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Running out of titles

First off I am beginning to run out of titles for my blog entries.  I looked over some of the entries over the past month and found that i have used a few of them more than once.  Second I started feeling crappy after lunch.  It was the same feeling I had before going off to the stores yesterday.  Now that I am home it is subsiding a little.   
Work was good got  a lot done and was able to get some more stuff done as well.  It will give me a good start to next week.
While we were eating Ethel stopped by and scared the hell out of us.  Mom didn’t hear her come in either and I jumped and Mom was ready to criticize me.   I pointed out that Ethel was there.  Have I told you this is getting old?
There isn’t anything on TV tonight so I think I am going to call it an early evening.

No THunderstorms

There were not any overnight thunderstorms but the temperatures were already in the 70’s by 8 am.  I could feel the humidity by the time I got to New Haven.  It is supposed to be in the 90’s by late day and possible rain at night.  I am also thinking about OKC today.  There is more severe weather predicted out there and many of my online friends are there for the Mark Harmon Celebrity weekend.
I sent out some early morning emails regarding the Awards banquet for the 7th.  I included Roberta in those because she had to know.  I have been procrastinating a lot this week because the price of the meal is rather steep.
I spoke to Mom early in the day she had a doctors appointment and then we went shopping at Macys for the dress shop for this weekend and next.  We had time before dinner and the meeting this evening.
The Birthday lunch was great.  We had wings and I had to scoff them down because I was getting ready for the dentist.  I managed to get a lot done before leaving an…

I have a problem with Food

For years I have loved food.   That’s probably a given considering I am nearly 240 lbs again.  Over the years I have tried everything.  OA, Nutritionists, weight loss programs you name it.  THe most I have had success with is WW.  I have contemplated on going again but then it goes out the window.  When I get bored or lazy or self-conscious about stuff (like millions of others) that’s when I eat. Now that I am getting older some foods are not great for me (they get me sick or make my joints swollen and achy) and even though they are not I still eat them.  
Almost on a daily basis I try to re-evaluate what I can eat and most times it doesn’t work. Other times it does.  Especially when people have been known to say “Eat, Eat, we have more here”.
I have to go shopping in the next couple of days for the engagement party and awards dinner next week.  That’s what has got me in this funk.  
I did give up my second danish to Mama Joanie.  I had the baked chicken for lunch and I also…

It Looks like

Mom and I looked over the two dresses that I had from a couple of years ago to see if they would be okay for the engagement party and the dinner and although they looked “okay” we decided to go looking for another dress.  I have to find out where Jessica Howard dresses are sold.  So far the one place would be Macy’s.  We may be going shopping either Thursday or most likely Friday
There is also some question as to whether or not Kristina is actually graduating or not.  There was some discussion about it a few months ago and as of right now nothing has changed.  I was really hoping she would but if she doesn’t she will have to go to Summer school..  She is supposed to be graduation on the 9th.  IF she doesn’t we obviously won’t be going down but I would hope that the family would find out before then.
If things change on that front I probably will be attending the Woman’s Club Board meeting scheduled for that night at 7.  I would like to give an answer to Dr. T but for now…

Had a productive day

I had a very productive day today despite being late for work.  I left just a little after 7:30 and stopped to get gas.  I probably should have done it sometime yesterday because that was one of the things that made me late.  The other was the traffic from West Haven all the way into New Haven.  I tried a new route once I got to Long Wharf and I didn’t find it any better.
I got a lot done but didn’t stay for OT.  Things are caught up there so I came home.  For some reason I got home late so I got it at both ends.   MOm was upstairs in her office and so we chatted.  SHe had no idea I called.  I told her twice it was on the Optimum voice mail and she still tried the answering machine.  What could have been a potentially unpleasant night for me was averted.
Mom just put in the chicken and the eggplant for our dinner.  We should be eating by 6.  After that we are going to check a couple of dresses I want Mom to look over with me for the two big events that are coming up.  Sh…

Memorial Day 2013

Well  Memorial  Day 2013 has come and gone.  It was a great  couple of days.  On  Sunday after I went to bingo and church i attended the Milford Memorial Day Parade.   It started just after  2 and was done by quarter of 3.  I didn’t stay around after the parade because I noticed I was getting a headache.    It got progressively worse by the time I got home and I ended up getting sick  and for the rest of the night I slept.
Yesterday I was  feeling better but I took it easy  for the day (at least I thought I did)  on the food.  I was still having  a little aches here in there but I am not sure if you could call them headaches I think it was the way I was sleeping .  I spent most of the day doing laundry until we went over to Ethel’s for a cookout.    We were there a couple of hours and it was a small group of us.  We  were home and doing our own thing for the rest of the night.
Oh Diane did come over before the picnic and talked with MOm about “things”.    She seemed to ta…

An Awesome Day

Mom and I left here just around 10 and headed over to LIz’s.  Even though we took different routes we arrived at the same time.  However, the baby of the hour hadn’t arrived yet and wouldn’t for another hour and half.  So Mom went back home to do some shopping and cooking and I stayed and kept Liz Company for a couple of hours.  We chatted and she cleaned and I helped with chores.  
While I was there Nelson had called from Norwalk and said there was traffic delay and they were moving slowly.  It would be another hour and half before getting home.  So I went and got my glasses adjusted at Costco. While I was there I ran into some friends of mine I knew in different worlds.  After a while I left and noticed I had gotten calls from Liz.  
They had arrived and were at the house.  This had to be about one.  WHen I arrived Adam was in the kitchen, Olga else where Poppie cleaning the house and Grandma holding this absolutely beautiful baby boy.  I watched Liz feed him and talk w…

I get to meet Baby James today

I haven’t been up very long and it felt great to sleep in but in a short while I will get to meet baby James today.  He is Adam and Olga’s two month old baby boy.  THey are visiting Poppy and Grandma and we have been invited to see them.
It looks a little cold and wet out there so I am glad I will be wearing a sweater today.  From what I gather it is staying in the high 40’s temperature wise and may rain all day.
After that I am not sure what I will do.   I may follow my to do list but that could change any time soon.

Glad its a long holiday weekend.

I am really glad it is a long weekend.  It will give me a little more time to do some things I normally do on Saturday or Sunday.  OF course my Friday’s is usually a relaxing evening and after the commute home I need it.  I will talk about it in a moment.
Work went well.  I got to work just before 8 and started working.  I got a lot done and I was able to enjoy the day overall.  At lunch time I had a meeting with Debra and I finally got lunch from Chipotles.  on Temple and Chapel.  Usually when I walk by there the lines are long.  Today it was great.  I got their tacos and it was delicious. The ride home was fine just until I got closer to the house.  the route I take on the secondary roads were backed up and  I couldn’t get to the street I had to go all the way around by the time I got to the other end the route I normally take was open.
I had called Mom to tell her I was going to be delayed because the Traffic Officer made take another route.  I told her the area was slo…

Woke UP

Yesterday I woke up to my bed sheets and mattress cover pulled off from the bed at some unmentionable time.  I used to love just throwing the sheets and mattress cover over the bed when I was too lazy to make the bed.  Now I hate it  I end up getting a headache from it.  I certainly wasn’t going to make the bed at that hour.  I may still be lazy because I haven’t fixed it yet.
While other parts of the state had a huge thunderstorm and damage from it the shoreline got a brief thunderstorm that passed through here in 30 minutes.  The sun didn’t come out hardly at all yesterday.   Today we are supposed to have thunderstorms throughout the day and into tonight.
Work was fine got a lot done but still have more to do.  I stayed indoors all day until I left for home.  Unfortunately I was late today because of traffic jam.  I am always at odds to figure out what would be better?  Getting off and use secondary roads (and many traffic lights) or stay on the highway?  I chose the hi…

Make Better Use of my time

As you all know every morning the construction crew is outside working on the sewer project on our street.  Every morning I have left the house while they are starting to dig, move their machines and everything else.  For once I would like to leave BEFORE they get there so that I don’t bother them.  They have been absolutely wonderful about it though.  They work hard every day.  I even thought about parking down at the parking lots in West Haven or even at the Adams grocery plaza.
Today has been very busy at work.  I had a lot to do and got most of it done.  I have a few more things to work on but will do that tomorrow.  I did stay until 6 to help with the scanning.  I was pleased with the results.  My scanner was kinda giving me a hard time but once AC stood over it and intimidated it-it was working fine.
I didn’t get home until a little after 6:30.  Mom needed to move dinner along as a friend of ours was coming over to take a picture of Mom.  It was Pat K  she is a fel…

Happy Monday

Ah Monday what a lovely day?  It is overcast and a little windy this morning.  Commuters have to deal with the repair process in Bridgeport from Friday night’s train crash and this will take a few days according to sources.
Work went well today we were happy to welcome back a coworker who had been out on leave and she looked great.  We had celebratory breakfast of treats and delights. Elsewhere on campus there was a shooting over the weekend.  It was very close to the office.    It is a way I walk from Debra’s sometimes.
Graduation continued on campus.  Traffic was a bit heavy throughout the city I am told.  I have to admit I didn’t really have any problems coming home today.   Most of the activities were over by then anyway.  Memorial Day weekend is Alumni Weekend and that will be as crazy if not more.  As of right now this will be the entire schedule for the week.
I may not have had a difficult drive home but getting to the street proved a little difficult.  The guys were …

A Lovely Afternoon

Spent a lovely afternoon at the Mercy Center to hear a friends poetry reading as well as music and art.  Each of them experienced life threatening events and learned how to deal with it through different aspects of art.  It really was a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon.
The only downside was I had been sneezing and sniffling through the entire day and I just was beginning to feel miserable.  It all started before I left for bingo.  I am thinking that the pollen and the rain started it all for me.  
I left the house just after 8:30 my plans to attend an early mass went out the window and so I headed to Dunkin donuts for breakfast.  I went to the nursing home and had breakfast and then went in and hung around.  I was there before everyone came in.  AFter awhile people came in and so I spent time chatting.  Time sort of just got away from us and then we got ready for bingo.  We did start on time and finished on time.
I came directly home and Mom was multi-tasking.  She w…

The Weekend is going by fast

I can’t believe it is Saturday night.  Today went by awfully quick.  It all started around 6 when I got out of bed and did some surfing on the net.  I spent the morning doing laundry and then around noon time I got ready for the fashion show.
We met a little after 1 at Carriage Green Assisted Living complex.  Dr. T was already in her first costume and she looked great.  Eventually the rest of the girls arrived and we set up.  The administrator helped set up the chairs while we got instructions and made some changes to the script.  My sole job was to make sure the girls were ready and to cue the MC.  We started at 2 pm and we were finished by 2:30.  Afterwards we had refreshments including ice cream...woohoo.  Overall we had a huge success and we probably will be doing more things for this place.  This might mean we will no longer be doing activities for WRHH.  
Sadly some of the girls chose not to participate because they were not prepared and had backed out because of sp…

Couldn't Write last night

Somehow the internet connection died and so I couldn’t surf the net last night or this morning.   I found out when I got home it was something simple like turning on a button on the router.  Mom had called the Cable/internet provider and they walked her through it.   The other reason I couldn’t write last night was I was tired and went to bed early too.  
Work has been very busy for two days.  I have gotten a lot done but there is always something to be done.  Today we said goodbye to one of our Trainers in the IT department.  She is moving on to Mount Sinai in New York where she was originally from.  She is a lovely girl.  They had a luncheon and we were given leftovers.  There was also a cake and gift but I just couldn’t go I had stuff to finish before going home today.
I had my mammogram yesterday and haven’t gotten a call so will probably get a letter within the next week indicating everything is fine.  I have to say I didn’t find it as painful as in the past.  It wen…

I love Google Documents

For several weeks now I have been using Google documents for a lot of my blogging and journal entries and some of the replies to the lists I belong to.  I find it much better than the actual WP programs I use on the hard drive.  Even though I do use it more often than the other documents I have been finding myself trying to make sure I use the WP program that came with the machine and the 2007 update.  It actually helps because for some reason I can’t link to any sites in my WP program they don’t clear out or something.
Today was still pretty chilly weather wise and it was rather cloudy until mid afternoon but the rest of the day was lovely.  It was in the low 60’s by late afternoon but now its in the high fifties and will remain cloudy for the night.  It is supposed to get into the 70’s tomorrow.
Work was good.  It was busy and I was able to get a lot done but still have a little more to work on before the next wave tomorrow.  I will have to take a late lunch because I …

Interesting Day

It is nearly Midnight and I am just sitting here thinking about the last 12 or 13 hours.  I had decided to stay in bed longer than planned after going to bed late.  I had taken some Celestial Tea last night and it helped a great deal with the sleep.  As in the days past I was able to get out of the house at a fairly decent time and get to the cat.  That’s about the time it came to screeching halt.  
Traffic came to an abrupt halt at the Garage where I usually park.  People were blocking the entrance and others didn’t think we were moving fast enough (the traffic light was red) as a result of this tie up it was getting late.  I didn’t realize just how late until I came to the intersection near the office.
Just a few minutes after 8am I noticed my office building being evacuated.  There was a fire alarm going off (I couldn’t actually hear the alarm) so I started making calls to co-workers.  I ran into a few of them and just as I was calling JudyF she walked by me.  I stayed…

Mothers Day

Evening everyone.  I hope your Monday was a good one.  I have some time before a couple of programs I want to see are on.  I know I am going to be sorry but its a price I am willing to pay.
Mother’s Day was very nice.  It started of cloudy and rainy and by the time I left the nursing home the sun was shining.  Bingo went well but was shortened for the Eucharistic Service from St Peters Church.  I did leave there with a bit of news Matt my volunteer assistant has decided that he is attending Marquette University after all.  I am so thrilled with the news. Its what he has wanted for the Health Care program he wants.
Mike & T came for a visit and were joined by Ethel, Diane, Rogier.  We had a great visit.  Diane and Rogier had to leave for the train around 2:30 so they left by then and Mike and Tessa stayed for another hour.  Mom had told me earlier she wanted to be able to talk to Mike and Tessa alone about something so I had planned being absent for the rest of the visit.…