I am going to bed soon

I don’t know how long I can keep my head up and my eyes opened.  Today has been a very long day.  I left here exactly at 7:30.  The construction crew were well into getting their day started.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to get off the street.  It is the first time since this project started that I actually am complaining about it.   LOL.   

I got to work shortly before 8 and started working on the lock-box.  All day the volume of mail was light so I was able to work on the junk mail piles.  i also helped out scanning as well.  

We had a retirement party for Linda B today.  THere were some really wonderful speeches and half of the room was in tears.  The cake was delicious and made by our local bakery.

.By the time I got home I was beginning to get achy again.  I knew it would happen as I had a hotdog for lunch.  I haven’t had one in quite some time for this very reason.  .  I also had some pasta salad as well.  

It was 6:30 by the time I got home and I was really relieved to be home as I embarrassed myself by calling my boss’s son the wrong name.  I know this is not a big deal but really I felt stupid tonight..  I watched TV for a little until it was time to go to the meeting.

The meeting started around quarter of 8 and unfortunately by 8:30 I couldn’t keep awake.  I was feeling tired and my leg was bothering me.  I was home a short tme later.  While I was watching TV I got a call from Dr. T.

We were basically discussing the plans for friday.  She suggested that we can use three easels to help with the privacy issue (of changing for the models). SHe felt the ideas of changing in the closet to be rather insulting.  I agree with that but didn’t want to say anything to the recreation director.  Anyway, she says that if Natalie objects then we cancel it right then and there.

I also brought her up to speed about Mom’s current health status.  She did agree with the technology we have today the doctor should have sent the reports earlier then he did..  Mom came home just about then so we hung up.

Mom was exhausted but said the forum was very good.  Now that she is home I am heading to bed.


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