The Weather

The weather started off a little windy this morning and got warmer by the end of the day.    By the end of the day it was sunny and within a short time later the clouds moved in.  The forecast is calling for rain during the night into tomorrow.   It will be sunny and some clouds.    I was checking out my cousin Tim’s weather in Dexter MI and they are still getting snow!

Today went really well.  I managed to get up early enough to be able to leave the house and get coffee before getting to the office.  I got to work by 7:15 and jumped in to getting the rest of the work finished from yesterday.    I think it helped to get 2 very large cups of coffee.  That I managed to spill on my desk.    LUckily very little damage done to the work.  In the end I managed to get a lot done and off my desk.  

I had a lunch time local 34 caucus they scheduled to update members on the various aspects of the contract and labor/management relationships.  I wasn’t able to stay for the entire meeting but I get the gist of the updates.

I managed to get home before my dentist appointment.  MOm was getting ready for her supper meeting with Barry and then to appear before the budget hearings tonight at the Aldermanic Budget meetings.    I relaxed for a short time and surfed the net.

The entire appointment lasted an hour and fifteen minutes.  I had my cleaning and exam and it looks like I have several cavities(insert shocked face).  I have to go back in the first week of May for the fillings and then he will do the caps to the implants a little later.

When I got home I was exhausted.  I had the stew we discussed having earlier.  I watched TV and then put the garbage and recycle stuff out.  I really don’t like doing it in the morning because usually I miss  putting something out and they also come early.

I watched TV for a while.  I noticed there are some really great movies on like Independence Day with Jeff Goldblum and  Queen of the Damned.  I have seen each of these movies at least half dozen times between them.  I just can’t tonight.

As it is I am tired and for some reason I have a backache.  When I get up from chairs or even turn to one side it hurts.    My left pinky had a paper cut I guess (I don't  how I would usually feel it but it ) still hurts.   I need to get to sleep.


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