Earth Day

Happy Earth Day peeps.  This is the day we are to help find ways to protect the earth from us basically.  All the years of abusing it have created problems for us.  Here is what I found out about Earth Day.  I have over the years helped in cleaning areas up such as the  riverbank by the great River walk area along the Housatonic River   There are lots of articles and pictures and reports on TV and elsewhere on how people have been trying to treat the earth better.  I am guessing it is not enough.

Work was fine.  I got a lot done despite the volume of mail.  I didn’t stay for OT as the scanning is at this moment up to date.  I was glad to come home at my normal time today.  I was able to relax before dinner.

Mom and I had leftovers for dinner.  We ate around 6:30 tonight.  It was okay as I wasn’t hungry yet.  I also wanted to watch TV for a bit.  After dinner I put a small load of wash in and it should be finished by 9:30 or so.

It was very cold and windy today.  For some reason I didn’t bring my coat with me so I was colder than everyone else.  Tonight is windy and I can hear the wind.   Mom says we are supposed to get some rain.  Despite the cold wind it was 52 degrees out.  Now its just low forties.    I guess the rain is supposed to come tomorrow.

Mom is doing fine.  She is downstairs watching TV.  She spent most of the day running errands and stuff like that.  

It would seem we both have some active schedules this week.  Between doctor’s appointments and meetings and get togethers with classmates.  

 I think I am going to go to bed soon.


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