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I was a little worried

I had a hard time falling asleep Saturday night.  I am not sure what it was.  I think I was focusing on these damn FMLA papers that I need to fill out.  Will I get paid will I not?  Does Roberta have a point or does FMLA have guidelines individualized for each company.  

It turned out okay.  I spent some time vacuuming and resting before going out to mexican train game. The kitties ended up sleeping in their new spot.  

The mexican train game was fun.  I was the first and then Charlie and his wife Helen were next and then STan and Debbie arrived.  We had a great time.  We started with the snacks and then ordered our food from Acosta Azzurra..  WE did play a couple of rounds before the food arrived. It was a lot of fun.  We talked about Movies (The Cobbler starring Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman)  and we talked about our collective Health statuses.  Debbie is currently not feeling well with not one but two Hernias.   WE finally finished playing around 8 and I was home by nine.  We proba…

Lots of great stuff coming up for the Woman's Club

I was really disappointed that i had to miss the BEth-El Shelter dinner that we presented at the shelter and according to Telka it was jam packed.  So much so that they couldn’t eat themselves.  I was glad I had gotten the wings that went first and fast.  I am never sure how much to get but it gets expensive.  The only thing that we found out that through an email that there is an age requirement for cooking at the shelter.  Telka is looking into that as I write this.  It is great they are looking forward to us doing it again and I suspect they would like us to do it more than just once a year.  That all depends on our future activities and schedules.

I am really hoping that I can attend this month’s month general meeting this Wednesday.  I am supposed to be a hostess and probably will bring my standby veggie platter from the store.  The meeting is on April 1st this time I think there was schedule conflict for our regular week.  I can’t remember when the last time I was there probably …

Guess what?

It’s snowing again.  I had some hint of it yesterday in one of the weather alerts I got in the email but when I talked to NEighbor Sean yesterday he dismissed it.  I think he is eating his words with breakfast this morning.  It really seem to be coming down hard.  When I woke up this morning it was cloudy and after I fed the cats and put the stuff back in the food closet I went to lay on the couch and ended up dozing.

Once I got back up have been surfing the net.  Reading some F-Lists and commenting and watching TV.  The morning fairly lazy but I need to get up and shower.  My head looks like an eraser.  The cats are in the spring mattress again after their short play time this morning.

I had a lovely surprise phone call from cousin Lee this morning.  He was calling to check up on me and see how I was doing.  We talked about each of our health problems.  He’s had some serious issues with back and spurs and stuff like that.  We even talked about getting together one day for our mutual 7…

Long Day

It took me almost the entire day to do one food closet.  Going back and forth of what stuff to keep (dates with 2016 and 2017 I know are safe) others I just didn’t want to have because I had a feeling they were stale and opened. Some were incredibly old.  So I took the appropriate times to take a break from it.  I managed to get two bags filled with stuff.  I even have a few things that i am taking to the food bank.

I spent what seemed like  two hours on the phone with the follow up nurse from AETNA today.  She was very nice.  We talked about the recent hospitalization, medication logs, some past health issues, and gave me some suggestions for other stuff like that.

I got the bill from the Ambulance service today.  I am going to send them my insurance information.  I nearly choked when I saw the amount.  Just will forward my info to them.

I went to the store.  I over did it on the snacks (I have already had half the chips, and most of one the dips and cookies.  I did get a couple of appl…

The last few days

I woke up pretty early.  I called my Team leader around 7:30 this morning and talked about the Doctor wanting me stay home until the 31st.  We talked about her health (she is catching something too) and we talked about who was doing the work.   i called Lee Ann around 9:30 and brought her up to date and told her some things I would be doing.

I did do some more vacuuming (this time the floors).  It seems like I am always doing vacuuming.  I am debating whether or not to clean out the cupboard/closet today or not.  I want to get the bathroom floor done first.  

I finally got the floors vacuumed that it won’t skeeve me out.  The next objective will be to wash the floors if I can manage.  I don’t think I want to do that today though.

I did manage to go out and empty garbage and finally picked up the garbage can lid it was nice out but still chilly.

I got a call from Dr. Gordon and was able to see her yesterday.  She urged me to see the cardiologist asap.  SHe filled in the reports that she di…

Heard from the Doctor yesterday

He isn’t comfortable with me returning to work until I see Dr. Gordon on the 31st then he wants me to see him.  I am going to have to call and tell them I won’t be coming in until I see the Lupus doctor.  When I got off the phone with the Dr.’s office I called Liz and told her the news.  She was dismayed.  She asked about the cough and I all I could tell her is he didn’t say anything.  We discussed how bored eventually I will be getting.  There is only so much TV I can watch and only be on the computer for so long.  I thought about it again and there is always something on I can watch and do other things like clearing out the cupboard and various other things that need to be done around here.

The kittens started coming out from the bed and I cuddled with Sky for a while and then we went downstairs for a while.  As I write this I they may be downstairs.  I gave them some more kibble and fresh water.  Sky got down into the cellar as I was trying to get a container for the kitty litter be…

Did pretty good yesterday

Yesterday was my first venture outside to do some shopping.  I stopped and chatted with Don before going.  We talked about the health adventure and how his new job is going.  He Loves it!  

It was nice out a bit chilly but making its way to spring some time.  My first stop was the pet supply co and got the kittens their food.  Making sure I asked some questions and saying hello to “Tosh” and sharing my health woes.  Anyway it didn’t take long.

Next stop was shoprite.  It took about an hour.  I got almost everything.  I did forget a few things but I have enough for the next several days.  I was tired by the time I got finished.  I was back home by 3.  I cleared everything out and relaxed for some time.

Around 5 after having trouble with the website I ordered my pan pizza.  I had my standby onions, peppers, mushrooms. I also had some more of my the gelato ( that’s so delicious).  After that the rest of the night I watched TV.

I have to admit i have had a few coughing fits and did finally go…

There is a reason why I don't have flowers

I think flowers are beautiful and make things look nice unfortunately I don’t take care of them and the cats get to them.  I have the floral arrangement from the office on mantle.  I found sections of it on the floor when I came down this morning.  Its funny because until this week I figured the cats stopped getting on the mantle.  Wrong.  Right now they are playing and chasing each other all over the house.  They did pretty well during the night I think they stayed with me for most of the night.  I do know they are getting heavy for my legs.

I got a call from Liz this morning she is going to a meeting but she and the handyman will be here around 10:30.  So I did some sweeping and will have to do some vacuuming it looks like.  She says i I like this guy enough I can use him for other things.  The only thing I can think of is the closet door that won’t stay shut.

Later on this afternoon I am going grocery and kitty food shopping.  The canned food is low and I probably need more kibble.  …

We had more snow

I woke up to more snow this morning and it lasted until around 11:30.  I was surprised by seeing but it was very pretty.   The sun has been shining ever since.  May be this will be the last snow?  Yeah I doubt it.

The day has been fairly quiet. In the early morning I fed the kittens and then showered.  Later on in the day I did some vacuuming and then spent time watching TV.  

I talked with Jim via email and phone (was having a hard time explaining to him what needs to be done.  I have come to conclusion he doesn’t understand chronic illness and he wants to prevent this ‘event’ in the future.  I told him there will be questions to ask when I see Anita on the 31st.

I also checked in with Liz about how I was doing and suggested maybe going to the store.  That’s my objective tomorrow.  We talked about dinner and what she had been doing.  

I did some laundry and it is done  Now I am watching NCIS marathon.

The Last few weeks

When I originally started this entry it March 13, 2014.  It was my first week back at work from vacation and I thought I was getting over my Lupus flare up.  That week I ended up having a 24 hour bug then by the end of the week I wasn’t feeling better.  It turned out I was having my second stage of Lupus flare up.  i started coughing and all kinds of things going on.  Last Monday I went to the doctor and shortly after that I was sent to the hospital with AFIB.  It turns out I had pneumonia/bronchitis and fluid around the heart.  So the next two days included some tests, resting, and meds.  

MY roommate was an older woman who was anxious to go home and at one point she almost did.  She did end up leaving before I did on Wednesday.   She was becoming confused, and agitated.  They would move her out of the room for several hours at a time so it wouldn’t be inconvenience.  It also turned out she was resident at WRNH.

When I got home late WEdnesday it was great.  Liz and I did laundry, and g…

Didn't Do Bingo today

I am beginning to lose count how many times I have missed bingo but I felt like I had to today.  I wasn’t feeling well again.  I had the D word and also I had been feeling wonky for most of yesterday and the arthritis in the neck base of skull was flaring again.  I took the tylenol and it has subsided a little but I don’t want to take too many chances.  So aside from some laundry and light shopping not doing too much.

Yesterday as I mentioned I felt wonky.  I think it could be the meds but I felt a little spacey (more than normal).  I was able to drive but every so often I felt light headed.  I was really glad that Liz and Nelson drove to Killingworth.

The party was lots of fun.  It had a Minnie Mouse theme.  There was vegetables and dips, cheese and crackers, pizza (variety) and chocolate cake in Minnie Mouse design.  It was not a large party but but cousins James, Lucas, and some friends. We stayed until 5 and about an hour or so later we were back in Milford.  I stopped at Walgreens …

Had a lovely Lunch

I had left here yesterday around 11:20 yesterday and noticed I was going to be really too early to show up at Roberta’s office so I stopped by the pet supply store and got the five lb kitty food.

Then I headed to Trumbull.  The ride was not bad.  The traffic moved along and the scenery was lovely with the new fresh snow from the day before.  The route the GPS took me did seem a bit long and it doesn’t know from left to right but I got there..  After asking directions that weren’t really necessary I found the office and we chatted and introduced to the rest of her staff.  We went to Old Town Restaurant for lunch and was joined by a friend/co-worker Gloria..

We had soup.  I had the seafood bisque.  They had each had something different.  Then our main meals were each different.  They had tuna fish and I had a corned beef sandwich.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it because my stomach was acting the way it was on Tuesday.  Roberta noticed it and I explained it could be the meds.  Anyway,…

The latest snow storm

It was snowing when I got up this morning.  It lasted until about Noon.  It was a good day to stay in the pajamas and relax.   That’s what I did.  Sky sat with me for a long time too.  Late in the day he sat at the end of the bed as well.  I did get up to do odds and ends (bill paying, sweeping).  The snow came again around 5 for a short time.  According to the weather reports there won’t be anymore but the temperatures will drop.

Dinner was Angel Hair and shrimp from smart one.  It was good but hot and made my stomach bleh.  I was going to make other pasta but stayed with this.  I straightened up the kitchen and sent the dishwasher through.  I have a little laundry going now.  

The rest of the night will be reading and perhaps watching stuff online because there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot on the TV.

Been getting a lot of rest

I was able to get some rest Monday when I posted last entry my headaches returned.  I can’t say if they are real headaches or not.    They are gone for now but that’s because I keep taking Tylenol and the meds.  I know I will have to talk to Dr. G or Anita about it when I see them.  

Monday night  I had dinner of cereal (I would like to think they muscle relaxants are affecting my appetite) and replenished the kitty litter for their boxes and replenished their food and water for overnight.

The kitties were quiet Monday each were sleeping and on occasion when I call sky would come and cuddle with me.  At night they played and then settled down.  

Tuesday was my Lunch with LIz.  IHop was fairly busy with a Children’s Miracle Network activity for lunch so I called Liz who was doing some volunteering and changed the venue.  Which was a good thing because I scraped someone’s car.  Seven people saw me but it was just so many things including embarrassing.  When I told Liz about it she asked me…

A slow Monday

It has been a slow Monday for me today.  I stayed in bed longer than usual which I think annoyed the cats but I also feel like I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  I was feeling a little achy and took meds and had my breakfast and did some online surfing.  I got showered and made some calls and I am trying  to do something about these bathrooms.

I called Liz this morning because my Niece Lisa had posted a sad post and I wasn’t sure if it was one of her little dogs or something happened to Olivia.  Liz surmised it was another of her patients.  I totally understand that.  I shared about the \3 etime I was working for the Therapeutic RAdiology Department and how upset I would get after seeing so many patients I got to know not always make it.  Anyway, Liz says a few things had been cancelled including the lecture she was supposed to attend and Rich’s procedure.  I let her know that JIm was coming up near the end of the week.  She offered to cancel lunch and I told her he wasn’t coming up…

Started my vacation

Yep that’s right started my vacation on Friday.  I still had some work left but I am sure J and M will work on it. I will be off for five days.  I am having lunch with Liz on Tuesday, and Jim is coming up Wednesday and spend a day or two here.

Unfortunately,  I haven’t done very much since Friday night.  I have been having flare ups and its slowly getting better.  Right now it feels like a headache at the base of my skull (which is basically arthritic).  Any time I move it it hurts.   I have taken some more tylenol right now.  The muscle relaxant is now scheduled for dinner time then again at bedtime.  Actually as I have been surfing the net the neck doesn’t seem to be too bad.  I know when I go to bed it will be back..usually is.  I have a serious case of dry mouth too.

So As I mentioned I am having lunch with Liz on Tuesday at IHOP.  When I called her today I told her i still wasn’t feeling 100% but she reminded me of the Chiropractor.  I am seriously considering it.  She tells me Ri…