I had a lazy afternoon

It was nearly 11:30  when I came home.  Mom had not yet returned from  the Turn in your drugs event yet  and so I decided to eat some cookies (realize this may have been the cause of my aches tonight) and watch TV.    The rest of the day we did our own thing.  Mom did laundry while I surfed the net.  I had a late lunch .  Mom did some shopping and  then went to church.

I was still waiting for the  nice cable guy.  He had called  just before 4 and said he would be here soon.  He checked stuff out and while he did that I had gotten some calls and watched TV.  He had to give us an updated  Samsung  Cable box.  It is really cool.  The graphics are cool and the  on screen info and channel guide is much different.  

Debbie M called to  talk  among  other things our train game next week.  Who  attendee’s would be or not be.  She also  is bringing a guest.  a gentlemen  she met online and had a first date today.    WE talked about menu and drinks.

When  Mom  came home  she started getting dinner ready.  We were going to grill but there wasn’t  enough  gas in one tank and the other one I was having a hard time latching on to the bottom of the grill.  So we just  cooked in  the  fryer pan.  It was good.  

Been watching  NCIS marathon, Charmed Mini-marathon.  We TV has been showing Charmed  for the last two saturdays.  They  slimmed their weekday airings to one hour a day.  They did that last year too.  Probably  for the summer schedule..

I talked with JIm today.  First this morning  when Mom was in the shower and then again when she was in the bathroom  getting into her pajamas.  We talked about James and school and how I have  now been actively  following the  Blair Academy in  news feed and facebook.

I am not really looking forward to  tomorrow ‘s encounter with Natalie.  She is going to ask why we cancelled the fashion show.  I don’t want to tell her it was because it  not enough room.   

Well I am going to bed I will see you later.


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