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New Year's Eve Day

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!  It is going to be a very long one for me.   I was awake at 4 am this morning.  I couldn’t sleep for some reason so I checked the house and yes there were packages for me.  I was getting a little frustrated by this because I actually cleaned up a few spots that I had missed a day or two early.  I really didn’t have the appropriate cleaning supplies but I got most of it.   I managed to get them out at a fairly decent yet early time so that I could do some errands before heading to work.  One of them still left me a gift.  Can I return it?
It was some time after 6 when I got to the bagel place on Bridgeport avenue.  I have to say I am not impressed.  They literally put 2 dozen bagels into a shopping bag.  They were not in plastic bags and there was no cream cheese.  I had no idea that I was supposed to ask for it.  I figured it came with it.  I don’t think  I will be going back there anytime soon.  Everyone else who was at work enjoyed them.  I brought the …


As I mentioned last night Tiger-Lily was playing hard to get in front of the Chris’ but this morning when I got there she came out after I checked in on her.  Sky came down when he heard my voice.  When I walked in I could smell something and knew I had to get to those boxes.  Luckily I haven’t found anything else anywhere else.  But I did notice the curtains on one of the windows was slightly down.  I tried to fix it but there were time constraints.  I probably should not have put it over the back of the sofa but at 7:15 brain wasn't working.  She is still skittish and almost took the food from my fingers but you-know-who wanted it.  He also ran around too.
When I went back there again in the afternoon things looked okay.  Tiger was in her safe spot on the TV stand.  She was there a good long time.  I tried to get her out but she came out on her on before I left.  So I sat down on one of the chairs and Sky came and sat with me on my lap.  It was the best feeling.  I also sat up o…

Movies I would like to see

Despite the fact I have complained loudly about going to the movies and seeing all those ads and previews that I could watch for free at home there are some movies I would like to see some time.  They are in no particular order:
Unbroken-It looked interesting and its about history on some level. Hobbit/Armies-its the last one Into the Woods-I never saw the play and I am interested in seeing this. Night at the Museum 3-I saw the others and I enjoyed it. Annie-I want see if this is better than the original.
If I can sit through those insidious ads and promos then it should be okay.  I don’t know when I will get to see them but this would be a goal for me.
I got up early to find packages in the couple of places.  I managed to get them out and hoped they hadn’t done anything else.  I was wrong.  After work I headed back here and spent time with the pups.  I was tired and had to clean up some “piles”.  Before going to back to the house I took Preston out.  I could tell my body was starting to hur…

Just Remembered something

I was driving back to the pups tonight and the sun hadn’t quite gone below the horizon and I looked up at this cloud formation and I swear it looked like a huge bird flying.  As I am sitting here writing the first thing was a Phoenix but it wasn’t bright red.  It just looked beautiful to me.  
The temperatures today were in the high 40’s today.  It didn’t feel like a real cold winter day but it will in the days ahead.  There is no rain or snow in the forecast for this week but it is supposed drop to the 30’s this week.  The first week of January is a different story though.
I joined  Pinterest tonight.  Could someone tell me what I should do next?  I picked my interests and already found a cute thing about kittens.  Sigh I miss the kittens tonight.  I even tried to share it with facebook but it didn’t work.  Actually I tried a second time then it worked.
The pups had a barking session that lasted a long time.  I sat with them and Preston just sat on the bed but not close as he usually do…

I don't think the NyQuil worked that well.

Because I haven’t stopped coughing last night  I think I ate something that triggered as well.  I went to Stop and Shop and picked up some food for dinner (onion rings, chicken wings and pot stickers) and they were all good.  I also got some hummus and chips.  Something there must have triggered the cough.
I had  no problems feed the dogs.  While Packy ate i took Preston for a walk (he had already finished his dinner) by the time I got back someone had already pooped.  I have already had to clean up the floor already.  
Anyway haven’t done much except watch TV and try to sleep.  
THis morning the pups were in their places but they left me some packages.  I got them both out this morning after that.  Preston is usually very good about not pooping in the house.  I missed something that’s for sure.  
When I got home today Sky was waiting for me on the top of the stairs.  I got him fed and a short while later Tigerlily came out.  I did go looking for her at first and she wasn't in in her …

Christmas night

I had a fairly good evening, I enjoyed my time with Cheryl and her family and of course the kids.  I stayed until about 5 and then headed back to west haven to See Ethel and the kids.  I even got to see cousins I hadn't seen since Mom’s funeral.  Ethel and the kids gave me a wallet for Christmas.  After that visit I went home to check on the kittens.  I managed to see Ghost for about ten minutes.  She was on Mom’s office chair.  Where she went after that no clue.
Then I came back to the pups took them out and then went to bed not too long after that. I was feeling blah again anyway.   I took the NyQuil and it worked for a while.  I am going to take it again tonight too.
Today was a better day.  I still sounded like a frog but I spent time at both houses and I got some more Christmas presents from the Dolans.  Clothes, and cookies.  I hung the clothes up and showed Shannon Sky.  I did look around for Ghost but no luck.  Liz says when I spend more time there it should be better.

Christmas Day 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you are having a great time.  I think I am fighting a cold or something.   I will be leaving in about an hour for my nieces house.  This morning I spent it with each set of animals.  Well technically I did.  
When I got to the house a table was slightly askew and leaning against the wall.  So it had to either Sky or tiger-lilly.  I also found some lovely gifts left for me (and they were not from Santa) so I cleaned them (a couple were in my bedroom the others in the living room).  I am seriously considering changing TL’s name to Ghost because I know she is in the house but I still can’t find her.  Liz wants me to keep an eye on the brown spots (they are not poop but something).  I am still getting reassurances that this disappearing act is normal.  I know they are eating good because the kibble was completely gone this morning.
Liz called me back to let me know that Jason’s gift was not in his card and they looked all over the place.  This has upset me …

Christmas Eve

It is after 8:30 in the morning and I Have been here since 8.  I managed to see SKy and I think I got him back in the closet again but can’t find Tiger-lily.  They ate a lot of the kibble last night.  They also have made a couple of spots on the rugs.  I cleaned out the boxes and put fresh stuff in.  I did some laundry and got the gifts ready to be delivered and I played some more with sky.

The boys were pretty good.  THe night was good.  We didn’t go out anymore last night and I went to bed.  I was so cold. Preston stayed in the bed with me.  He didn’t even growl.  When I got back here around 3 I took them out and and then relaxed with them.  I gave them an early dinner and then took off for Liz’s.

I did stop by Mike and Roberta’s before coming back to the house.  We got caught up on all the news and gripes we had.  

I spent about three hours at Liz’s.  I wasn’t feeling that great but I ate and listened and talked about the cats and got more advice.  Most of them reiterated that they wi…

Making Progress

When I came home tonight to the kids (felines) I spent about an hour with them.  Actually more with Sky and he let me pet him and after a while he would lick and then start to bite.  Eventually he came out from under the footstool that Mom put in there and has some of her clothes in there.  He also tried to bite me but not too hard but I told him no but Liz says that’s all part of it.  I found Tiger-Lilly’s latest hiding place lower bookshelf in Mom’s office.  I tried to get her out of there to check her out from this morning but she took off again.  Didn’t have time to chase her again.
It was around 5:30 when I got here.. It was lightly raining but not that bad.  Packy was waiting by the door and Preston was barking in the other room.  i just talked with them and then picked up Packy and took him about back just as the instructions read.  Then I took Preston out.  He was well behaved and didn’t growl at me.  Dinner was okay.  The same routine they get into (Preston stayed on his side)…

So it begins

Well I believe Sky and Tiger-Lilly (thanks to Liz) are becoming comfortable in their new surroundings.  When I got home last night I found several papers, and address book, and cards that I had on the dresser on the floor.  This morning I found the Hurricane Lamp from out back on the floor.  The bulb and the Glass lampshade is broken.  Its all cleaned up and I checked Sky and he is fine.  Couldn’t find Tiger-Lily but I will try later.  
Good news Sky kissed my finger twice!  Twirls..He also let me hold him a little longer than he has since I got him home.  I wish TL would but she goes into hiding and i tried to look for her and then I give her space.  I will check on them when I stop home this evening.
At least I know either one or both of them is eating the kibble.  it was much lower than a day or two.  I don’t fill it every night because its already full. Let’s hope they eat the wet crap (although I don’t blame them if they don’t).
As I expected Preston growled from his bed for about 1…

Kittens came home

I spent the early part of the morning getting the house ready  in case I decidedto bring the kittens home.  I realize I don’t even know what they look like or if it will be female or male.  I was  getting the mindset of male (despite the discussions of male dominance) and I hope they are brothers and will get along.  We got there around 12 and I fell in love with a brother and sister.  One is grey (named him Sky and his sister (at least I htink its a female) Tiger

We spent two hours there.  Sky was a little standoffish and Tiger was playful but that sort of changed when we got home.  I brought them to the first litter box and they sat in it as a safe zone like they did with their siblings.  Liz and I stayed with them for a little longer before getting the car at her house.  We had already gotten their food and some toys (I stayed in the car with them as they were a little stressed.)

Saturday night they spent the night in the closet until the next morning.  Since then they have been exp…

Today was our Christmas Party

The Christmas Holiday Committee went all out this year and sent invitations back in November for the luncheon that was held in three different areas for availability.  They even had tables so that we could sit and mingle and eat.  The menu included ziti, chicken, eggplant rollatini,  potatoes, salad, and dessert.  We all received lovely coffee cups with the University Logo on it

Liz called me and told me there were two sets of kittens from different litters that there are 3 months old and 5 months old I think she told me they were tabbies.  Anyway we will see them tomorrow.  After work tonight I went to Petco and got “supplies” that included a scratching post, 1 set of dishes, two litter boxes and scoopers. and a cat carrier.  oh and I forgot to mention the 25 lbs of kitty litter.  It was too heavy to bring in. and will tomorrow.

Since I have been home I put the boxes in the rooms I want them to be and straightened up a few places and closed off some of the rooms.  Now this is going to …

I am taking the plunge

Well I have finally decided I am taking the plunge and becoming a pet owner again.  Liz has been telling me about these two black longhaired 5 month kittens at the pound.  She saw them again this week and wants to give them to me as a Christmas Gift.  They have had everything taken care of.  I am going to meet them Saturday.  

Now my head is racing to make sure the house is kitten proofed and cleaned.  I also looked at supplies and food.  Which is the best food and kitty litter?  Where do I put the litter box (it's going to be in the downstairs bathroom).  LIz suggested that I would need two and place the other one upstairs..  THat makes sense.  She is also taking the stance to wait until after the holiday and maybe look elsewhere as well.

Some of my co-workers that I Have asked have said I don’t need a whole lot of toys or even scratching posts (yeah don’t think so).  I do know I am not spending on $150 on mansions for these Babies.  I even looked at this place for cats.  I had to …

Feeling accomplished

I have to say I am feeling pretty good despite the lack of sleep I had last night.  Yesterday I felt like I got a lot done.  I managed to finally get Birthday cards both belated and otherwise out to family members and I paid some bills and got some Christmas shopping done.  The downside was by 6:30 I was done.  I have a feeling the arthritis was kicking it up a notch.  I didn’t get any more Christmas cards done but there is tonight.

I had a good session with Debra yesterday.  We discussed my health and how much better I looked and feel.  We discussed the accomplishments and of course we discussed the holidays.  This session was the last one for 2014.  The next time we see each other is January 6.   It always seems like for ever.  As usual I will be writing letters or at least attempting to writer her during the break.  In the past I haven’t followed through on it.

Liz called me yesterday.  The dinner plans have changed for tonight.  Instead of dinner at the Casa Rivera it will be at 5:3…

Frustrating Start to the day

I overslept this morning and had to rush around to get ready. but I still made time to watch TV.  When it was time for me to leave I couldn’t find my ID badge because it has almost everything in it..  I looked all over but couldn't find it.  I tried a second time when I got home earlier this evening and I found it in my pants pocket.  I t was in the washing machine.  I was relieved but at the same time knew it had to be here somewhere..  It was just a pain in the rear to keep asking people to borrow theirs.

Work was hectic as usual for Monday.  I spent most of the morning working on the re-address mail and the rest of the time on the daily stuff.  I also finished up Friday’s stuff as well.  Sadily we learned that Diane C lost her mother unexpectedly over the weekend.  There was a collection going around and I did put some money in.

After work I had my appointment with the Hemotologist.  He says my anemia is fine.  He did ask  me about the issues he got brought in the loop for and I …

My name is pokey

I have been awake since 5:30 and didn’t get out of bed until 8 (officially) and I just got out of the shower and need to get ready for Bingo.  After I finish with Bingo I am hoping to come home and do some chores and get more cards done and Thank you notes.

I have been in contact with Nancy we are meeting on Sunday December 21, 2014 to discuss instructions and to get Preston to remember me.  

Bingo went well.  We had seventeen residents playing and as I mentioned Joanne was there as well.  Natalie came later on.  She must have had a cooking activity to do in the afternoon.  AFter bingo I called Liz but they were not home so I headed home too.

Before going I stopped at the card shop and got a couple more cards and some instant scratch lotteries for gifts.  I had to get another nephew card because I think i misplaced one.  So as soon as the light goes on I will take care of those.

When I got home Liz called and we chatted for a bit and I had lunch.  Liz was having a busy weekend but she is t…

A beautiful Morning

This morning was sunny and chilly.  There was no snow when I got up either.  I knew there wouldn’t be.  There won’t be any snow this weekend.  I am kind of glad because I had errands to run and the gift delivery.

I Found out my hairstylist is going to be a Mommy in May!  She was going to tell me the last time but she wasn’t showing then as she was today.  I am so happy for her.  The next time I see her she really will be pregnant.  That’s going to be in late January.

AFter the hair appointment I stopped at Adams and picked up a new mop.  While I was there I ran into Pam.  We talked for a short time.  She still has the cold I mentioned a few days ago.  Apparently it goes back and forth between them.  I came home and relaxed for a few minutes and then vacuumed the kitchen and Bathroom.  I then washed the bathroom floor.  I had to get on my knees and that hurt and frustrated me.  I also was having problems with the door to the laundry closet.  

For some reason when you tighten the screws on…

Taking a Break

Well I need to take a break.  I have been sitting in the same position for nearly an hour and half.  I managed to write out three cards so far and also update my contact list.  i also was wondering where some of them lived.  Its fairly quiet now.  
I was thinking i could hear the wind but I looked out and couldn’t see the trees blowing so that’s not it.  I did hear we may get some snow flurries tonight.  I am betting we won’t get much.  
I have to admit my hands and legs are stiff.  I am not sure the all-nighter is going to come to fruition.  I am already getting tired.    I watched tv and did manage a couple more cards.  
I am finding it hard to keep my eyes open.  So I think I better check the house and then go to bed.
I have a hair appointment in the morning and then the gift delivery in the afternoon...

Glad its Friday.

I am glad its Friday.  My hope is to get the other Christmas cards and thank you notes done tonight.  I was able to get one done last night as my  shoulder was starting to hurt.  This morning started a load of laundry.    Happily the ankle is fine but the lower part of my neck is hurting just a little.

The temperatures were a little warmer than in the last few days and it would seem we aren’t getting anything of substance until the middle of too Late in the week.  It probably won’t be much but one can hope.

Did I mention I talked with Jim last night?  He had just come back from the Wedding.  We talked  about the Dr. Appointment with GCC.  He seemed okay with it all.  I told him about the package from Claudia I received last night.  He suggested I open it and I did (its a wallet).  Its lovely.  I will post a picture of it later.  

Today is Jr. & Lisa’s fifth Wedding anniversary.  They went up to The Polar Express Theme park with the kids.  Poor Olivia got car sick on the way up.  I ha…

Busy Couple of days

Yesterday was an incredibly long day.I woke up early for no reason in particular.  It actually is becoming a blur but the day was pretty good and work was busy.  Some stuff different day.

After work I headed to Roberta’s to pick up her contributions to the club party lat night (she had a prior commitment) and then I went to pick up the wings I ordered.  I got to Telka’s  a little while later.  I am trying to remember if there were girls already there or not.  ANyway we wrapped the gifts for the residents at the nursing home and then we ate before the meeting.  Jolyn came as well..  We had a lot of fun  Before we left it was starting to snow.  The girls were all excited and claiming there would be delays.  I am sure they were disappointed this morning.

The snow was a dusting and covered the ground until midday today. It was still cold when I left.  It looks like we might get some flurries tonight.  The beginning of the weekend should be nice.

Well more happy news is Diane and Rogier got …

Really Messy Day Yesterday

It was a miserable day yesterday.  It was cold rainy and slippery.  There were so many accidents this morning that I was apprehensive to get out there.   Actually all the accidents were on 691, 91, and everywhere else I don’t think there were any between home and the office.  I had to go out for my doctor’s appointment and when I got back I was getting blown around.  it also hampered my breathing.  

work went well. I spent most of the day working on the mail and the readdress and finished the rest when I got back from my appointment.  I probably should have gone home.  I didn’t wnt to for my appointment with Debra,

Dr. Alaparthi appointment was yesterday.  I gained the 8 pounds I lost so quickly so  they are fine with that.  They are not sure what all of went on happened except that it has to do with the Autoimmune problems I have.  i have a follow up in March.

I saw Debra last night and brought her up to speed on the weeks events.  She noticed a difference between last week and this.  W…