home.  When I arrived Jim and Kristina were in the kitchen talking with Mom.  Pretty much everything was set for dinner.  Kristina cut her hair recently it is VERY short. Apparently her mother isn’t speaking to her and thinks it makes her look like a boy.  I agree it does but I happen to like my hair that short as well.    

While Jim took a nap until dinner and Mom was putting last minute things together Kristina took a short walk along the beach and sat and talked.  I tried to impart some advice to her and reminded her we loved her no matter what she is doing. 

It was just about then we decided to go back to the house.  Dinner was really ready but not all the guests were there.  I had to call SIL to get them to come.  They came a short time later and we got to sit down and eat. 

We started off with Shrimp, Roast Beef, the spinach artichoke dish, sweet potatoes, creamed onions (that’s what I had), there were mashed potatoes, rolls, and of course a few desserts. After dinner we talked about photos strategically placed that indicated the kids status in the family.  We wanted to make sure Rogier knew he was part of it when we showed him the picture of him and Diane in Mom’s office. 

WE also shared stories of Diane as a child and her relationships with Dad (my father) and of course I shared the letter with Rogier that Bob wrote me many years ago.  I can’t believe I started crying when I looked at a picture of Bob.  Its picture I have looked at a million times a day. 

After dinner Jim, Kristina, Ethel, Diane, Rogier and their friend Kevin all went back to Ethel’s to use the new trampoline Ethel bought.  That was about an hour.  When they were done they came back and said goodbye and headed points south.  While they did that our friends Mike, Tessa, Susan and I helped cleaned up (actually they did most of it)  WE sat and talked about different things.

Everyone was pretty much gone before 6 pm.  Mom did some more cleaning and I put some stuff away and then we relaxed.  I have been watching the NCIS marathon and answering some emails.

In a short while I think I am going to bed.  As I mentioned I didn’t get to sleep until maybe 2 am this morning.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Traditions

Earlier today when Liz was making her annual Easter Visit we talked about traditions.  She was saying that every Easter in my BIL’s family they always have rice and beans.  On the Italian side there is Lasagna.  In our family We either had some sort of meat (beef, lamb, pork).  Tonight I was looking over the last three years of Easter Sundays.

Last year Mom and I were sick so we were keeping it low key.  In the years before that we seem to always have it at our house.  I can’t remember what we had those times but if you read the entries at the blog you might enjoy it.

The one tradition I will not be upholding is getting into arguments with Mom.  It is usually due to stress and aggravation on both parts.

As always I will be going to bingo and church.  I can only hope that I get to both places either on time so that I can be home to help as much as I can since oh well dinner should be at time.

What are your Easter Traditions? 

Absolutely Beautiful Saturday

It is an absolutely beautiful day.  It’s not too hot and not too cold.  It is nearly 60 degrees in town.  The sun is shining.  It is just a beautiful spring day. 

I got up around 8 and relaxed and had breakfast.  I didn’t start my errands until noon.  I had gotten an email from the pharmacy telling me they were delaying the prescription refill until they talked with Dr. Becker.  Either they are going to find another alternative to Plaquenil or find it unnecessary.  Either way they will call or email me when they have it straightened out.

AS I was leaving the street (after seeing my godchildren) I saw Liz drive up so I turned around and came back.  She brought flowers and floral arrangement for the table.  So I helped her set them up while Mom did some more cooking.  We also chatted and had coffee for a while.  She is feeling much better than she did earlier in the week.  She is going to Cheryl’s tomorrow after she sees us. 

I managed to go to the dry cleaners and drop off my two suits and chatted with the people there.  It would seem that the woman I have dealt with before is no longer there.  Apparently her mouth got her into too much trouble and she was fired.  The others are not heart broken over it either. 

My next stop was to Costco.  I finally broke down and got myself another pair of clip on shades.  It was a pretty good deal for almost $14 dollars.  I managed to run into Dave’s old Boss from Lens crafters.  He has been there for a few years now.  My next and final stop was to Stop and shop.

I went there primarily for the Red leaf lettuce (it was marked Red Leaf lettuce but) they lied.  I still got it for $1.35 Not Nice Stop & Shop Not nice.  I also picked up some Astringent and face wash for the break outs my face is doing. 

It was nearly 1 when I finally came back to the house.  Mom was still in the midst of cooking and I showed her the lettuce.  She said it would be okay despite the little while lie the store made.  I put it way and then started getting some lunch.

Since I have been home been surfing the web and watching TV.  There are some really cool movies on today.  Of course the shows I normally watch and Soap net is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of GH all weekend with the best of…marathon.  It amazes me I am the same age as PBS and a soap opera….Go Me!

Actually there was some silverware that needed some polishing that took about 20 minutes and that was a breeze.

Mom is going to the 8 pm Easter Vigil tonight.  I am going to the 11:30 mass tomorrow.  I am hoping I can be there on time as there were no seats available after 11:30. Last week.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Can Someone Tell me?

How is it possible that I am still doing laundry at 9:30 at night?  I freaking started at 10 am and kept it going.  The only time I couldn’t move it along was while I was at church.  I don’t think I had that many loads to start with.

When Mom came home from the store it was about 2.   Ethel called a short time later and told Mom she was taking the 1:45 from 125th Street.  So Mom needed to pick her up after 3.  She ended up having to miss the Good Friday services.  We both left at the same time.

While Mom went to pick up Ethel I headed to church.  There were a lot of people at this service.  I sat in front of the church.  I met the organist’s parents.  I knew Nancy C for many years through the Prayer group at OLOV.  She was my organ teacher for a short time. 

The service was long.  It usually is and I usually get tired of all the standing.  My eyes felt a little weird and my hands were trembling a little.  I am not sure what that was about.  It passed by the time I headed home.

After the service I saw Rose.  She was sitting towards the back I guess but I caught up with her in the parking lot and we talked about the pending holiday.  We even discussed our friend Dave.  I relieved to see or hear for that matter that I am not the only who thinks he doesn’t deal with grief very well.  When we parted we made tentative plans to have dinner at GG’s on the other side of town.

When I got home Mom was just beginning to get dinner ready.  It was probably about 4:30.  We didn’t eat until maybe 6 or so.  I had fallen asleep while watching TV.

WE had breaded shrimp and corn and potatoes.  Oh it was delicious and simple.  After dinner Mom did some more preparations for dinner (making dressings and mayonnaise) on Sunday.

I spent time channel surfing and web surfing as well.  Now that the laundry is done I am heading to bed.

Good Friday 2013

Usually Good Friday means a day off from work for those of us who work at the University.  I don’t know if any other Colleges or Universities do this but I do know ours does and as I mentioned yesterday has for a very long time.  I don’t know if we will have it in the future as there are may be changes down the road.

It also means getting ready for the Easter Holiday.  Mom is currently working on the menu for Sunday.  She is making lists for additional things needed at the store.  The house cleaning is done since Olivia came earlier than we anticipated or wanted. 

For me it means getting some errands and chores done before the weekend starts.  I have a couple of loads going in the machines downstairs and a little while later I am going to the cleaners to drop off some stuff.

Good Friday services are usually at 3 pm at St Agnes Church but they don’t have their schedule up and they certainly don’t have their bulletin on line like St Mary’s.  (This is not a criticism just an observation.) We will probably have fish for dinner and stuff like that.

I am sitting here realizing I could be doing my taxes instead of waiting until next month.  I just don’t want to do it.  Although  IIRC it really didn’t take long to set up and get going once it was all set.  It’s just not my favorite thing to do.  Something tells me I will do what I did last year.  Do it on the last day and have until midnight to do it and then get it done 2 hours after I have it set up.

I talked with Dave today.  He was decorating eggs.  He will be having dinner at his Aunt’s house.  He said he talked with his BIL and the COD for his sister was Heart Arrhythmia.   He told me a lot of other stuff about his brother and to me Dave still has no understanding and never will about Grief  and how his BIL is dealing with it.

Well Mom is now home from her jaunt to the store so I am going to go out and get some stuff done outside the house.


TGIR?  What is that?  Well today is the last day of the work week for me.  For as long as I can remember we have Good Friday off.  I am not sure if anyone else does tomorrow.  I doubt it.  J 

Mom took Ethel and John and Heather to the train station.  They were going in to spend time with Diane and Rogier.  Ethel left her car here and wanted to know if she should park the car in the yard.  I looked at her and said no.  I said you can park it right there so it’s not blocking the neighbors or running over their wood pile they had near by.  I chatted with the young couple while Ethel straightened and they walked to Mom’s car. 

When they left I came in and watched TV until it was time to go to the DTC meeting.  Mom came home just about 7 (originally going to meet up at the meeting).  We left for the DTC a short time later. 

On the way over Mom suggested that perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to speak to M&T and apologize for the way I spoke to them (one of the things that prompted the fight Friday) and I told her that I don’t think they were angry just by the email I had gotten from her.  She said it was two different things.  It wasn’t and she thought I was being rude with her then.  I quietly said to her give me a chance to explain.  I did and I said I have a right to tell you I don’t feel I am being rude all I am saying is “okay”.  Before and after the meeting I did apologize and neither of them knew what the hell I was apologizing for.  I even said that to Mom.

Mom let me drive home (Whoa).  When we got home we got into our pajamas now I am watching TV.  I will be going to bed soon.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whizzing by

Good evening everyone this week is whizzing by fast.  I actually started to write this entry on Monday but with work, family gatherings, and doctor’s appointments I just got wore out.

Earlier this week my nephew John and his lady friend Heather came home for a visit.  I got to see them for a grand total of ten minutes.  They came home late but I was having dinner at his family home waiting for him.  Upside got to spend time with my sister and BIL and my SIL.  Mom went over tonight for a quick visit.  She says they are going to the City to spend time with Diane and Rogier.  They will be leaving Friday to return to Tacoma.

Work has been busy.  It is month end and if you have been following the blogs you know it gets very hectic and at times stressful especially during this Adjustment period with the new system.  I know I have been getting a lot done.  We have a long weekend coming up so it should be nice.

A few of us had an opportunity to visit our boss Gayle at the hospital.  She is coming along and looked better than she has in months.  She is on the road to recovery.  She has had a tough road of late.

My friend Joanie and her family are featured on one of MTV’s programs on Tanning.  It actually is following her granddaughter and it airs at 11 pm tonight.   I don’t think I can stay up that late.

I was supposed to see Debra today but I confused the time and couldn’t do it.  We are trying tomorrow.  Sigh.  I really hate when I do that.  I probably will tell her about the events of the weekend. 

I saw the Hematologist today.  He said my numbers were good.  He says that by April 11th.  The anniversary of the blood clot I can stop taking the Xarelto and then come to see him three weeks later.  He did say that I probably will not have to take anymore blood thinners ever again.  He did say if I get pains or can’t breathe to take the Xarelto again.  He did say my iron was low so I have to take that again.  I will see him in late April or May.

It looks like the next stage of the sewer project will be starting on April 1.  There have been hints here and there.  For example the sidewalks are marked to indicate were the sewer lines from the houses to the street are going to go.  This afternoon there is a large back hoe on the site itself.  Mom says there have been men here measuring and taking pictures to make sure to keep track of potential damage and also where the sewer lines will go (yeah I know its confusing me too).  Mom says this stage will last until December.

Oh the weather was absolutely beautiful.  It got up into the mid to high 50’s.  It was windy at the office but not sure about here.  It is supposed to be in 50’s for the weekend.

Alright I think I am going to crash. My eyes can’t seem to stay open.  I will see you all tomorrow.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Weekend ended better than it started

Well up until Sunday afternoon it was rather unpleasant.  Friday Mom and I had a fight over miscommunications and attitudes (mine mostly) and we hadn’t spoken until noon today.  I will not bore you with the details but it is on the road of normal again.

My activities that I spoke of on Friday went successfully.  The carnival at the Nursing home went smoothly and bingo went very well on Sunday.  As in years past Palm Sunday services were long (not really complaining) and crowded. 

The weather was windy most of the weekend.  Temperatures were in the high 40’s.  Saturday was rather cloudy and on Sunday sunny.  By late evening the clouds rolled in.  The southern part of the state was expecting snow while the northern half and snow flurries all weekend. 

This coming week should be fairly busy.  I have a few doctor’s appointments and meetings (maybe one overall).  I want to get as much OT as possible as it seems to be dwindling to nothing.  WE have Good Friday off too.

My nephew John is coming in to town with his GF tomorrow and is on leave for a week or so.  We are getting together for dinner tomorrow night and we all are getting together for Easter next Sunday. 

I need to get some Easter Cards this week and get them out by Wednesday the latest.  I am not sure how successful that will be but who knows.

Friday, March 22, 2013

I hope I am not getting sick

I noticed I was coughing a little more yesterday morning.  I hope I am not catching what the cruise people got.  The cold weather isn’t helping either.  Oh and it was snowing for most of the day. It only landed on the grass apparently.  Really?  Seriously?  Come on.  We are supposed to get more next early next week.

Work went well despite the feeling yucky.  I got a lot done and off my desk.  I stayed until six helping out with the scanning and was out the door by 6 and home by 6:30.

Mom had warmed up some eggplant and meatloaf for my dinner.  She had gone out to lunch with the Knitwits to GoodFellas in New Haven so she wasn’t hungry.  We did talk about Easter and as I suspected we will be having dinner here.  She talked with both Ethel and Liz.  

Liz offered to pick JH up when she goes to pick up Rich on Monday (he is spending a weekend in Ireland to see a soccer match).    JH is coming just about the same time.  We definitely will get together at Easter and it will be great to see him.  Now I am wondering if I should get his Christmas Gift?

After dinner I went to the DTC cocktail party.  I ate some more and I really shouldn’t have.   I was getting achy when I got home.  I had a lovely time spent about an hour and half there.  THe only downer is only 20 people showed up out of 110.  As you can imagine the organizers were a little put out.

It was around 9 when I got back to the house Mom was sleeping in front of the TV so I left her there for a bit and then when I heard her walking around again I went down and talked with her.  We talked about the party and then we said goodnight to each other

Well I have to finish getting ready for work.  I will be staying until 6 again tonight.  When I get home though I need to do laundry and stuff like that.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

For the first day of Spring

It was pretty cold for the first day of spring.  Then again it usually is.  I was reading last year’s entries and it was just getting into the sixties by Palm Sunday and Easter.  Actually I think there was a flood warning going on at the time.

I was pretty busy with work today.  I got a lot done and was able to stay until after 6.  I was in the middle of something and wanted to stay with it until it was done.

I was late for dinner but luckily the traffic didn’t slow me down.  It was quarter of seven when I got home and put out the garbage.  Mom was watching TV when I finally came in. 

We had pork and rice for dinner.  It was good and satisfying.  Mom didn’t go out at all today except for a few errands and the rest of the time she was inside.

I asked Mom about the plans for Easter and she hasn’t come up with anything definite yet.  She forgot to ask Liz about her plans which I am pretty sure (97%) they will be either of their kids house for dinner. She says she will call Ethel also to see what she wants to do.  I came away with the feeling that it will be here because Mom feels that Ethel will be too tired of cooking all week to cook Easter dinner. That’s the week JH is coming home.

After dinner I did some chores and watched TV until 10.  Now I am going to bed.  Mom went a little bit ago (to read actually).

Tomorrow I will be working until 6 and then head home to get ready for the DTC cocktail party.  It is at Bridgehouse in Devon this year. 

Well Good night hope you had a great day today.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring 2013

Officially spring is supposed to start in eight hours and twelve minutes give or take a minute yet there is another snow storm on its way or for some already here.  I haven’t looked outside yet so I don’t know if we have any but my friend Mardi says they got snow.  According to the weather channel most of New England is being hit hard.  It is not supposed to be pretty tomorrow or Thursday.

I told Mom the weather isn’t supposed to be very good tomorrow.  Icy conditions etc.  She didn’t think it would be bad by the time she heads up to Hartford tomorrow at Noon. 

I may have to re-evaluate my plans for OT tomorrow if the weather gets really bad.  However, I think I will wait until I get up tomorrow to make the big decisions.

Miserable and Cold start

For most of the day today it was miserably cold and wet.  When I left there was a light misting rain.  The rain came down harder by lunch time.  The wind didn’t let up either.  By mid afternoon I wasn’t sure if the sun was starting to come out or not.  It didn’t until some time after 5 this afternoon.

I was very busy today.  I had a lot of mail to work on and will have to finish it tomorrow.  I was going to stay until 6 but Debra called me and asked me to meet with her today instead of Friday.  She was going out of town for a funeral.  I hope to be able to stay the rest of the week until 6.  Only time will tell.

I told Mom that Don was a little frustrated with Lawn Guy’s work in the garage.  Lawn guy just started digging the holes and not really worrying about Don’s stuff.  She sent him an email getting his take on the situation.  Lawn Guy is out there now and Mom doesn’t want to start eating while he is here and wanting to talk about how much its going to cost us.

We are having spaghetti with Clam Sauce as soon as he is gone.  I can go with that.  J  I actually had a lot to eat today.  For breakfast I had a steak and egg burrito and finished it for lunch.  I also had cookies and some of the Indian food that Stephanie gave me yesterday to bring home.  I did have tea today because I was so friggin cold when I got back to the office.

The cold didn’t do much for my knee for most of the morning.  I did take the aspirin/Tylenol and for the rest of the day it was fine.  I took some more a little while ago and it seems fine.   

Well I am going to get comfortable as in an hour and half NCIS is going to the dogs.  I will see you later.

Monday, March 18, 2013


WE Use time for everything.  We use it to set up meetings, trips, spending time with family, appointments etc.  We get aggravated or annoyed if our time is misspent or taken up with waste.

Last night I thought I set my alarm on the cell phone for 5:30 this morning.  When I woke up and saw the sun raising I though sunrise came early.  That was not the case.  It was 6:30 and I had very little time to get ready for work.  I looked at my clock and the alarm was set for 5:30 tonight.    I ran around getting ready.  I had hoped this was not indicative of the day I was going to have.

Happily it wasn’t.  I got to work on time and a short time later started working on the mail.   I was pretty busy with work.  I got a lot done and stayed until 6 to work on scanning   I was also happy because despite the cold temperatures the snow hadn’t started yet.  I had time to get home before it started.

Mom was just leaving when I arrived.  I had just seen the lawn guy and he was telling me what he had been doing and what has to happen next.  Mom is right he doesn’t know what he is doing.  I went into the garage with Neighbor Don and he has a huge hole going off in two different directions (which he said he did) but he just threw Don’s stuff all over the place and one of his garden tools (the tiller) was nearly in the hole with everything else.  I told Don I tried hard to stay out of this whole thing and I even told him I stayed out of the park the truck here thing that happened on Friday.  I could feel Don’s frustration growing.

I went in and had dinner.  It was left over Corned Beef and vegetables.  Mom was steaming the beef so that it was decrease the salt.  There was a lot and I liked it but couldn’t finish it all.

Jim called tonight.  Just as I picked up he realized Mom had gone to a meeting and I told him to call back around 9.  He is taking young James to DC in April and wanted Mom to get tickets to the White House and Pentagon and places like that and he was wondering if she could get them from our friend the Congresswoman.

Speaking of time.  Do you remember when I wrote about Lucille Dickess and I told you that her memorial service was in late march?  Well its this Saturday from 9-11.  So is the Carnival we have scheduled for the Nursing home.  I am on the transportation detail that day and I promised to be at  the carnival.

Oh man my knee is starting to hurt again.  It had been hurting for most of the day until I took some ibuprofen.  I better go take more and my meds.  I am going to move Mom’s car too.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day

Top of the Day to you and yours!   May today bring you all the luck of the Irish.  It be a windy and cloudy day it be. The sun keeps hiding behind the clouds.  According to the famous weather page it is 37 degrees but feels colder.  I am going ot have some tea to get this chill out of me.

Mom got up before me today.  When she had her coffee I showed her the new pictures of Master James Christopher.  We talked about her day in NY and how the play was (and of course she said it was great).  I told her about the Lawn guy(s) coming and what they did.  I told her of my time in Newington.  I had a great time.  I was a little early to Debbie’s house but it gave me an opportunity to make some calls.  We were on the road a short time later and with little to no problems.

Our companions all came after 7:30 and for the next several hours chatted (as best we could) ate (once our orders taken).  A couple of the companions were not happy with the service but I was fine with it.  Well I had asked for mild wings and they gave hot.   I had shrimp scampi for dinner and it was delicious.  I Had to bring home my wings (they gave me another order that was less atomic).  I finished those when I got home this morning (after 12:30).  Debbie and I left after the last song and we headed back to her house and when we got there I left right after that.

Mom decided that we would be having corned beef and cabbage for dinner after all.  WE both agreed that the salt wouldn’t be good for us but we would deal with it when it gives us trouble later.  If she doesn’t do something with it soon it would be wasted.  It’s been frozen for awhile-long while.

Bingo went really well Angie was there as the Recreational staff member on duty.  We chatted and caught up with each other.  I even got to see more of my local 1199 friends last weekend.  Some of them are already feeling as though they never left.  Others like Chef Phil has been very busy.

I went to the 11:30 mass unfortunately I had to park some distance and the wind was picking up and I didn’t have a coat.  I missed the first and second readings and of course the opening prayers.  After Mass I recognized a woman who had been a part of the Mediplex family.  WE chatted until it got too cold.

I didn’t get home until after 12:30.  Mom immediately had me deliver the papers to our neighbors (we give them our newspapers when we are done).  For the rest of the day been watching TV and visiting with M&T.

I am getting tired so I may take a nap but I will see.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

We got snow

It started snowing literally after 3:00.  I am trying to see if it is a snow shower or just the light playing tricks on me.  I knew it was coming but not by much.  I even told Mom we were supposed to get it but I was expecting it more lately this evening.  This should make traveling interesting.  I emailed Neighbor Don about it too.  He hasn’t responded yet.

I am just straightening up things here and there before actually getting ready for tonight.  I have two sets of directions to Debbie’s house and I am still trying to see which is better.  At this point 95 look to be the best bet.

The snow doesn’t seem to be accumulating so that is a good sign.

Liz and Nelson are Grandparents again

Shortly after I posted the last entry I received two of three text messages from my Sister.  They were heading to NYC to be with Adam & Olga as Olga was beginning the labor pains that will bring their child into the world.  I expect to be sharing more pictures with you tomorrow.

Mom was pretty much ready for her day in the city when I left.  She was a bit annoying to me because she was very impatient with me when I was talking with her.  She either couldn’t hear me or what ever excuse she was using for today.  She was gone when I got back from the hair salon.

When I got here the lawn guys were working on getting rid of chucky.  They left about an hour later.  I spent the rest of the time having lunch and watching TV.  I checked the answering machine because I could here it beeping.  It was Mom’s traveling companions looking for her.  I sent a text message to the phone number but haven’t heard from them.  Hopefully that means they connected.

Sis sent me a text message after noon today and announced Baby Boy Rivera arrived.  Everyone is fine Grandma and Grandpa hasn’t seen them yet.  They got messages though.  They sent some pictures just before 3.  I am really happy for Adam and Olga.  They are terrific people.

I can be so slow at times

I was reading some of my F-List’s blogs and they kept saying “PI” day.   I had no idea what they were saying until this morning.  I took a long at the date and realized what they meant.

Well I hope you enjoyed your Pi” Day.  I did even though I didn’t get any “pi” references until now.  I didn’t even get to have pie.

The sun was out this morning for a short time but now it’s getting cloudy and will be that way for most of the day.  They are saying it might rain/snow in the early evening.  That’s just what I wanted to hear with me heading to Wallingford and Newington tonight.  The Temperatures are in the high 30’s for tonight.  It looks like there won’t be any rain or snow in Newington.  The forecast for Wallingford is good too (cloudy only)

Well I have my hair appointment in two and half hours and I have things to do to get ready for it.  I will check in before leaving for the night.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Well the weekend officially started several hours ago for me.  (Yes the minute I left work).  I had a great day and got stuff done.  By the time I left though I was getting tired and looking forward to the end of the day.

The weather has been fluctuating between wind and sunshine to wind and clouds.  There are reports of rain and or snow depending on where you live in the state. 

 I had my session with Debra and it went well.  WE had much to discuss (we hadn’t seen each other in two weeks).  We talked about the vacation, my trip to PA, work.  The session flew by as always.

Mom is at her literary club meeting but she put some leftovers together for me before she left.  I just cleaned the kitchen.   She will be back later tonight.

I am getting some light laundry done so that I don’t have to do it through out the weekend.   

A few minutes before 8 a guy from AT&T came to the door.  He wanted to do a comparison between AT&T and what we have even before he finished I told him no thanks.  He kept going.  I asked him through the door what part of No thanks did he not get.  He said he was doing his job.

  I told him that when he heard no thank you it was his cue to say thank you have a good night and leave.  I know I was rough with him but first of all you don’t come to the door at 8 at night.    I asked him to get off the porch and leave.

I sent a message to Neighbor Kim via Facebook. I don’t know if she got it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quick Observations

I noticed a few of the blog sites have been updating their websites with new bells and whistles.  I haven’t really taken a look but I will.  Livejournal was offline for a short time tonight.  They didn’t give an exact reason but now things are up again.

It looks like the Live Oaks Class of 77 will be getting together after all.  The person who originally was going to try and organize it had to back down from it..  She has MS like Liz but someone else has graciously stepped up to organize it.  It looks like I will be going to another class reunion.

Well I need to get to bed.  I am seeing the back of my eyelids a lot tonight.  I want to get to the office early if I can.  I am going to have another full day.

Thankful Thursday March 14, 2013

I was recently looking over my journal entries and noticed that I hadn’t done a Thankful Thursday in quite some time so without further ado:

  1. I am thankful for my family warts and all.
  2. I am thankful for my job and the co-workers and administrators that I have
  3. I am thankful for my health despite the challenges.
  4. I am thankful for my friends who accept me for who I am and I accept them for who they are.

I had a great day at work.  I got a lot done and worked until 6.  I had a chat with my administrator today and she let me know she spoke to the other person.  I made sure I thanked her and now we can go from there.  Do I expect the other person to change?  Does a Leopard change its spots?

Despite the fact I still am having some breathing issues my sides don’t hurt as much and I am getting better sleep these days.  The time change earlier this week did exhaust me so I went to bed very early on Tuesday.   Wednesday I was all set.  The other aches and pains come and go (depending on the salt intake and perhaps atmospheric conditions). As I write this I am fine.  Ooh just remembered I have to take my meds. 

I do see the Hematologist at the end of the month for the monthly B-12 shot and perhaps by then I can stop taking the blood thinner. I have a few other Doctor’s appointments coming up over the next few months but I don’t expect anything bad.  If I continue to have problems with the breathing I will have it checked out.

The family is doing well.  It was fun being with Jim and the kids for my nephew’s confirmation service last week.  It will be interesting to see how my Niece Kristina’s Plans for the fall work out (she is planning on taking a year off before starting college).  Jamie (Nephew) has been accepted to at least three Private High School’s for the fall semester.

I am still waiting on the opportunity to meet my newest Great Niece Olivia Grace.  She was born March 3 at 8:08 and she is doing well, we are now waiting on her cousin to arrive some time in the next couple of Weeks.   The rest of my sister’s family is doing well (I guess). 

As I am writing this my SIL is bringing my brother’s truck here to store for now.  It is so that Diane the eldest has a place to keep it. (I am not sure why-oh wait maybe I do).  Her Brother John is coming into town near the end of the month.  We have not seen him since his return to the US from Afghanistan.

I spent time with my friends a lot this past weekend.  Saturday was the Military Whist game.  Sunday I went to Dinner with Dave.  He is still doesn’t understand and expects his BIL and his kids to grief a certain way and they are not. 

This weekend I am going to have dinner with friends and see a band that I saw on New Year’s Eve.  It will be fun.  Of course Sunday is my day to prepare for the week ahead.

In the mean time that laundry must be ready to go in the driveway.

Not doing very much this morning