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Fairly Queit Day and Night 7/30/2014

Its been a beautiful summer day.  It wasn’t too hot at least to me it wasn’t.  It is going to be a beautiful night as well.  It will be in the 60’s and cool and no rain in the horizon.  I don’t think there is any rain until the weekend and I have been hearing its not so great.
Work was pretty quiet and I was able to get a lot done.  The only downside was my ankle and you can read it here.  I am hoping tomorrow will be the same way (minus the ankle).  My hope is to get more done on the re-address mail.  Tomorrow is payday and I am looking forward to all that entails.
Liz was here defrosting the freezer downstairs so I helped her as much as I could until Maureen came so I helped set the table.  There is a list of foods in the Freezer I need to print up and use as a check off and use it as a basis for the next grocery or at least the future grocery lists.
After dinner I discovered there is something wrong with the laptop...naturally.  I am so tired of this piece of shit not working.  Its be…

The Day I want to sleep in Late July 29, 2014

Since I had a hard time sleeping because of my hands and the knee/leg hurting last night everytime I turned (or every other time) I wanted to sleep in.  Well that made me late...I took so much time surfing the net that I had to rush a little.  My ankle felt like someone was putting a vise on it to break it.  I finally took some Tylenol before leaving work and it hasn’t seemed to bother me since then.
I had some anxious moments today. I had received some returned mail that I sent out to two different places and it came back to me.  So I talked with my boss and she sent it up to people who will deal with.  
After Work I went to the store and got home by 5:15.  It was stuff for our dinner tomorrow night.  Tonight’s dinner was being served as I got home.  It was quiche and souffle and wedding cake soup?
I am starting to get tired now so i have to hit the sack.

Another Weekend Gone

Another weekend is history and another week has begun.  Sunday was a pretty good day.  Did odds and ends and did some weeding in the flower bed before our family dinner.  Of course did the pee test that I finished bright and early this morning.
The dinner was great.  We had lamb and potatoes and roasted vegetables with a very nice gravy and tomato bisque soup.  For dessert we had vanilla pudding with fresh fruit and whipped cream.  Liz and Nelson had a wake to attend so they left shortly after they finished eating.  I helped clear up and watched TV and got on the computer.
My week isn’t turning out that great yet.   I left the requisition form for the urine test at home.  At first I thought I would have to go home but someone suggested I have the Doctor  fax it to the lab so that’s what I did .  I took an early lunch and brought it over.  The fax hadn’t arrived yet.  As long as its out of here I don’t care.
The rest of the day was just working on the mail.  It was fairly light and allowe…


I am testing something out.  Another of my journaling/blogger friends is upset that a blogging site has changed their editing mode to not allow copying and pasting from Word or other word processing means.  I had noticed this myself but I do use Google docs for my editing.  IT seemed to work.  IF this gets me in trouble with the  admins then that will be sign enough for me.

I slept in today.  Well I actually got up early to start the protein/urine test and then ended up going back to sleep for a bit.  I already finding things awkward with the test.  I may have to come downstairs to do this because the container is being refrigerated.

Mom is up and having breakfast and probably reading her paper.  I have a feeling it will be another low-key day until dinner tonight.  That’s when we will be having family dinner.

The sun hasn’t been out much this morning and I am not sure its coming out either.  According to we are supposed to get some scattered thunderstorms today.  The temp…

Going to have a good sleep

After the day I had I expect to be a sleep soon.  I got up fairly early did some surfing on the computer then got up and had breakfast and chatted with Georgina.  Eventually I left for grocery shopping for a couple of hours with a brief stop in between Shop Rite and Costco.  When I finished there I came home and got ready for the Car wash.
I left here around 12 and made a stop for cold water at one of the stores.  I think I got to the automotive place a little after 12.  I spent the next two hours hawking for the car wash.  I managed to get caught up with Telka on our lives and will so some more next month at our Girls night out.  We had a few light sprinkles during the time I was there and I managed also talk with Roberta.
On the way home I stopped for lunch at a Chinese restaurant and then came home and ate it.  It didn’t fill me because a few hours later I had salad, cookies, cereal and I think that’s about it.
Mom spent the day kind of low=key.  She slept most of it on and off.  She …

I should know better July 25, 2014

I really should know better by now that if I had coffee at night I won’t be sleeping well the same night.  Last night was no exception..  I didn’t go to sleep until after 3 and I was up three hours later for the day..
Despite the three hour sleep my day at work went pretty well.  I managed to get a lot done including the sorting of the NEMG eobs that S wanted done.  I am expecting more come Monday sometime.  I did find out that my former supervisor GC is back in the hospital and I want to get a card to her ASAP.  I managed to get out for a walk during the day and that was to pick up the equipment for the Protein test.
After work I headed to the bank to get some money out for the week and to pay for the chef we have had.  When I got home the ladies of the manor were outside chatting on the porch.  So I joined them and Mom had a great talk.  Sylvia called me and asked me to pick up some veggies from her..  So I did and we continued to stay outside.  Then it was dinner time.
We started off …

The Thunderstorm 7/24/2014

The Thunderstorm came late last night but only lasted what I think was an hour.  It did come down hard and it eventually put me to sleep.  I woke up only once or twice during the night.  The first time was around 3 because my knee was bothering me and I finally took something for it.  The second time was to get ready for work this morning.
Work is going pretty well I managed to get a lot done with always things to do.  My goals to make sure everything is off the desk by vacation time in September.  My goal is also to make sure the desk is neat when I leave here daily.
I have to do some shopping for Chef Maureen tonight for our dinner on Sunday.  She is coming early on Friday and is making lunch and dinner but won’t be at the house when I get home Friday.  So i have to have it for her before that time.
Tonight is the 4th District and once again I have put off writing the minutes from back in May I think it is.  We didn’t have a meeting last month but will tonight.  We have to have one bec…

Humidity is coming back

The rest of the week is supposed to get humid.  The cool temperatures that we have had in the last several days are going away.  Although it was comfortable today the last few days for me have been chilly.  It didn’t stop me from wearing short sleeves (and I really shouldn’t have) but I buried myself under the furry blankets last night.
Work is going pretty good so far.  I am getting things done and not feeling any stress.  I have decided that I will be taking a couple of weeks off in September.  One reason it's usually the time I take it and I have rescheduled my colonoscopy for the second week of September.  I even told my bosses.  “S” was joking with me.  I have just got to make sure there is a lot of stuff done before I leave then.
When I got home I found Georgina and Mom in their usual spots.  We chatted about their day and the fact the plumber came and fixed some things (the running toilet) and tried to fix the water pressure of the faucets but he says its because of the work …

Another Cool Morning

It iwas another cool and overcast morning here in Milford and it would seem it is the same way in Tacoma WA  where my Nephew John and his bride to be Heather got  married this afternoon.  I would have loved to have gone but with everything that has been going on I just couldn’t do it.  I posted a message on Facebook for them.
My plans for today include some cleaning of the room (getting rid of old papers and stuff like that), working on DTC stuff for the meeting later this week.  OF course getting ready for the work week ahead.  
I have noticed a few blogging sites have done some changes.  I think it would behoove me to read the various updates and see how I can maneuver them.  When I am writing on Google docs it seems to be dragging and it is frustrating.
Mom had a couple of visitors today.   Brian R just before lunch and two (TM & Neighbor C) while she was outside on the porch.  She had just finished walking up and down the street/sidewalk  when the visitors arrived.  I joined them…

I got some things accomplished 7/19.2914

I would like to say I have been pretty busy today.  This morning I went grocery shopping and did some banking.  I did some odds and ends that Mom wanted to have done and spent some time online.   I have also been trying to get emails moved around and logged in to the various folders that I have.   I spent time with some neighbors and got reaquainted with Sylvia and Ginny’s niece from the Poconos in PA.  They are having a picnic this afternoon.
The sun hasn’t been really cooperative today.  The temperatures are somewhere in the 70’s right now.  It is supposed to get back into the 60’s overnight with no rain insight.
Liz came over to set up Skype for the Wedding tomorrow unfortunately it didn’t work on the laptop but she did get to skype with DIane and Rogier with Mom.


I am dreading the colonoscopy procedure that I have to do on Thursday morning.  Actually I have heard that isn’t the worst part but the preparations for it are.  I had to call the Pharmacy to get the “meds” for it and then I remembered to take a look at the list of things I can eat and not eat (anything with dyes in it basically).  The whole thing seems a bother.  I was going to say complicated but not if you have to mix stuff together.  I have to be up early that day (Thursday) that Liz and I can be in New Haven by 8:15.  I was able to pick up the kit before coming home from the store.  Mom and I reviewed the instructions and decided I would only drink water.
Work went okay.  I got a lot done and managed to get to the wake at a fairly decent hour despite the rain.  There were a lot of people there including several police officers from Bridgeport (her son is an officer).  I really felt safe there.  
When I got home Mom was at the table.  She hadn’t eaten much of her dinner so we got he…

The Weekend

Saturday was quite eventful and long for me.  In the morning I went grocery shopping and then spent time cleaning out the car and going back and forth as to which car I was going to take.  I ended up taking mine with Mom’s GPS.  In the early part of the afternoon I went to Nelson and Lisa’s home for his birthday party.  I had a rather frightening time getting there.  First off there was a traffic jam for most of the ride up but on more than one occasion I found myself dozing at the wheel..  It was the most frightening experience i have had in a long time.  I was never so happy to be kids house in such a short time.  Of course I was early.  The party wasn’t starting until 3 and I got there after 2.  I told them of my experience and from that  point on I drank coffee and caffeinated soda.  The food was delicious and the beer tasting event was interesting.  I left there around 5 and headed back to Milford for the next activity.
I was relieved that I made it back to Milford with little or …

Whoa another nice day

You can probably guess that I didn’t finish the laundry last night.   I let the last load go through the dryer and didn’t take it out until this morning.  I did finish watching the first Bionic Reunion movie on Youtube.  It was pretty good.  Yes I have seen it plenty of times.
Mom’s temperature was elevated in the early part of the evening but by the time we went to bed it went down.  I called Liz and gave her the first report and she said to call her if it got higher.  They are keeping track of the temperatures in the last couple of days.
Georgina woke up while I was on the computer this morning.  Once I got ready she got ready for the day as well.  I left the house by 7:20.  I had no problems getting to work.  I like getting out of the house by 7:30 because I get to work at a decent time.
Work has been good today...mail volume is decent and we had a nice luncheon with a variety of sandwiches.  I had portabella focaccia sandwiches.  The system went down for most of the day for  others b…

A nice Day

It is a lovely and cool Morning so far.  At least I didn’t have sweat pouring down as I drove to work today.  We are supposed to get clouds tonight and a little rain.  I hope it doesn’t start until I get home from the store.
I don’t know what time I finally fell asleep but I did wake up at 5:30 when the alarm went off then proceed to turn over and go back to sleep until 6:30.  I showered and got ready for work.  I chatted with Georgina who had been up a short time herself.
By the time I left the guys were working on the sidewalks.  I have had a couple of conflicting stories about the sidewalks.  The sidewalks on the opposite side may or may not be put in and we are definitely getting new sidewalks and driveway entrances.
The ride into the city was fine. Found out one of the exits towards the hospital is now closing on July 15 instead of tomorrow.  I haven’t really used that exit in a number of months now because of the construction and traffic.  It will prove to be very interesting for …

I guess

I guess I don’t have to tell you I can’t sleep?  Yeah I tried.  The blood was pounding in my ears and it stopped about thirty minutes ago.  I decided that I would get online and read some blogs or anything that would help me get to sleep.  I have stifled one or two yawns already.  I have a lot on my mind again.
I was really hoping we would get some more rain but it hasn’t happened yet.  I was checking with Facebook and several of my friends had some downpours.  I can see the moon all surrounded by haze.  I really wish it would rain..
Today should be a fairly quiet day at work.  I think I will be able to catch up on the re-address pile on my desk and get the regular stuff done early.  That’s my hope at least.
Later on tonight its back to Costco to get the other prescription for Mom and then on to Target for the router.  I don’t have to tell you I have no idea what I am doing about that do I?  Liz suggested I get the least expensive one.  I am going to get the same one she got for her hous…

It was another hot one

I wonder why I bothered to wash my hair this morning because it was so hot the sweat poured off the back of my neck.  It is in the low 80’s in New Haven and back home.  I had planned on going to the Parking Authority to pay this month’s parking but I don’t want to go out there now.  I guess I can go at my last break of the day.  I actually can’t be surprised as I was reading this from last year.  It was pretty much the same way last year.
Work is good.  I am making headway with the mounds of stuff on my desk.  As always It gets like this whenever I take time off or this an onslaught of work that comes in.  We are having a FY end luncheon on Friday.  Its always something good.
Liz and I were talking about how Mom has been doing lately and we have all noticed clues here and there how the condition as Mom calls it progressing and it saddens me a lot.  Many have said we can’t think like that because we don’t know what goes on.  Our own expectation or fears are probably going to appear more…

I am still around

Hey everyone.  I know its been quiet on the blogging front from my corner of the world but I am still around.  Mom came home from the Nursing home a week ago after having to be told to wait at least until she had her Doctor’s appointment on  June 30th.   She was disappointed  with that news.   Those next few days proved to be very stressful for everyone.    Between getting the dining room set up and me off pet sitting for a week.  It eventually worked out.  The dining room is now a lovely bedroom for Mom until she is recovered from the hip.  We have hired a  woman who is her 24/7 nurse and is wonderful.  Even with that in place it has been a challenge to know what I have to do.  Liz just told me to take care of myself, my room, and the bathroom, and the laundry.  The cooking will be taken care of by the nurse for Mom but some nights a friend of Liz’s has and will be cooking for us.
In Preparation for Mom’s home coming and to let her have access to the computer we got her a lap top and …