Warm Wednesday

The weather was beautiful.  Well when I was out at 6 tonight it was.  According to the weather report it was nearly 70 degrees out after 3:30.  I really didn’t go out once I got into work.  I could feel the warmth in the wind when I left the office at 6.

Work was okay.  I had gotten a lot done and managed to work until 6.  Sadly we learned that a former colleague had died rather unexpectedly.  She was a lovely young lady and she will be missed.

We also learned that one my other colleagues are retiring at the end of this month.  She has been here for 18 years and is ready for a change.  There will be a party for her on the 28th.

I stopped to talk to some neighbors and visit with my four-legged god children. Unfortunately I was late for dinner.  They were leftovers.  It was still good.

Mom had a busy day she had meetings and appointments and now is relaxing downstairs watching TV.  I am watching TV upstairs.  I think I am going to bed early again.


Continued thoughts and prayers going to your mom...
Kate said…
Thank you Keith...

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