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Feeling Better

I have barely coughed this afternoon.  I am glad I don’t have to take the meds several times a day.  I spent most of it on the computer.  Surfing and updating files and address books.  Eventually I plan on writing the minutes.  

I just checked my work emails and found one from BB.  He requested that we can’t text or email him when we are going to be late or out.   It was sent to the entire team but  I am sitting here trying to remember if I have done that.  I haven’t but someone over did it.  The only time I email him is when I leave  I will try to check with Lauren tomorrow.

You should see the kitties.  They are both sleeping on the bed in a circle.  It looks too funny.  They stayed with me mostly all afternoon.  I am going to take the camera and get it developed the next time I am out in the world.  They have been pretty tame in their mischief-I think.  They got into the closet a few times and they managed to get into my old bedroom.  I almost left Tiger there without realizing it.  I…

The Weekend

I am really glad this weekend came and went.  I had a fairly decent sleep going into Friday but it felt like I was going to the bathroom the night before t.  some feel this isn’t good and some say its the water I have been drinking.  The other thing is i have been having muscle spasms in the backs of my legs and they hurt.  Usually at night when I try and move around the kittens in bed but it happened on Saturday too.  

I also kept having coughing fits throughout the day Friday and did a lot of sleeping the entire weekend.  At night I would cough whenever I opened my mouth to talk.  I finally after  being urged by a coworker to get to a doctor i made some calls and got to internal med yesterday afternoon.  Of course I went home and rested but didn’t cough the entire freaking time.   I did get a chest x-ray and they sent me home even though the doctor told me to come back.  I wasn’t happy about that because they called me and asked me why I didn’t return.  Liz was able to get my new med…

Plans changed

Last night Roberta and I made plans to get together tonight and continue catching up.  So when I came home I straightened up the living room a little and got dinner and finished writing up previous entry.  Unfortunately, something came up and she couldn’t make it but she called around 8 and explained what happened (Hubby was helping SIL with computer issues)and Roberta wanted to be a buffer.  We made plans to get together on Saturday.

I also had to make a phone call to UConn Health tonight but it got as far as an emergency line.  They called last week twice for Mom for an appointment reminder.  I couldn’t get the number or the doctor so when I receive the letter I wanted to let them know Mom and passed away.  They suggested I call tomorrow morning by 7:30.  I will have to do it when I get to the office.

I spent most of the night downstairs watching TV and surfing the net.  I had been hearing about a Full House re-boot and so I watched the original tonight and then got online and found t…

Thankful Thursday 4/23/2015

I am thankful for my family who have helped me through this latest health crisis. 2)  I am thankful for the medical profession who strived to help me on the road to recovery.  I am feeling stronger every day. 3) I am thankful for my job and coworkers for their support and love. (yes I said love too) they are my extended family. 4) I am thankful for the home I have. 5) I am thankful for the friends who are in my life. 6) I am thankful for the two kitties that have brought so much to my life 7) I am thankful for God in My life.

work went

last several nights have had muscle spasms in the back of the leg and in the feet.  Now I have been drinking water as much as possible and that’s supposed to prevent them?  I will have to keep an eye on them.  could this be because of the lack of prednisone?  Other than that feeling pretty good today.

I have been chatting with cousin dan in the last day or two.  He works for the development office for the University and I wanted him to know about his former neig…

Earth Day 2015

Yesterday was absolutely a beautiful day.  the sun was shining and the temperatures were warmer than expected.   However it would change by the end of the day as rain was predicted for the end of the day into the evening.  It rained for a few hours yet I could see a partial sun set in the southern western sky.  It was pretty.  Of course it won’t be like that for the rest of the week.

I saw the Dr. yesterday and he said I sound good.  Heart was strong and breathing fine. He says I have post nasal drip and suggested I take allergy meds that  don’t have the decongestant in it because they would make my heart race.  He also said the inhalants would do the same thing.   The only thing I didn’t tell him was the fact I kept dozing yesterday morning while driving to work (usually at stop signs).  I was fine driving back from the Dr and on the way home.  However, my friend LA was not happy with me.  I am hoping I won’t do it again today.  

Work was fine.  I didn’t get a lot done because I was ou…

I hate when

When I leave my phone at home (which isn’t often) I sometimes miss phone calls.  That happened today.  I was supposed to meet with Debra but she was delayed.  We had just crossed paths but her door to her waiting room was locked.  I waited in the hall for about 20 minutes and then left for the car.  I was home earlier than usual.  I managed to call her when I got home.  We will be meeting at our regular time next week.

The kittens were waiting for me when I got home.  Sky was upstairs and Tiger was on the chair.  I tried to get them to come to me but they ran around for a bit.  While they got used to me being back in the house I got dinner ready.

I made baked chicken with panko crumbs and butter and baked them in the small oven for 30 minutes (they were chicken breast strips) and I made some rice.  It was pretty good.  I have some left over to be cooked and to reheat for tomorrow.

I don’t know  how this happened but something caught my attention in the livingroom (the kittens were playin…

the funeral is today

This morning is my friend’s husband’s funeral at the cemetery  It was raining for most of te morning and by the time we left the office it stopped. It was a brief service.   Well we got the thunder and lightening storm around 1:30 this morning.  The kitties handled it very well.  They looked around a couple of times and just laid down and went back to sleep.  They stayed there until about 4 and 5.  
Since I have been up I had clean out the boxes.  I found Sky sitting in the box.  Something I haven’t noticed him doing in a long time.  He is calling me now to get ready for work.  ANyway for the second or third day he got into the cellar.  He tried again before I came upstairs after he nearly fell out of my arms and into the cleaning bucket.  He didn’t get hurt luckily.  
I wasn’t terribly happy to hear about the latest listeria product recall.  I just finished up the blue bell ice cream sandwiches.  Then I heard it can affect those with weakened immune systems.  actually I don’t see the sa…

Pretty good day

Despite the gloomy day I had a good one.  I was busy for the entire day.  A number of my colleagues returned from vacation and were happy to see know I was back.

I was pretty proud that I brought brought my lunch from home and probably saved $10 or $12 bucks.  i am doing it again tomorrow too.  I have to think about things other than tuna fish or cheese sandwiches but that will probably be the case for tomorrow.  

I was trying to arrange a carpool ride  for the funeral but some may not return to the office and some others are not driving.   I may have to go myself.

I made a stop at the dollar store down the street from the house and they did a complete remodeling it looks better than it did back in Dec.  I picked up a red garbage can for the kitchen.  The one that was under the sink is totally useless and I find myself wasting bags and so that’s why I got a new one.  It was about $10.

When I got home the kitties were waiting for me.  I think my jacket scares them for some reason.  they sc…

A Pretty Nice sunday

I had a pretty nice Sunday despite my doubts as a furbaby Momma.  I went to mass and it was nice.   We had a deacon from the Lake Ontario Area as a representative from Christian Relief SErvices.  THere wasn’t a second collection for them but it was basically an update on their recent achievements
After mass I went over to my sister’s and spent about an hour there.  I got to meet their guests Sam and his son.  Nelson had just gotten home from a Knight’s event (they were serving at another breakfast but at a different church).  By the time I left I garnered a dinner invitation.
I was back home by 2 after grocery shopping and kitty food shopping.  I spent the next couple of hours watching TV and taking a nap before going back to Liz’s.  THe kittens were sleeping until 4 and they were pretty funny.
I did chat with neighbors Chris & Chris.  Chris G starts a new job this week but it is starting off rather weird.  He is only going in for a few hours for the next two days because the admin h…

This is CRazy

Last night I went downstairs to check on the cats and they were running around and I noticed that the lace curtain by the driveway was down.  I fixed and I did what at the time was right (yelled).  I went back to bed and noticed they didn’t come up for several hours so I decided to go and sleep with them.  Yep.  I am a weakling.  Tiger was sleeping on the other lace curtain on the floor that I never fixed yet.  Sky was on the chair cushion he usually sits or sleeps on.  Tiger avoided me for a while I thought.    ARound 3 Sky left so I came upstairs and went back to bed.  Sky came up and got cuddly.  He also tried to play with my glasses a few times too.  

This morning they are right as rain.  They called for me at 6 and so I fed them at 6:30 (and then I ate and watched TV) now they are playing again downstairs.  I also played with them.  I am afraid if I do too much yelling they will continue to avoid me and get vindictive.  Liz warned me about that a while back so that’s always been i…

Not quite

Well it is after 3:30 and it didn’t quite make it to the 70’s.  It made it up to 67 degrees around here according to  I don’t have an outdoor thermometer around here.  So I am taking what they say as the truth.  There is some coolness in the air and the breeze is nice too.

Well noontime I got the bathrooms cleaned up and the litter boxes all washed out for a while and at some point one of the kitties came out of hiding and blessed it.  I must have been downstairs working on the one downstairs.  I figured they were sleeping the entire time well until about quarter of four when I could hear Tiger wake up.  She has been preening herself and trying to get into the closet.  Actually they have been pretty good about not going in there this week.  I am expecting Sky to come out soon.  They will probably play and then sit up on the bed with me while I surf the net or watch TV.  

I heard from Jim midday.  He said it was beautiful in Allentown.  We talked about kitty stuff.  He was c…


The sun is shining and its in the 40’s right now but it is going to get into the 70’s today but what is is unbelievable is now there is a brush fire alert for many places because of the dry conditions and the wind?  Didn’t anyone notice the rain yesterday?  Granted I heard it on the news this morning.  i probably should have paid attention better.  I a,m sure they explained it better than I just did.

The kitties are good this morning.  Tiger is sitting on the pillow chair by the window as i write this.  She tried to take Mom’s bow tie clip and play with it.  Yes of course I took it from her and hid it.  Sky is probably downstair in the back room looking out the window.  He was sure he got me up around 6:30.  I really wanted to sleep in.  Ah well there are always naps.  

I have decided to put off grocery shopping until tomorrow.  I noticed in the paper yesterday there were coupons from Shop-Rite and it starts tomorrow.  I think I am going to try and do the coupons this time.  I usually d…


Kitties very playful today.  they knocked over one of the dining room chairs this morning.  I hope that isn’t going to be a recurring activity.  I am pretty glad I didn’t bring up the china closets.  I think they will be happy that I will be home for most of this weekend.

I had a pretty good day at work.  a little more discussion on the move among some of my colleagues.  they are not giving preferences because they will send us where ever.  It does seem like we are definitely moving to Maritime center but that will be in a year and half.  we also got more information on the funeral arrangements for “e”s husband.  Its on tuesday.  I am thinking of going.

the King and I opening night was a couple of nights ago and it went well.  according to the posts from ethel and rogier and of course diane.  apparently the after party was last night and it was awesome.  pictures looked beautiful.

john and Heather seem to be doing good. .  I hope John and Heather come home for a visit soon.  I miss them …

I shouldn't have had regular coffee yesterday

I was feeling pretty hyper and lost stuff at home (my password list) but happily found it when I got home this evening and people were irritating me.  

work went well  I got a lot done but I found out that another of my former co-workers Ann who retired about 15 years ago died yesterday.  She was beautiful and very sophisticated.  While at the same time told you the way she saw things.  I definitely will miss her.

There is some rumors going around that the building we currently have our office has been sold.  The age old discussion that our department will be moving has risen and it usually comes up every couple of years.  There have been two locations that has been suggested.  The newest locations would directly next door to our current location.  It was the former home of the newest cable company  (Frontier) but they moved over to State street.  The other is the Maritime Center at Long Wharf.  That has a lot of options.  It over looks New Haven Harbor and -95.  I will keep you posted …

Thankful THursday 4/16/2015

1)I am thankful for my family who have helped me through this latest health crisis. 2) I am thankful for the medical profession who strived to help me on the road to recovery.  I am feeling stronger every day. 3) I am thankful for my job and coworkers for their support and love. (yes I said love too) they are my extended family. 4) I am thankful for the home I have. 5) I am thankful for the friends who are in my life. 6) I am thankful for the two kitties that have brought so much to my life. 7) I am thankful for God and his continuous blessings.

It’s Thursday and so far a beautiful a day.  According to the weatherman today would be the best day around here to do outdoor stuff as we will have rain tomorrow morning.  THe weekend is supposed to be awesome.

Who needs metal alarm clocks when I have my Sky?  He got me awake just around 5:30.  I did my “a few more minutes” stance and no sooner he jumped up on the bed.  So of course I got up.  No I didn’t feed them right away I cleaned out the box do…

A little Sad

Work went  fine despite (the lack of sleep) but I found out that a former co-worker Elinor lost her husband last night.  He has been in the hospital lately.  I am hoping to get a card to her as quickly as possible.  I have known her for 25 years or so.

I talked with Mama Dottie today.  she is doing well.  she and her husband are going to Goodspeed Opera tonight and see Guys and Dolls. It was part of a gift from Yale season tickets to the Opera House, It should be fun.  Its beautiful up there

I emailed Jim this morning since I hadn’t talked with him or texted him since the weekend.  I think he approves of hiring livi.  He didn’t volunteer anything more today.   Our phone conversations haven’t been that long lately and that concerns me.  He hasn’t talked about coming up for visits or anything.  I know the relationship with L has cooled off.  although every few days he sends me messages via facebook relating to animals and especially kittens.

When I got home tonight the kittens were acting …

going to be a long day

It is a little after 3:30 Wednesday morning.  I have been trying to sleep but it just isn’t happening.  I had a midnight snack of cereal and the herbal tea but it just didn’t help.  I think its because of the decaf coffee and the ice tea I had during the day yesterday.  I also think because I did fall asleep at 7 last night also is contributing to the situation.
Work went well got more stuff off the desk just about the same time more stuff came.  ML was letting me know she rearranged stuff and organized more (like I couldn’t tell).  I wish she would leave stuff alone.  Just as she has a system I do too.  Oh Well.  Let’s see how long it takes me to merge the two.
The union is taking a vote in a couple of weeks for dues increase.  I think we should (its 14c) and its to help with the current “fights” we have in all the areas (Medical, Science, Main) and eventually for our future contracts and to help pay for the union organizers as well.  This should be in place for a while.  I am not sure…

My first day back part 2

Yesterday was my first day back to work and it was great.  I was greeted with hugs and kisses and very generous monetary gift and an edible arrangement that I brought home with me.  Of course the work was there waiting for me.  It was organized but there was stuff they just didn’t do.  Let’s just say I was tired when I got home last night.
I saw the hematologist yesterday.  He was quite surprised about the news but he also had reminded me that he could tell something was going on.  So now we are going to be watching out for future blood clots.  I am not sure what he means by that.  He does say the anemia is gone.  He wants me on iron for now.  I will see him in July.
I stopped at Liz’s last night.  we got into a bunch of discussions that made me uncomfortable.  We were talking about the money that may or may not come to her (she figures the house is completely mine ) but if something happens to me she and Jim get something.  she just wants to review the will again.  She also wants me to…

My First Day back

I am trying to figure out who

I woke up to a mess on the rug at the bottom of the stairs.  It didn’t look like “shit” but there was a mis-shot in the bathroom downstairs.  I am not sure which of the two of them did it but I think its in response to my tax prep frustration or the late night treat.  I tried to reassure them.  I have been keeping an eye on them today.  Some reason I Found what looks like food on the counter.  THey were sleeping when I got home from church and the breakfast.  THey came out when I found them.  Eventually Sky stayed downstairs and has been splitting his time between trying to catch a fly and sleeping on the chair.  Tiger roamed around here and went back upstairs.

There was a three house fire about 7 minutes from here yesterday.  I heard the fire engines around 1 yesterday.  It was on the news (obviously.) No one was hurt but lots of damage. It was caused by a candle near combustible materials.  That’s one reason I don’t have candles around.  I am afraid I would forget them or these two w…

I couldn't sleep last night

I was really having a hard time sleeping last night.  I heard noises (besides the kitties purring) and for a short time thought i could hear mice.  I thought something was drinking the water (it wasn’t)and the noises I did hear were the alarm clock ticking.  I also think it was the brookside chocolates that kept me awake too.

So while the kittens slept (and gave me dirty looks for lighting up the room with the laptop)I decided to surf the net.  I decided to look at our towns minutes of a couple of boards so that I could stay informed.  That didn’t last long.  Then I decided to read the newest entry of a blog I recently started to follow.  It is the New England Musings.

Brenda is from the Berkshires and shares her thoughts and Ideas of her life.  The most recent one was the age old spring tradition that kids go through every year.  The Prom.  In it she recounts how her Nephew was invited (it was indeed very sweet)by a young girl in his class via a snickers bar.  She continues with her ow…