Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dear Friends

November 30, 2013

Dear Friends;

    Good Morning on this the last day of November 2013.  It was quite a busy month with work, the election, birthdays, volunteering, pie making, and the holidays.  Of course the whole event earlier this week was a bit much as well.  Now all that’s left is to prepare for the next holiday. 

    Jim and the kids left just after 9:30 for home.  The kids have the second of Thanksgiving dinners with their mother and their side of the family.  I know this because  James was kind enough to remind his father at Thanksgiving dinner.  Some times I get the impression they are doing this only out of obligation.  When they were not with their cousins they had their faces stuck on their  I-phones or the TV.

    I have resolved not to put up with Jim’s idiocy anymore.  I will one day turn around and tell him either he cuts the crap he has pulled here or he can go to a hotel.   He is far too critical of me these days and I an tired of it.

    For now I am going to do laundry that I haven’t done in a couple of days.   This will probably take me the entire day (I am hoping) and it looks like Mom is napping. 

Dear Friends

November 29, 2013

Dear Friends:

I wanted to start off with an apology for yesterday.  I was totally stressed out and aggravated by things that some were under my control and some not so much.   I think I rambled so much last night it was not making any sense.

The house started stirring around 9:30.  Mom was just getting her meds when I came down.  A short time later Jim came and he was his lovely self.  Made a comment about me being thrown together (still in my pajamas and bathrobe mind you).  He is really annoying me and I don’t like it. 

We had gotten a call from my cousins who wanted to come by for a visit.  I explained that they were all visiting in west haven with their brother Chris and his wife.

So we got ready and then Mom and Jim were talking about having breakfast. Jim got sharp and I said something and he did too.  I walked away.  I told him he has been obnoxious since he came in.  I came up here and cried and we got together when my cousins arrived.

I did apologize to Mom but as I write this I shouldn’t have to.  He either chastised me for one thing or another.  I am tired of it.  She agreed that he is a pain the ass but now was the time to let it go.

After the Cousins left Jim and the kids went out for a couple of hours and Mom and I had lunch and hung out.  It was nearly two when they got back and we didn’t do much until Ethel and her kids came over.

We went to see Hunger Games and you can see us above.  All I can say is now I know why I don’t get many pictures taken of me with family.

The movie was about 190 minutes.  The visual effects were great and all but the story was lost on me because I didn’t see the first movie and neither did I read the books.
I wrote a quick letter to Kristina and now I am going to bed…

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dear Friends

November 28, 2013

Dear Friends:

It is Thanksgiving Morning.  The sun is shining and it is supposed to be 29 degrees.  I haven’t been outside yet but I am sure Mom has.  She has been up a while now and is about to prepare to cook the turkey.

I asked her if she did see the second or the two emails Sylvia sent and she said knew Sylvia was right.   She did ask me to print them out so I obliged.   I guess she had sent an email of apology to her last night.

Jim and the kids should be here by Noon today at least I have to find out from Mom.  We are not eating until 4 so that’s okay.  Mom says that Rich will be bring the Apple juice and we have Cranberry-Raspberry Juice.  I think I am going to stick with water.

Mom is beginning to get  agitated and agitating to me.  Yeah I know it’s a holiday and its all that but you don’t make others that way.  She is having me do things (like ironing the napkins) but to tell me she doesn’t want me on the computer or the TV is wrong.

Mike and Tessa came bearing gifts of Macaroon muffins from Scratch Bakery.  They were unable to join us as they had things to do before leaving for California in the morning.

Mom and I did more preparing and I am still struggling with logistics for the main table.    Chris came over in between shifts and checked on stuff and soon after Jim and the kids arrived.    Chris and Jim talked for a bit and then Chris took off and Mom and I continued with some help from the kids.   They spent time texting and reading and watching Harry potter marathon.

Rich was the second to arrive and then Karen and her husband Frank.  They were great.  Well she was a tad bossy about the food but that’s okay.  Then Ethel and her brood.  I swear Ethel is stupid sometimes.

Jim was being a complete ass.  He would chastise me for yelling from room to room at Mom which I wasn’t and I wasn’t the only one.  I am sick and tired of his coming here and criticizing things about what goes on here.  I am expecting him to discuss  what I did or didn’t do wrong and I just don’t want to.

I know I don’t have patience with Mom. I know this but some of the stuff was just plain stupid.  We had a conversation about putting out the shrimp on the coffee table instead of the main table.  Half hour later Mom says we decided to have it on the dinner table.  The kids confirmed we decided the coffee table.

Mom nearly fell on ice cube I just was bout to pick up.  I tried to stop her but I had to grab her from falling.

I swear I am not doing this next year.  WE are not going through this.  I am tired of doing this shit.

WE did get to video chat with Kristina.  She looked great.  However, they didn’t have to do it while we were eating.

Yeah no I didn’t enjoy this really.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Friends

November 27., 2013

Dear Friends:

    Had a pretty good morning despite not getting out of bed until 6:40.  I managed to get showered and dressed and out the door before 7:30.  The ride in was great for a third day in a row. It was surprisingly warm for what was predicted.  

I talked with Mom early this morning.  She was reminding me about the bag of ice we need for tomorrow (thank goodness she did)..  She was also asking me for a bed roll.  I don’t have that in my room.  We didn’t stay on long as she hadn’t had her coffee yet.

Work went well.  I managed to get my run to the mailroom with no problems. I ran into some old friends I haven’t seen in awhile.  IT was fairly quiet for the day as many took today off.  We also said our final goodbye to Mary C who starts her retirement today.  I finished opening the mail from yesterday as well as today The second leg of the mail was not too bad either.  As the third and final one.  I was hoping to get a lot of the re-address mail done today but that was not the case.  I am expecting a lot of mail for Monday since “we” won’t be here on Friday.

I received some interesting news today.  There have been some personnel changes for my favorite GArgoyle. She is now sitting in AR in her original desk when we first arrived at the floor back in the late 90’s.  Some of us are relieved as she isn’t the “face” of our department.  She is rather loud and obnoxious and basically rude and unprofessional.  I have had many dealings with her and mostly unpleasant.

There is going to be a new AA for the Ex Director and hopefully someone whom we can get along with.  Who would be better to represent us to the public and the rest of the Med School.

After work Ann and I headed to our cars.  We didn’t chat long as it had gotten colder and it was raining hard.  Traffic again was as expected slow and precarious in some areas.  It was nearly 4:30 when I got to milford and to the store to pick up the ice.

It didn't take long and a few minutes I was home.  MOm was just clearing up the kitchen and putting away some of the prepared vegetables for tomorrow’s dinner.  I relaxed a while until Mom had to get ready for the wedding at City Hall.

WE got there at 6.  The wedding party followed a short time later.  They were already celebrating in the street.  We were going to stand out on the Foyer of the city hall but the janitor let us in and used the big room instead.  Mom made some mistakes.  She didn’t have the vows right and she said she only got one of the emails from Sylvia..  I just checked and she got both of them.  I don’t know if she saw that when she got home but she told them she would change It  She felt terrible but my feeling is (and if you are going to ask me to come along for whatever reason I can say it) you need to be prepared and not embarrass yourself.   I also think she should have declined because she was already exhausted from the holiday preparations..  Luckily we were home by 6:30.  They will be sending payment.

i was looking at requirements of being a Justice of the Peace and came across this very long manual for Connecticut.  Why is it that you want something simple and straightforward its complicated?

When we got home we decided we would get Subway.  MOm got a ham and cheese and the new steak subway sandwich..  It was delicious.  We both had the six inch and it was satisfying.  We watched TV and now she is already in bed.    I will be going there soon.

The only things left to do for the dinner tomorrow is the cooking and the turkey’s are going in at 10.  The tables will be set someone time between 12 and 4.  Mom still has to decide where everyone is going to sit.  

Oh and we have to deal with an obstacle course in the road.  There are two massive piles of dirt on either side of the street.  it makes it hard to maneuver.  I don’t understand why they decided to do that this week.

Well I think I am going to bed too.  i am pretty tired as well.  I am probably going to get up early but I would prefer to sleep in tomorrow.

Dear Friends

November 27, 2013

Dear Friends:

    It is after midnight and I have been up for a short time.  I actually got some sleep  but I will be getting more shortly.  I have been reading some of my F-list Blogs such  as Mictoria’s.  I hadn’t had any updates for some reason but come to find out she has been a busy bee lately.

    With all the excitement of the gunman at the University this week I totally missed the sewer project activity going on here.  I am afraid I don’t have pictures to post but here goes.  Everything around the Pump station is cleared out.  The  pump station as I mentioned is all been updated to look like a house but the fence and equipment around has been taken away. 

The Trailer that has been at the end of the street since March has been taken away and the ground around it has been smoothed over.  The street as I mentioned earlier that had been dug up recently is almost back to normal. 

The asphalt paving should be done within the next two weeks so our street will be normal again until the houses get hooked up to the sewer lines.  I have no idea when that will be done and I didn’t ask Mom because she has been busy with  the  Thanksgiving preparations.

We still have rain.  According to the weather page we should be getting some thunder storms.  I haven’t heard anything except maybe the wind and the heavy rain.

    Well I have a cup of tea cooling on my dresser so I better go drink it and get back into bed.  I am going to be getting up  in about four  and getting out before 7 I hope.  I seriously entertained the thought of using the train yesterday but I cut it too close.  Maybe next week.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dear Friends

November 26, 2013

Dear Friends:

It is a cold and cloudy morning and it is supposed to get worse as the day goes on.  Rain is expected mid to late day and it is supposed to be heavy.  I am prepared to take home the boots that have been here since last winter.  (ewww).

I got up around 5 and started picking up stuff and straightening up and making the bed this morning before getting ready for work.  Olivia was supposed to come around 8 this morning.  She apparently did change the sheets on my bed.  I am not really happy with that because they were just changed Sunday and they were the fleece for warmth.  Oh Well its cleaned that’s all that’s important.

Work was busy had lots of lockbox still have to finish opening it tomorrow.  The second wind and the final round were light.  I managed to get it delivered late this afternoon.  I had the opportunity to serenade two people for their birthdays today.  The first one was to Susan and a belated one to Kent in Collections.  They were pleased.    I usually do pretty good with those despite my singing ability lacking.

There were some discussions regarding the events of yesterday most of them I was involved with.  I was saying I hope they find who ever perpetrated this hoax and charge him with Domestic Terrorism and we should hang em.

I had my session with Debra today.  It had dawned on me while walking to her office I had not thought of calling to see if she was okay yesterday.  Her office is right next to the Starbucks that was closed  and the staff in the cellar.  WE managed to talk about the past week and she was pleased I had a good week.  

We did touch on the subject of when Mom passes.  It is something I have been thinking of quite a lot lately and since the last time we had the conversation.  I know this a bit premature but for me its important.  Anyway she will be around for the funeral service but in the background.  She wants me to be able to grieve and if it gets to be overwhelming she will just give me a sign or something to help me through.  

After the session I came back to the office and picked up my lunch I had ordered earlier this morning.  It was steak quesadilla.   It was large and delicious.  I had offered some to Mama Joanie but she declined.    She wasn’t feeling all that great and she was anxious for the day to pass so that she could go home.   

For the first time in a long time I had kept the girls waiting.  Actually Mary wasn’t ready yet  but I was having a hard time putting those damn boots on.  I have a feeling I am going to have to get another pair again.  It was raining when we left.  We chatted for a very short time and when we got to the cars and then we went our separate ways.

The ride home was long.  There seemed to be a lot of traffic leaving the city and getting on the highways.  I didn’t get home until after 5.  Mom was munching on some fruit when I got in.

I expected to see her in her pajamas already after our conversation this afternoon.  She had just gotten in from shopping and was about to take a nap.  Yes I said a nap.  She hadn’t slept well last night.    I remember a few holidays in recent years she had some bug and ended up staying in bed.  I think i had to go to either of my siblings house on my own.  She is making more pie crusts as i write this.    I don’t know what else she is doing but I did check to see if she wanted or needed anything and she said no.

I haven’t done much except watch TV and napped.  I am actually going to crash again as I am tired still.    Even though I tried to get to bed early I was still up fairly late.  

Tomorrow I expect to be very busy I have to pick up the paychecks from the mailroom and finish the mail.  I have to call to see when they will be ready.  A number of people are urging me to get a ride over because the weather is supposed to be bad.  I don’t think its necessary.

Liz called tonight.  it would seem she has the flu and bronchitis again.  She may or may not be able to come for Thursday.  She seemed okay when I spoke to her yesterday but she is susceptible to these quite easily.    I think MOm is a little disappointed but  she is also worried about it.

Okay well I think i will crash.  If you are traveling tomorrow safe journey’s and have a great Holiday if I don’t see you on Thursday I will be around Friday throughout the day.  Still not sure what we have planned for the family for the weekend.  All I know is James may have to be back at school by Sunday afternoon sometime.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Friends

November 25, 2013

Dear Friends:

Man was it cold this morning!   It was 17 degrees out and 22 in New Haven.  There was frost on the car and it took a real long time to get it off.  I couldn’t see anything getting off the street.  It was unsettling.    I actually have to get some more of that de-icer stuff.

The rest of the ride was uneventful there were no long delays (or that matter short ones).  When I got to my spot I saw Ann and asked her for help.  I had the two pies to deliver and I wasn’t coordinated enough. with the bags to get them safely to their destination.  Did I mention it was cold out?

Ann had gone to the Yale VS Harvard game on Saturday and was disappointed they lost-again.  They had to walk through the Tailgating section and was not happy.  People were too rowdy for her.  I told her that neighbor Dolan’s went to the tailgate game and had fun.  Personally I don’t see the point of going to the game and not watching it.  If I wanted to party and so forth I would do it in the comfort of my own home (providing the furnace worked).

When I got here Mama Joanie was in a frazzled state.  She did something to the computer she couldn’t fix and had to wait for the guys to come in.  I think at this writing it is fixed but she doesn’t look excited.  This weekend she helped her daughter with shopping and stuff.  Joanie was so tired and achy by the time she got home she didn’t do very much.  Her daughter continues to get better each day (she really wrenched her back out a couple of weekends ago).

The lockbox volume was light enough to allow me to work on re-address mail while waiting for the second leg of the day.  It was a normal monday as well.  As was the third and final Mail from the lobby.

I talked with Mom she was fine  SHe slept well and was eager to get working on all that she needed to do for Thursday.. AT first I didn’t want to call her back to tell her the entire campus was put on lockdown but I did just in case.

At about 10:50 am this morning this alert came into our inbox...  The streets mentioned in this alert are about 1  to two miles from my office. It has been on WTNH already.  I know Mom won’t be worried she has too much else to worry about.   

Liz called me to see if I was okay.  She was here when it went down.  We talked for about half hour about health, Mom, the holiday and I didn’t mention the guest list as requested by Mom.

By the time i left most of the Shelter in place lock down was lifted for most of the Campus until Old Campus.  I haven’t heard anything more since then.  I expect network news and national news to be carrying it soon.

I went to Dr. Lu after work.  Iron numbers are low so in two weeks he will check it and then decide if I should get more iron infusion.

Mom was cooking dinner when I got back from the Doctor.   She was doing some holiday baking as well and it all was taking longer than she hoped..  I spent time surfing the net and watching TV.

I am going to crash...I am a little achy this evening.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dear Friends

November 24, 2013

Dear Friends:

    Our furnace stopped working late this afternoon.  Mom noticed how cold it got after I came home from going to the store for a few things.  We  didn’t think anything of it except find an electric heater for the back room.  We couldn’t find it.  Mom  decided to check the  furnace.  Happily the repairman is here to  repair it.  I can hear Mom talking to someone.  I guess the computer board on the furnace burned out. 

Apparently Mom told T M and she  made arrangements for another DTC member come over with a room heater.   He just arrived and probably just left.  It was really very nice of her to do this.  TM just called us to for an update. 

I am almost done with the laundry.  I really don’t want to do anymore right now but I won’t be  able to do any while the family is here.  I might finish it tomorrow night if at all possible.

I finished the letters to the kids and they have been sent out.  I have other letters I need to answer as well.  I don’t know if I can stay up for it.   I may just hop into bed under the covers.  I have the fleece sheets on tonight.

There are  lot of great holiday movies on (and as I suspected t he Caribbean movies were on.  At least one of them was).  The Wizard of Oz will be on  and a few other regular holiday movies.

Well it sounds like the repair guy is leaving.  I better go see what the damage is. 

See ya tomorrow.

Dear Friends

November 24, 2013

Dear Friends:

Well it’s a beautiful windy Sunday.  Yeah I said beautiful even though its windy.  I am probably going to have to get my heavy coat out and wear it now.  Mardi wrote in her blog that they got snow late in the day around her place.  I found out at Bingo this morning we also had a light dusting of snow as well.     It will be a different story by mid-week.  We are supposed to get a bad storm for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Bingo went well.  I found out the Recreation staff all no longer can use Natalie’s office as their office.  They have been relegated to the storage closet and a shelf.  I think this about the most ridiculous situation ever.  I happen to like the Recreation Director but this is just too out there.

It was too late for me to go to church when I finished so I came home.  Mom was up in her office when I got here.  She says she is still very tired and she is having a hard time getting moving and has lots to do.  I told her I would help with anything she needs.  While I was waiting I  threw some laundry in and changing the bed sheets.

Jim called early in the afternoon and they had a great chat about thanksgiving dinner and the seating arrangements.   We are going to have a very full house and I had already offered to sit in the back room but we probably will have five of us.  Mom and I talked about it afterwards and we will wait and see who will volunteer or offer and who ends up there.

It looks like I am attending another wedding on Wednesday.  Mom has to perform or officiate another wedding this time at City Hall.  I have been assigned to hold the flashlight so that Mom can read.  Although it sounds exciting to have a wedding before a holiday its rather a inconvenience for some.  Mom will still have a lot to do that night.

I haven’t finished the letters to the kids yet.  I started James on Friday but haven’t been back to it to finish it.    If I don’t get them out soon there won’t be a point to do it.  I won’t be sending one next week to James or Emily as they will be here.

Well its time for me to check the laundry….

Dear Friends

November 23, 2013

Dear Friends:

Hi yesterday was  a long day for me.  I woke up sometime after midnight and didn’t get back to bed until it was time for me to get up for work.  So I was pretty tired by the end of the day.

I had a good day at work I got a lot  accomplished.  I did find out that Gayle has officially announced she had retired and will be joining us (we hope) for our holiday party in December. 

I started getting achy when I got home.  I did some email moving around and had to write some emails.  I Had to mend some quick fences with pen pals.  I am writing about that in my pen pal blog. 

We had spaghetti last night for dinner.  After that Mom did some preparing  for thanksgiving desserts. 

Even though I tried to get to bed early I managed to stay up until Midnight.   I don’t remember what time I fell asleep but no sooner did that happen that it was 7 in the morning. 

When I got up I spent time on line and then I got ready for the day.  What a long day it was.  I got my hair done around 10.  I was out of there by 10:30 and back here a short time after that only to leave and meet up with Roberta so we could go to the Pie in the sky.

We had to make a stop at Odd Lots for some pans.  We were at Telka’s some time before 11:30 and the first to arrive.  Eventually the girls arrived and we started the pies.  We had an assembly going.  1 area for peeling and cutting the other for ingredients and putting them in the pies and baking.  When we finished the preparations and all that was left was to bake we had some refreshments.  I started the discussions on holiday traditions.  It was an interesting conversation.  We also had a wonderful visit from a former girls club president Nicole. 

She told us how school was at the UConn campus.  She also talked about her class abroad next summer in South Africa.  She is in animal husbandry.

Soon the pies were baked and the girls started to go and we were finished.  It was some time around three.  Roberta and I stopped at the Shelter and dropped off Apple crisp for their meals.  A little while later  I got my car and I was home.

When I got home Mom had been shopping.  I tried to finish my breakfast sandwich but Ethel came over.  She had called me earlier to talk about inviting a couple of friends (Frank & Karen).  Apparently she wanted me to call her.  She called me while I was at the pie making activity.   She was going to but found something else to do. 

So I made her write a note.  Then we talked about how Mom was feeling and then she said according to Liz Jim was not well.   That he wouldn’t be lasting the summer.  I am really hoping Ethel misunderstood Liz.   After a while she left and I went back to watching TV and eating.

Mom came home around 4 or so.  We cleared out the car of groceries and she had some thing to eat and then went to church.  She came back sometime after 6 and spent the evening doing some cooking I think.

I split my time between the computer and watching a bunch of movies because my hands were starting to get swollen and hurt.  I think it had to do with the cheese I ate.

Now that Mom is already in bed and its getting late I am heading to bed myself.

I hope your Saturday was great.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dear Friends

November 22, 2013

Dear Friends:

    Can you believe one week from tonight is Thanksgiving night?  The time has really flown.  It doesn’t help that most of the retail stores and advertisers have been pushing the season hard back in what was it? September? 

    As of this writing Jim, Emily, James, Liz, Nelson, Rich, Ethel, Diane, Rogier, and Ethel’s Boarder will be joining us Thanksgiving Day.  It certainly will be a tight squeeze in the dining room but we have done it before and will do it until we can’t.  Mom has been working on the menu for the last several weeks and always comes out great.

    Today was quite hectic.  I got to the office a little late but I managed to get some extra stuff done.  Today was the day I have to pick up the paychecks and I also sotpped and got Mama Joanie’s new ID along with mine.  At lunch time I walked Joanie down to the Parking authority so she could sign up for a new parking space as the one she currently has will be gone by December 9.    She will be in the garage I am currently using.  it’s a lot closer to the office then the big one further down and Joanie wouldn’t be able to walk that far. 

All this parking space arranging has gotten me to think about alternate methods of commuting.  Monthly parking would cost $150 outright and probably a little less than that if I did it through the University parking department.  I really don’t want to have it taken out of my pay but my current method is more expensive.  I was looking into the trains and IF I just understood it right it should be about  three times less then what I am doing now.

It was nearly  5 when I got home.  It was also getting darker.  Mom was nicely dressed and waiting for a couple who were coming to be married.  They came shortly after 5 and I was getting my dinner ready so I let them alone.  Mom had to make some copies before starting.   I basically stayed out of this one (well occasionally chatting with them) and checked on Mom (she was having technical difficulty with printer).

Mom had given me her left over lunch meal that she had with her lunch with the knitwits today.  They had lunch here around 12 and ordered food from Stonebridge.    They had a great time and every one is going to be cooking for their families for next weeek.  I believe Mom said they will be getting together for their Holiday party on December 19th.

Even though it is now after 8:30 I am exhausted.  I am going to have to bid you all a good night.  I Hope your Thursday was lovely. 

Good Night!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dear Friends

November 20, 2013

Dear Friends:

Yesterday turned out to be a really long day for me. Work got busy and I volunteered to pick up Mama Joanie’s ID when I pick up the checks.  AC and I made arrangements to pay any fees and buy my lunch.

After work I went to the meeting.  Several of us went together. I was really tired and achy but stayed quiet. It was windy.  While we waited we were given snacks.  We had pictures taken and then we had the meeting.  What I got out of the meeting is we are going to have a fight on our hands.  

After the meeting Ann, Mary, and I walked back to the garage and went home.  I stopped and got my jackets and then headed home.  

When I got home Mom was watching TV and I came upstairs and hung the jackets and did my own thing.  I got online, watched TV, cried, and slept.

Oh?  Cried? why?  The aches and the stiffness really were getting to me last night.  It seems like every night I get stiff or achy.  I ended up taking Tylenol last night to get to sleep.  Admittedly I feel better except for my backside.  I probably will have a hard time getting out of the chair during the day.  

I did fall asleep after watching NCIS (that was good and will talk about that in my NCIS Blog) but during the night I woke up and stayed up until about the time my alarm was supposed to go off.

I got up got ready and checked some emails and forums and then saw Mom and told her about the fox sighting.  She went back to bed and I left for work.

I would come to find out later that Mom ended up getting the chills and sick for the day.  She ended up missing the funeral she was planning on attending.  She did manage to get the dining room set up for the luncheon she is having in the next couple of days.  She got back into her pajamas before I left for the inauguration this evening and when I returned she was already in bed.

My day was pretty busy with the mail and getting it done or most of it done by the time I left for the day.  I stopped long enough to see Debra and have lunch.

My session with Debra was about the last week’s events including the last argument with Mom.  She was glad I had walked away and that in most cases that was the best way to handle it.

AFter work I headed home. Mom was at her computer about to get back into her pajamas.  I relaxed until it was time for the inauguration.

I got ready and was out the door after 6:30.  It was still pretty cold and I was glad the heat was on.  I made it to the Parson’s complex in plenty of time and sat with Seny from the 4th. I got to see many people I knew.  The ceremony was vey nice and about an hour long.  There was refreshments and I had gotten them and then came home.

I grabbed something to eat and watched TV and finished putting out the garbage.  

Now I am hitting the sack.

Dear Friends

November 19, 2013

Dear Friends:

    It was an early morning at the Casa De Kate. I was up by 5:30 but awake earlier.  I guess it was in anticipation of getting Mom early enough for the rug cleaning guy..  I woke her up at 6:00 and she asked to be awoken at 6:30  This allowed me to get to ironing and work on some stuff on the computer.  I finally got her up at 6:30 and I was showered and dressed by 7:15.   As I left Mom was on the computer and drinking coffee.

I was able to stop at D&D on the highway and got a croissant egg, cheese and sausage and caramel coffee.  All of it was delicious and I am already semi hyper..  I am drinking water to wash out the salt from the sausage that I expect to give me a hard time by the days end.  

When I got here I saw Mama Joanie and the poor thing was in tears.  Her daughter hurt her back while in the shower over the weekend and is out of work until further notice.  Joanie feels so helpless because of her own limitations.    Hopefully I was able to ease her mind.  Unfortunately she is having  to worry about getting a new parking space as the parking lot she currently uses is closing as of December 9.  Commuters like her and Janet were originally told it would be in the spring now its been moved to next month.

I learned something about last night's Moon.  Thanks to Donna at the Lupies Group it is called Beaver Moon...  It was very interesting to read about it.  This time of year its beaver trapping season.

Well I have to get going the mail is here and there is a lot.  I will see you hopefully after the mail.

Monday, November 18, 2013

DEar Friends

November 18, 2013

Dear Friends:

Despite have a restless night of sleeping I seem to be in good spirits.  I did stay in bed longer than I had planned but I figured I would be able to get stuff done just the same.  I was able to get a few things done and was a little late for work.  The traffic in the normal place was backed up.

Why did I have a restless night?  I couldn’t get into a comfortable position.  Every time I moved my legs or arms would hurt a little.  I also think the Alka Seltzer wore off some time during the night.

I heard from Mary in Australia.  She is so interesting.  I am looking forward to a great relationship with her.  I will be writing more in my Pen Pal Blog at a later  time.

IT must have rained a lot during the night because there were more leaves down.  It was also muddy and wet all over the place.  We are supposed have rain during the morning hours and cold tonight.  Its supposed to be in the high 40’s and low 50’s for the next five days.    There were tornados in the midwest yesterday.  I know of several people who were affected and the pictures alone show the devastation.

I called Mom today and we discussed dinner and ride arrangements to her meeting.  At first she was going to go with someone else and then by the time I called her back (for something else) she said she would let me give her a ride

The seamstress who worked on my two jackets called and said they are ready.  I was going to pick them up after work but when I got home I was tired and achy and all I wanted to do is relax.  I just had to drive to Bridges to take the car back home.

On the way home the moon was so big I thought I would drive off the road staring at it.  Sadly by the time I got to my house it was less spectacular.  I didn’t think to stop and take a picture of it but it was awesome.

When I got home I had a frozen dinner from Trader Joe’s ironically it was a chicken main course and I had chicken for lunch.  I spent time watching TV and then I made some calls.

I talked with Liz about the moon and about how well Mom did with driving tonight.  I also mentioned it was because of her new prescription glasses.  I explained that when she would have me go along with her she would moan or complain about not being able to see.  I would usually be praying we get somewhere safely.

Now I think I am going to get into my pajamas and get ready for bed.  I am getting tired.  Happily my arms and legs are not hurting or stiff unless I get up or move even slightly.  I Have taken the meds so far. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dear Friends

November 17, 2013

Dear Friends:

I hope you have had a great Sunday afternoon.  Mine has been lovely.  After I closed out the last entry I managed to take my time about leaving the house.   I had some coffee and waited for Mom to get up. 

Normally Mom is up by 7 most Sunday’s and most time I am up before her but this was a little unusual.  I could tell she wasn’t feeling well as she hasn’t slept well in two days.  She says that for two nights she has had some really bad cramps.  I don’t know if they were like the ones I had as a child but I bet they hurt like hell.  I do get cramps now and then and it feels like someone is twisting my muscles into a mean knot.

It was well after nine when I left.  I could hear Simon and Sawyer down the street so I went to see them.  They were saying hello to the newspaper delivery perosn.  I spent some time chatting and then I took off. 

It was some time after 9:30 when I got to the nursing home.  Bob M was there serving coffee to a few of the residents.  As the time passed he brought more and I got the bingo set up.  I did manage to chat with the kitchen staff and kept them abreast of stuff at work. 

We started bingo a little after 10.  I think we had our regular crew of 12 players.  Some were a little crankier then others but I had a good session.  Even though I asked Bob for some advice.  He understood the questions and says you like order.  He felt I was doing fine.

Despite the fact I finished Bingo early I seemed to have still gotten there late.  I decided to sit in the main vestibule of the church as the Father Cronin Hall was being used as the Food Pantry delivery/drop off.

I had seen my cousin Donna so after communion I sat with her.  When mass was finished she wanted to get a card from the Christmas tree for others. 

Anyway we didn’t have much of a chance to talk as one of my DTC friends wanted to get my support on some issues with fellow district members.  Now I just got off the phone with Chairman Phil and he suggested I just tell her that I will do the best that I can and have a great night.  He feels its I shouldn’t be in the middle.  So the next time I see her that’s what I am going to have to say.

I didn’t get to see Liz and Nelson.  She was sleeping and the kids were over and if I am fighting a cold I really don’t want to share it with them or for that matter Mom.

When I got home I did some more laundry and watched TV and spent time moving more emails around.  Around three I got into my pajamas.

Mom did some shopping and got home around 4 or 5.  She didn’t get a lot.  When she got home she also got into her pajamas.  She started putting the dinner together.

We had left over barbeque chicken and we had rice and asparagus.  After dinner we cleaned up and Mom finished the rest of it and is watching TV.

I am probably going to crash soon since I took the alka-seltzer cold stuff. 

How was your weekend?

Dear Friends

November 17, 2013

Dear Friends:

It is early Sunday Morning,  Sunday Morning Baroque is playing on the computer radio.  The sun isn’t expected to come out at all today and the weather forecast is calling for rain showers tonight.

After helping with dinner dishes I came upstairs and surfed the net.  I did my weekly clearing out of emails including ones for LH and Endicott.  I had forgotten I had gotten quarterly Fund requests and reports.  They are constantly looking for Money and as much as I would like to help them out I can’t but it is fun to see what they do with the money.   For example both LH and Endicott have new buildings for their students and administration  and provide an education with.  I would love to visit both campuses and see for myself the changes.  got so tired last night that I just plopped into bed without saying good night to Mom. 

Today should be pretty much the same as yesterday.  Washing laundry  and finish changing over seasonal wardrobes.

Well I am going to get going and get ready…

Check in with you all later.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dear Friends

November 16, 2013

Dear Friends:

Another Saturday is almost gone.  I slept late because of taking the Alka-Seltzer Cold med last night.  I went to check on the  cat and fed it and stayed with it for a short time.  I might go back this afternoon if they haven’t come home yet.

I made amends with Mom although she is still piss-assed mad at me. She is getting ready for a wedding this afternoon it is at 4.  I offered to give her a ride but she declined.  She says it will be light still.  I also pointed out that if it goes later it will be dark.  I still say she is taking too many risks.

The rest of my work day went well.  I got much done and got home and got ready for the dinner.  It was great.  My meal came out late but I ate most of it and shared it with Evette.  I was pretty full by then.  I got to see some old friends that I worked with and they looked great.

It was nearly 9 when I got home and Mom was in bed.  My entire body was achy because of the foods I had through out the day.  My feet were very comfortable since I had the moccasins on.  Very comfortable and I can see them becoming my new favorite shoes…

I finally got the gumption to change the seasonal wardrobes.  I have a pile of clothes I am putting away and will be taking out others in a short time.  This may allow me to get more clothes soon

I talked with Jim today.  I think I may have hurt his feelings when I called for Mom.  I didn’t want him to miss talking with her but we were also talking.  I don’t think he has an email that works.  So I am going to jot off a note to him.  We talked about union stuff and his views on it (like stuff that’s going on at work).  For example our union uses areas on campus for meetings.  He doesn’t think that’s really a good idea and that we should do it off site (I tried to explain to him that the University owns most if not all of the city.)

I forwarded a couple of cute jokes to family and friends in the last couple of days and I managed to get replies from 2 family members (Liz, and Cousin Frank) and of course Dave.  Each of them sent a message to me.  Liz was wondering who Katherine was and I explained it to her and Frank wants me to come up with more jokes (I am really not that good) and Dave tells me he landed in LV and is about to do a half marathon.

Well I have about an hours worth of daylight left to go and get the tubs from upstairs.  I don’t like going up at ngiht.  So I am going to close out for now.

See you later.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Dear Friends

November 15, 2013

Dear Friends:

    It’s Friday and I feel like crap.  I think I am beginning to get a cold.  I have been sniffling and getting a runny nose.  It started a few days ago.  I will start taking the Alka Seltzer stuff again.  

Last night was kind of quiet.  Mom made dinner for me but had dinner with her friend Martha.  She got home sometime around 8 or so.  Needless to say she is still being obnoxious.  I really don’t care either.  She spent the rest of the time in her office and fell asleep there until she went to bed.  

I spent the evening doing laundry until maybe about 10.  While waiting for laundry to finish I watched the USA shows and got online.  I did pay my Registration application and mailed it this morning..  

This morning I got up fairly early and got the clothes out of the dryer and started to fold them.  I have more to do but it will have to be after I get home from the dinner.  I did manage to write my weekly email to Emily.  I will do the others during the weekend.  At least now I know why I haven’t heard from James.

James had posted to facebook last night that he felt like crap.  He has been busy and has been very tired with school and sports.  Liz and I both posted a message to him and I will base my email on that this weekend.

I heard from the potential penpal last night.  She has been busy so couldn’t get to answer until last night.  I am still waiting on the venue (or method) she wants to correspond.  She says privately which means exactly what not sure.  I even said that to her.

Today there are several people celebrating birthdays one of them is Diane.  I can’t believe it.  She has grown into a lovely and talented and loving young lady and has everything a woman could want.  She has two careers that she loves, a man who loves her and cherishes her.   In my workplace is Toni.  She is my soul sister on so many levels.  She is a few years older than I but like I said we have the same viewpoints.

Work is going well.  I finished the lockbox early and was able to put a dent in the re-address mail.  Today is the cake for Mary C’s Retirement and that’s probably going to be around 2 this afternoon.  Tonight is her dinner at Brazi’s.  

Well the second leg of the mail has arrived so I am going to have to close out.  Have a great afternoon...


Not doing very much this morning