Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dear Friends

October 31, 2013

Dear Friends:

Oh its been a pretty  food filled afternoon.  I finished the daily stuff by 2 or so and started working on the rest of the re-address mail.  Unfortunately everything I ate was making me feel blah.:(.  I had the weird headache all day that I mentioned in my health blog.

My energy level took a huge dive so I spent the last half hour cleaning up and waiting for Ann and Mary.  We walked to the garage had a laugh or two and then took off for our destinations.  I was really glad to get home.

The Drive home was fine no real problems and the wait to get on to the street was minimal.  When I got home Mom was upstairs and we talked about dinner.  I reminded her we have been invited for dinner while at Liz’s.  We had to wait though because Mom was baking bread pudding.

We left before 5:30 and when we arrived the kids were there.  They went  to go out trick or Treating by 6 and then when they got back by quarter of 7 we ordered dinner.  We were there until 8 and got back here by 8:30.  We are both exhausted.  It was fun there were a lot of kids at the door.

Now I am heading to bed...


Dear Friends

Dear Friends:

Wow Happy Halloween?  I am sure you heard about the North Dakota Woman handing out letters to trick or treaters tonight right?  I mean its been all over the net and news.  My first reaction is she is out of line.  If you don’t want to give out candy to kids then don’t.   Find some other alternative.

I started to think about when people come to the door and the homeowners start to ask you a barrage of questions.  The first question is “where are you from” I know that some people drive their kids to different neighborhoods I am sure they did it when I was a kid.   Do you ask people where they are from?  

The only time I wouldn’t give candy to someone is if they are not in costume.  We had people do that one year and I can’t remember if Mom said no or gave it to them or not.  Would you do the same thing?

Finally tonight I don’t think we are giving out candy but going over to Liz and Nelson’s to see the neighborhood kids and perhaps our own in costume.  Then we are going to the DTC meeting which should be short and sweet.

Work is going fine.  It doesn’t seem a lot got into costumes but they did have halloween themed clothing on.  We also had an invitation to wear pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I did neither.  I didn't have costumes nor do i have anything pink right now.  We also had the opportunity to wear blue jeans today and two other times next month if we made a donation to United way.  I just couldn’t this time.

Well I need to go and work on the re-address mail.  I will check in later...

Be well!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Friends

October 30, 2013<-----mischief night="" span="">

Dear Friends:

I just realized tonight is Mischief Night!  I have only been egged once going home but while at home nothing around the house has been the victim of pranks for years.  THere are not that many kids around anymore.  I don’t think the neighborhood kids are going to want to do anything really. Mom and I discussed this very idea when I called her this morning.

We also discussed getting a new outfit for the Women's Leadership breakfast next month.  We are not going to Catherine’s but to a store in Trumbull.  One of the stores there sells Casper line clothes.  

The rest of the day was pretty good.  The mail volume was rather light but because I had two meetings I didn’t finish it until a half hour before going home.  I managed to work the postage tallies for the last two days.  Again they were not heavy in volume.  I will have to pick up the lobby mail tomorrow because  I ran out of time.

I met with Debra today we discussed the future.  The bill paying and methods to do it.  For example the account I use to pay Mom will go for the Household stuff while the other account will be for Credit Cards,  and other bills.  I think I can do that.  In may be a year or so talk to lawyer about looking into getting a condo for myself.

We also discussed steps to take so that incidents like the one I had on Friday do not happen with the intensity that this had.  First she said is count to ten.  Allow them to do whatever they need to do but don’t feed into it.  She also told me how to deal with people criticising me so that I won’t be getting as angry.

The second meeting was with the union to discuss preventative medicine programs that are not for Aetna.members.  They are to help Members with better health care.  Some are not interested in it and some are.

The drive home wasn’t bad.  I had no problems getting on to the street and i found that to be surprising.  Maybe they will be done with the whole sewer project by the first week of November.  I don’t know how long after that we will be hooking up.  

Mom wasn’t home when I got home she was helping stuff envelopes for Candidates Greta Stanford so I relaxed until she came home.  We had a late dinner of chicken, vegetables and it was delicious.

I took care of the garbage and a couple loads of laundry and watched TV.   I will have to do the rest of the laundry tomorrow night as i am tired.

Have a great night.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dear Friends

October 29, 2013

Dear Friends:

Well I am home and its after 5:30.  Mom is downstairs making spaghetti.  She spent a good part of the afternoon running errands and shopping.  We should be eating around 6.   She is still not feeling completely well.

She tells me that Jim and the kids may be coming up.  I am guessing its for Thanksgiving as she also invited M&T.  They will discuss it more another time when Jim has a better phone.

The sun will be setting in about 20 minutes.  Next week at this time it will be at 4:50.  Sigh.  Every time the clocks are turned back an hour I keep forgetting that it does get dark after 4:30.  Some keep saying it gets dark at 4.   I don’t think so (unless its raining or snow or cloudy).

I was able to get most of the daily stuff done except for the postage and more of the re-address mail.  I can do that in the morning before the lockbox comes to me.   My desk was a little messier than usual I usually straighten it lately but not today.

Well dinner is ready so I will see you later.


Dear Friends

October 29, 2013

Dear Friends:

Happy Tuesday!  It was windy and cold but no frost around at the 40 degree mark this morning.  That would explain why the top part of my knee is bothering me already.  I had a great sleep though.  I even got up early enough to start the day.  

While I was getting ready the NY, NJ, and CT stations were looking back at Super Storm Sandy that started this time last year.  You can read my experience here and in the heart of it.  We were lucky but many of my shoreline neighbors and friends were not.  I am thankful we don’t have that today.  I can’t say the same in a few days.  We are supposed to get rain on Halloween.

When I left this morning Mom seemed to be in good spirits but she hadn’t had her coffee yet.  Mom doesn’t have any meetings today so she will be doing “stuff”.  Anything she wants I guess.  THe house is cleaned for now so I don’t think she will be cleaning much do you? Seriously though I think she is still preparing for the future.  She was working on her bills last night and I asked her when are we going to sit down and see her bill paying methods.  I pointed out that because she pays the bills at the beginning of each month when she gets ehr pension would it make a difference the payment dates are in the middle.  She hopes I won’t wait to pay when it is actually do but get them out of the way and that gives me an indication of what money is left.   Okay I know that is confusing but think about what is going on in my head!

I talked with BIL today.  He is doing well.  the KOC organization is having their membership drive this week so they were at every mass this past weekend at St Mary’s.  They have a lot of other things going on as well I think.  HE says that Liz was still sleeping and was exhausted.

The kids are all fine.  Lisa and Olga have been posting really cute pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes.  I will try and get copies for you all later.  I think we may see all of them some time over the holidays.

I see that Bob’s kids are all busy (well haven’t heard or seen John on Facebook lately) but they are.  I am sure we will see them at the holidays at least the east coast side.  I am still feeling guilty for not calling Ethel or even stopping by.  I probably could do it tonight on the way home.  

I don’t know if I mentioned I heard from Dr. Telka a couple of days ago.  We are baking the pies for Pie in the sky on Saturday November 23 at her house and we have made our goal of pies but we are supposed to be making about 20.  She asked that all three women be there for the activity.  I have no idea how many of the girls will show up.  We usually have a good crowd for this particular activity.  

The DTC is preparing for the final push for the Election.  I am not sure but I don’t know if we have a lot of people helping out or not.  I have a feeling there is a complacency amongst the committee members that we will win anyway.  Some feel we still need to work hard.  I still have to finish Thursday’s minutes and I think I can do that once I am home for the night.

Well I have about an hour and half to finish this so I am going to go...Have a wonderful afternoon...


Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Friends

October 28, 2013

Dear Friends:

Hey how are you all?  I hope the last half of your weekend was great.  Mine turned out okay but the morning and mid afternoon was a bit stressful.  While at bingo I had to fill a delightful incident report out when I saw Bernie’s foot bleeding. 

We had to use the second floor dining room yesterday because there was an event going on in the main dining room w/extra tables from the recreation room.  It was hot, crowded and when Bernie was moving his chair his shoe came off.  So I had to fill it out.  The nurse there was giving me an attitude.

When I got I had lunch and then Mom and I got into it as the time approached to leave for the play at Parson’s.  We snapped at each other (she thought I was mumbling under my breath and I was but not being nasty).  It was tense on the way there but once we were with the others and saw the play it was fine.

What was the play you ask?  It was Laurelton Hall’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Yes there were boys in the cast and they all did a superb job.  For some (the seniors) it was the last play for them.  They honored the director and the Teachers it was held at the Parson’s Complex in town.  The School is trying to also raise funds for their Visual Arts center that’s on the grounds.  When my sister Liz attended it probably was a run down barn today its being renovated or planned on being renovated. 

The play ended around 4 and we headed home.  We stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up milk and some ice cream.  We had dinner and the rest of the night I did some laundry (ended up leaving it in the dryer until morning).  I spent time watching TV and then headed to bed.

My Monday was a little stressful too. I was having problems with the lamp shade being intertwined with the funny light bulb and the bulb ended up breaking.  I cleaned it up as much as I could expect to clean it when I got home but happily Olivia cleaned my room.

I had a lot of mail and some of it was campus mail that I sent out that was returned to me with no real reason for them being returned.  It was rally irritating me and by then I was getting a headache.  At some point the headache seem to dissipate until I left to go home.  The rest of the day was fine.  I managed to get the mail done and get a lot of the re-address done.

When I got home Neighbor Don was coming to our house to help Mom with the some tape machine.  They were hearing Kristina’s voice and exactly what the problem was not sure.  I let them take care of it.  I came upstairs and relaxed

I also checked my room and found it had been cleaned.  The desk is still in disarray and so was the dresser but I will fix them (some day). 

Mom’s stomach was giving her problems today and all she had to eat was cereal.  She spent the day running some errands, getting blood work done and I think that’s about it.  Now she is watching TV.  She made my dinner for me.   So everything seems to be okay otherwise.

I heard from James last night.  He says it’s gotten colder there but its been nice.  He had a whole lot of tests last week and feels he did okay (do any guys really say if they did great?) He is hoping they come up for Thanksgiving this year so that will be the time they see us.  I haven’t heard from the girls (don’t really expect to either).

I really should be finishing up the minutes from Thursday’s 4th District meeting but I don’t want to yet.  It’s been a long day and I want to relax.

Apparently a number of people took a “quiz” on Facebook and if you got it wrong you had to change your profile picture to a giraffe.  You should see the variety of choices all my friends have made.

Well there are a couple of emails I need to answer (the livingwells2 “how was your weekend” and the Journal writing check in roll call post).  I missed those last night. I have to be sure I set up documents for these for next month.  I am already setting next month’s folder up.

I have to admit it was beautiful day today.  It was a bit breezy but still nice.  The rest of the week is supposed to partly to mostly cloudy and maybe some rain for Halloween night.  There is a frost advisory for Milford tonight and probably for the rest of the week.  I need to pull out more coats if it is going to get colder.

Well that's it from here I hope all of you are well.  For all my UK friends, followers and readers my thoughts and prayers are with you as you ride out this storm, I have a long memory as this is the year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy last year.

Good Night.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Deara Friends

October 27, 2013

Dear Friends

Good Morning it is a bright and sunny day outside.  I have no idea what the temperatures are yet.  Something is up with I had to re  apply and it won’t for some reason connect with Facebook.  I may just go  with weather  Anyway it looks like it will be sunny all day and its in 40’s now. 

I am going to have to get ready for my day shortly.  This morning I have bingo and church and then come back here and  meet up with Mom and then we will go to show.  I am really looking forward to this. 

I may even throw in some laundry while we are gone.  At least get that started and then finish it when I get back.

Okay have a great day

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dear Friends

October 26, 2013

Dear Friends:

Well as promised here is my post dinner check in.  We had a great time.  Mike & Roberta picked me up a little after 5 and we headed  to the North Haven Red Lobster on Universal Drive.  We had to wait a bit but that was fine.  We were seated and I feel waited on very well.

We started off with cheddar biscuits I think.  We ordered our salads and then our meals. I had Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp with broccoli and mashed potatoes.  Mike had stuffed scrod with baked potato and Roberta had breaded tilapia.  We didn’t have dessert there we went to Friendly’s for ice cream.

We had a good time as we laughed and talked about a lot of things including “politics”.  We didn’t get in deep but it was about who hired the website company for the affordable Healthcare site.  We also discussed local government stuff as well.  We then talked about Mike and Roberta’s future in CT.  Their plans to move to North Carolina are still in formulation plans but they have to wait four years when Mike’s Contract with the Credit Union is up. 

They were very interested in learning about Mom’s Justice of the Peace.  So when we got home I had Mom tell them how it all started and what the procedure was to get started.  I think Mike is interested in doing that when he retires. 

We also showed them the parting gifts from Bridges that Mom got last week.  They loved them.  After that they left and I have been watching TV.

Mostly Horror movies and Halloween themed stories are on.  Okay so is the X-Men trilogy and the Lord of the Rings.  I am getting kind of tired so I am not really interested in watching.

I found out the concert we are going to see is the Laurelton Hall performance of Jesus Christ Superstar and Chris and the kids are going to be there.  Liz replied to my email but I also knew she must have called to plan with Mom.  So we are meeting at 1:30 at Parson’s.  So I will come home and freshen up from the morning activities and will go with Mom back into town to the Parson’s complex.  I haven’t seen this in so long but I remember seeing it else where and loved it.  The music was always cool.

Well its getting late and my hands are getting tired and achy again. 

Have a great night!!!!

Love ya…

Dear Friends

October 26, 2013

Dear Friends:

    Just taking sometime to check in while getting ready for the jaunt to Red Lobster.   I called Roberta to confirm the time of meeting and we agreed (or I chose) on 5 pm.  So I have been really multi tasking on things. 

I have been moving emails, writing my weekly emails to the kids in NJ/PA.  I had a hard time with Jamie’s.  It bounced back to me and I don’t understand why.  It is the new one he gave me.  Unless his account is full (which I doubt) because mine never is and I use Google mail as well.  I have still to write Emily but I can do it later.

I had the TV on a few times during the afternoon and noticed the heavy horror movies on this week.  I am sensing a theme here.  Yeah I know it’s the last weekend before Halloween.  I was talking to a few people today about a few things and we talked about celebrating Halloween.  One who is a teacher says they don’t actually celebrate in her school for fear of offending people.  I had asked if Southington has parties more than the trick or treating and she tells me not really.

Mom came home for a short time in between her JP gigs.  She said the first one went very well and she felt good about it.  She had something to eat and freshened up for the second one.  She was hoping to go to the 4 pm mass after the second wedding.  We were not sure if she would be home in time before I went to dinner.

I took a look at the menu for Red Lobster and I am getting the idea that isn’t that many choices for food there (I am aware that is mostly seafood but) .  Does anyone else think that?  Well I will find out for myself and I will give my full rport when I get back.

I am thinking am going to have to do my laundry later on tonight when I get home because I won’t have time to do it tomorrow afternoon.  I am not sure how long the concert is.  I just hope I didn’t speak out of turn or whatever but I also think we should spend time together as family.

Okay well its time for me to finish getting ready…See you all later…


Dear Friends

October 25, 2013

Dear Friends:

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  I kept ignoring the alarm and the subsequent snooze button ringing.  When I finally did get up I managed to read some emails, watch TV and iron the clothes I wore to work..  I left before 7:30 and had little to no problem with traffic. except for the sun glare in the morning.

I spent the first part of the morning  doing re-address mail and when Lockbox came I worked on that. until the next round.  The volume seemed light to me and it was light yesterday but making sure I catch up on stuff is what made it seem a lot.

I heard from Nancy this morning.  She was hoping I could watch the dogs for the night as she and Patrick were invited to dinner out of town..  I explained to her I had previous commitment..  I felt bad for her.   I hope she got someone.

We had our wings and cake for Regina’s Birthday today.  Amongst their moving to new desks.  It apparently was a bit stressful as they also had to work I would imagine.

WEll I have to get going.  I will try and chat with you before going to bed after the retirement party.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear Friends

October 24, 2013

Dear Friends:

The last two days have been cold and I have been putting off getting the heavier coats out and that’s what I did today.  I got out one of my fleece coats.  The one Brother Bob got me years ago.  We turned the heat way up in the last two days.  

Its been hectic workwise.  I have had a lot to do in the last two days and happily got it all done but it seemed to take for ever.  I was able to work on re-address mail a lot today.   There is staff being moved around tomorrow.  I am not sure what is behind the move but I am not sure its good.  There is a labor problem going on in another department.  The sleep clinics are all closing and letting union people go  and then re-opening them under the Hospital and hiring others.  A petition went around yesterday and I am pretty sure many signed it.

Getting to the Dentist was a bit stressful.  I should know better than to go near the Truck Stop by Woodmont Road.  It was horrible.  I was late getting there and of course late getting started.  By the time I got out of there it was 6:30.  Mom had dinner waiting for me.  I also have three cavities that need to be filled next month or so.

We had stuffed peppers and cauliflower and sweet potatoes for dinner last night and it was delicious.  Tonight it was whatever we wanted.  Mom had a late lunch with the Knitwits and I wasn’t really hungry.

When I got home I got the minutes written up and MOm was annoyed so I made a promise to have tonight’s minutes done before going to bed but I am not really feeling great and I took some Alka Seltzer Plus cold medicine.

The meeting started late (it usually does) we had a small group tonight.  Some of the regular attendees didn’t make it because they were not feeling well and we were surprised to see some others who have been missing.  AT one point the meeting was really getting a little long in the tooth for me.  We still have to figure out if we are meeting next month or not (its close to the Thanksgiving holiday).

Tomorrow is a food day.  We are having a birthday lunch for a co-worker (Regina) during the moving session and tomorrow night is the retirement dinner for Denise’s Mom.  I have the suit ready.  Well pretty much ready.

Okay I need to get to bed.  I will see you in the morning.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dear Friends

October 22, 2013

Dear Friends

Well I managed to get out of the house on time and get some exercise in at the same time.  I got up and did what I had to get ready and napped for a few minutes.  I finished my nap on the bus until I got off the bus.  

I ran into a couple of Co-workers and waked with Denise to get coffee and we went up to the office together.  She was telling me latest on the preparations for her Mom’s retirement party at the end of the week and she had realized she had forgotten to include her mother in the head count.

I spent most of the day working on the high volume of the mail.  I wasn’t able to finish all of the lockbox because that was the heaviest.   I did manage to get some re-address mail done but that is about it.

At one point the weather got really dark and we thought it was going to pour.  My ankle started to hurt and I was limping for most of it.  My ankles and hands hurt a little as i write this.  I am not taking the plaquenil tonight because I want to show the pharmacist short changed me by 30 pills.   They said they would fix it at my convenience.  So tomorrow on the way home from the dentist that’s what I am doing.

JanetN was nice enough to give me a lift to the garage so I could pick up my car.  The car is completely ready for the winter now I have to get it to emissions and get it tested and then registered by next month.

It was just after 4:30 when I got home.  Mom was eating some broccoli chowder she picked up from Trader Joe’s and was going out with Liz to a lecture that was being held at one of the Middle schools.  We each did our own thing for a while until I got ready for my dinner with Dave.

I met Dave at the Pops Restaurant.  We ran into Rose’s Mom while there.  We chatted with her for a bit and then we continued to catch up.  Dave told me about his family problems (apparently his BIL was a dirtbag for a long time) and I told him about the things going on with us.  Then we hit the subject of the email he sent about President Obama.  He told me Jim showed it to him originally.  I wasn’t going to say anything at all about it but I told him he really needs to think before he does or says things.   Our meals were simple.  He had a chicken Gyro and I had pancakes. We left around 8 because well I knew I would be missing the first act of NCIS.

Mom came home around 9.  She enjoyed the lecture and heard most of it where she was sitting.  While I finished watching the show she got into her pajamas and then came down for tea and I came upstairs and surfed the net.  Now that it is almost 11:30 I am going to bed.  I am so tired.  I had decaf tea while at the restaurant so hopefully it won’t keep me up all night.

Have a great night.

Dear Friends

October 21, 2013

Dear Friends:

I really need to get to bed.  I am getting tired but can’t sleep (I am thinking it was the root beer tonight).  I have to be up early (at least that’s what I think) to make sure I get ready for the bus I am taking to work.    I probably could take the bus to the train station and then from there go into New Haven.  I just don’t know.

I am currently having some caffeine free peppermint tea.  I hope it allows me to sleep.  I doubt it but I am still hoping it will.

Mom is in bed already.  She went just before 11.  I asked her if she was doing anything tomorrow and she doesn’t think so.  I hope it will be a fairly quiet day for her after all that she did today.  For most of us working on a report all day and getting ready for an emotionally charged annual meeting is not bad  then may be it is.

Well good night everyone…

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Friends

October 21, 2013

Dear Friends:

Happy Monday!  Today was a busy day.  After work I had some running around to do.  I dropped the car off at the garage to get service tomorrow and then I drove Mom to the Yacht Club for the meeting and then I went to the Pizza Party.  

I had a headache most of the day.  I took the Tylenol late in the day and it was gone by the time I got home.  I haven’t noticed it returning yet.  

Mama Terry brought in Neopolitan Oreo Cookies today and oh are they good.  I didn’t know they have been around since early 2011.  I don’t think even Roberta knows about them...:) I must look into where I can get it.  So far Walmart’s and Amazon.

I left a few minutes before 4 and was on my way to the garage by 4:30 and home 5 minutes later.  Mom was getting ready and she looked beautiful.  We left shortly after 5.  The drive there was precarious for both of us because the sun setting and glaring off the window.  When we got there I was introduced to the incoming Chairwoman.  AFter that I left and headed home.  The drive home wasn’t too bad because I had the sun at my back.

I had some time before getting ready to go to HQ and snacked on Toast and watched NCIS.  I am kind of surprised it is still on as I write this (but not disappointed).  I also did a quick ironing job on the suit I was changing into for this thing.  I really didn’t  want to be there long.  I still have things to do for the 4th District.  I ended up staying until 8:30.  Congresswoman DeLauro came and mingled with us and asked for Mom.  She spoke about the importance of being a democrat and everything that has happened.   Mom was mentioned by Charlie M being honored for her work as Chairman of the board.  

Mom was just getting home when I arrived.  Charlie was right she received some wonderful gifts in honor of her time as chairman.  A handmaid Clock, and a waterford Crystal shamrock.  The artist who made the clock is going to come by and find a spot for us.

Now that I am home I am going to have some herbal tea and go to sleep.  

Did anyone see that beautiful moon tonight it was huge! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dear Friends

October 20, 2013

Dear Friends:

Well it is after 9:30 and I am heading to bed.  I haven’t been all that productive tonight.    I spent the time watching TV, eating a dish of ice cream and folding clothes from the dryer.  I saw the Downton Abby Special on PBS tonight as recapping and  then previews for the 4th Season.  I am sure We will be watching it when it airs in January .

Mom made stew for dinner tonight.  It was slightly delayed because we got a call from a cousin of ours.  He lives in Ansonia I think.  He lost his Mom and brother within a few years of each other. 

Mom is still working on her report/speech for tomorrow.  As I suspected I will be taking her to the meeting.  I will then come back here and get ready for a “pizza party at Democratic Headquarters where we will be with Congresswoman DeLauro.   She is very special.

Well I am going to get going and crash.  Have a great Sunday….


Dear Friends

October 20, 2013

Dear Friends:

Happy Sunday!  I Hope you are all well.  I am just taking a few minutes before I start my afternoon “chores” and projects. 

I had a great time last night at the Mexican Train Game despite some of the discussions were not to my taste.   Partially I don’t know enough of the politics to debate (and personally do not like debates).   But I don’t like the dissing of the President.  We had a birthday party for the newest member of the team and there certainly was a lot of fun. 

We ordered from Oregano Joe’s in Milford for our dinner.  It was good.  We all had something different.  We then had cake for the birthday girl.

We were finished by 9 and by 10 I was home.  Mom had been sleeping in the back.  She did a lot of house cleaning while I was out.

This afternoon I am doing laundry working on the minutes and getting ready for the week ahead.  I do have a little headache but will do something for that shortly.

Mom is working on her speech for the Bridge’s Meeting tomorrow night.  Its going to be at the Yacht club (oh be still my heart).  I think I am taking her and she is getting a ride home.

I did talk to Liz today before coming home.  I wasn’t able to see her because she was on her way out to run errands and spend time with Jason.  However, I expressed my concern about his being unhappy and she of course noticed it and is working on helping him.  She is spending time with him and I even offered to do that as well.

Well its time for me to check on the laundry…


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dear Friends

October 19, 2013

Dear Friends:

    I had some time before going off to the Mexican Train game and thought I would check in and let you know how it went at the bank this morning.

It went really well and seemed to take no time at all.  We went inside the area with one of he managers he got the cards and such and got the box and Mom and I looked through it and kept was there in it.  Then we had to fill out some paperwork and then we were done.  I had to make sure Mom heard stuff so it went really well.  We  all have to be there to add Jim’s and Liz’s name to as well.

Our next stop was my own bank for money for the week.  After that we went to our friend Susan Shaw’s Bookstore Collected Stories to buy some books for Jason and Audrey.  Susan wasn’t there but on the campaign trail around the 4th District but her husband was and he suggested we come back Monday.  We made one more stop after that.

Before coming home we stopped at Treats Farm. We picked up some fresh vegetables and Mom had to do some financial stuff with them (not really sure but it was irritating when she didn’t have the right information).  Mary understood none the less.

I heard from James this morning he is doing great.  He is getting very good grades (this is not surprising) and he is just having fun. He tells me he has had little to no problems.   I am not sure if he thought about the other questions I asked but they don’t have to be answered right now.   He is hoping to see us some time soon.

I heard from Jim K in New Britain.  Apparently Mr. David got a hold of Jim’s phone and sent a joke about President Obama to me.  I didn’t get bent out of shape but Jim felt awful.  Dave can be really stupid and ignorant and always points the finger at everyone else for why he does things one reason or another.  Dave is now 50 freaking years old and needs to start growing up.  He has always pushed buttons and its getting quite tiresome.  I can’t begin to tell you the things he says.  I suspect the next time I see him he will shirk responsibility of it.

Well its time for me to take off.  Have a great afternoon…

Love ya,


Dear Friends

October  19, 2013

Dear Friends;

Well here it is  Saturday Morning and I here I sit trying to empty out my email boxes.  Mom is downstairs reading the paper that apparently came later then usual.  I actually got up after her. 

My letter to James has not gone yet and I am a bit peeved.  I have sent it three times but it just isn’t leaving the outbox.  He is going to have it three times.  I guess I tried the “don’t send it before “ option and it didn’t work for some reason.  It worked last week!

It is amazing I have had computers for years and should understand them but I don’t.  I always panic when things go wrong or it dies.  That’s when I call up my Guru next door.  One day he won’t be there anymore.   Maybe its time I go to computer classes or something.  It s also the reason I try and have a computer blog because then I can see what is going on and if something does go wrong I can have access it to it.

Well enough of that for now.  Mom and I are getting ready to go to the bank and I have to sign papers for access to the Safe Deposit box.  I am thinking maybe its also time for me to read the will she has copied for me as well.

I had a rather unsettling moment before going to bed last night.  I  found Mom in the chair with her mouth open and her eyes half open.  I realize she was asleep but I had to make sure.

The weather is supposed to be in the high sixties and later on getting cloudy and windy.  That’s okay because this afternoon is going to be the Mexican Train game.

Well it sounds like Mom is almost done with her shower so I am going to close out. 

Have a wonderful day…


Friday, October 18, 2013

Dear Friends

October 18, 2013

Dear Friends:

Well It’s Friday!  I hope yours was everything you desired.  I had a pretty good day.  I slept an extra half hour but managed to get out of the house a little after 7:30.  Traffic was “the new normal”.

Work was ok.  We had AC on when we arrived.  Everyone was busy with their work and the atmosphere was much more relaxed and quiet. The United way Campaign kickoff is this week and there are signs all over the floors inviting us to contribute to UA and have the chance to wear Jeans three days next month.  We have a birthday luncheon coming up next week too.

Sadly a co-worker lost her father and there is now a collection going around until next week.  It made me cry.  I think this person lost her mother only a short time ago.

I talked with Mom this morning she told me she was taking back the new toaster she had bought yesterday.  It is too big for the space we will have it in so she is probably going to find a smaller one as well.  The rest of her day she has odds and ends to do.  She does want us to go to the bank soon (probably tomorrow) and put my name on the Safety deposit box.

I called Liz.  I think I called her more times this week than usual.  Nelson says her bronchitis is returning and she hasn’t been feeling good.   I want to know if Luca got his birthday card for this week.  I left it with them in the hopes they would be there but if they weren’t then I want to mail it to them.

I had my suspicions somewhat confirmed about Jason.  As Nelson said to me he is torn between two families.  That’s hard for a 9 year old.  He wants to be with his Dad and his Mom...
Well its time for me to close out.  I will chat with you later.


Not doing very much this morning