Calmer Sunday

Hey everyone.  Today has been a little more calming day.  I have had many supportive emails after yesterday’s entry and I appreciate them ever so much.  I did speak with my therapist briefly this afternoon and she felt I handled the situation yesterday with Jim fine. 

Jim did call today but I just wasn’t ready to pick up the phone and answer.  He did speak with Mom after I had gone out to my officers meeting and said he was sorry he upset me.  That was all he said.  I don’t know what this means and I can’t tell if Mom was annoyed with me or him more.  

Bingo went well and was a full house but limited seating.  The Recreation Admin office was being remodeled and so all the desks were out in the main suite.  I don’t know how many were there but it seemed more than twelve.  I did tell Robin, Ping, and Claudia the news.

After Bingo I headed to church.  The following is the readings today

Acts 5:12-16/RV 1:9-11a, 12-13, 17-19/Jn
20:19-31   and some how proved to be very appropriate for me during this time.  The homily covered them all and it was about faith and being able to question it at times and at others just believe.

After church I came home and just hung out.  Mom and I talked about cooking and shopping both she did today.   I delivered the newspapers to neighbors and then I visited the Dalmatian pups.  I walked into the yard and even though Chris said its okay he was visibly annoyed that I would just walk in to the yard without asking.  Yeah I apologized.  I hope he accepted.

WE had steak and quiche for dinner.  Mom cooked the steak in a small toaster grill and it made it tough.  The quiche wasn’t to her liking either.  I actually ate mine and hers together.

After dinner I got ready for my meeting.   I was early to Roberta’s house so we talked about the whole situation and I otld them about the phone call.  They both made very good points.  We left a little after 6:15 but still were a few minutes late for the meeting.  The girls were there already and just bout to start. 

WE went over the budget, the officers election and about of activities and events coming up soon.  There are lots of things coming up.

The meeting was over fairly early and so we talked for a short while until Telka had to tell us that they didn’t’ have dinner.  So we hurried out. 

It was after 8 by the time I got home.  I have been watching Free Willy on Nickelodeon but now I am getting tired and should go to bed.


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