Turning into a lovely day

It is turning into a lovely day as promised.   According to  the weather page it is 51 degrees and heading up to mid 50’s.   it is cloudy right now but the sun will be out later.

Mom told me today that James has applied to and has been accepted to Blair Academy in NJ.  She was astounded at the tuition.   Mom also says that he is really happy about going.  I took a look at some pictures and they look like its an old school (but maintained well).  I just friend-ed the school (hope that doesn’t sound weird).  I plan on sending an email to him soon.

I can’t believe he is going into high school already.  It seems just yesterday he came into our lives and attached himself to my leg when he felt scared.  It took only a  few tries at first.    He is smart and funny and so at tentative to his Dad (and I imagine to his Mom too).

I have been doing some laundry  and will be finished with it soon-I hope.  I don’t want to be doing it all day as I would like to be relaxed and refreshed for tonight’s dance.

Hey I signed up for Google+ today and I hope I am not sorry for it.  I should probably find out what Google+ is and what it is suppose to do.  Does it share everything with your friends and acquaintances? 

Well enough watching TV  and watching for the laundry machines to finish for now I have things I need to do .   


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