Saturday, June 27, 2015


I should have printed out my password lists as I am with the pups and I can’t remember some of the access stuff I need for certain sites.  I do have my memory stick but I can’t seem to get it into their tower connection.  I remember the Face book one and a few others but that’s it.  I remembered one of my Gmail accounts but that has all my NCIS stuff on it.
I had a headache this morning so I stayed in bed as long as I could and the kitties cooperated.  I even was lying on the couch after they got fed.  Tiger even sat on me for a while.  I think they were a little miffed because they knew I was leaving (they were playing with the overnight bag).  I got ready around 8:30 to be here by 9.  Unfortunately I got here at 9:30.  I was chatting with Neighbor Sylvia (I told her about something that happened to me yesterday and I will talk about it in a minute) and she was kvetching about same subject matter.

So what happened yesterday?  The guy who was flipping the house over the last several months came to the door and in essence asked me if I would get my lawn mowed in time for the open house this weekend.  I swore that I would never let any of my neighbors dictate to me how to live or take care of the house and yard. Well last night I was rummaging through the house for Lawn guys number and I couldn’t find it.  I had to contact his son through Face book.  Now my lawn guy came two weeks ago but with the rain and all the grass is a little high (not to my thigh high but it needs it).  My hope is that Lawn guy just shows up and does the lawn (or at least his son) or they call me.  I had asked neighbor Sean if he had the number when he worked for them and he didn’t but he told me I should not pay attention to the neighbors that asked me to do the lawn.  Anyway let’s hope the yard got done.  I will find out when I head back to the house later.

I have been on Face book on and off and chatted with some friends and a few of the pen pal groups.  I also chatted with Big Brother.  He is trying to do housework…trying being the key word here. 

I took Mr. P out and now he is sleeping again.  I did let him lay on my lap and he liked that.  Preston is still upstairs hasn’t come downstairs except to bark and growl.  So when he is ready to do the walk…

I spoke to my sister just a little while ago.  She is continuing to prepare for her trip to Atlanta.  I might stop by and see her later on today.  We talked about the funeral of the Police officer who died earlier this week.  It wasn’t on duty.   There was an honor guard outside of the funeral home this morning.
I think I am going to go take a nap…

Thursday, June 25, 2015

stick a fork

How does that saying go?  Stick a fork in I am done?  Well that’s how I feel about today.  Thursday is done and it's one more day till the weekend.  Work was good had J help with the readdress mail it was down spiked and then getting to a normal range again.    Tomorrow should be the same  focus.

After work I headed to Subway and DQ for dinner and dessert.  While there I ran into Chairman Phil.  We discussed some DTC business and local stuff.  Including the death of one of Milford’s finest.  The Officer committed suicide earlier this week.  Soon after the discussion I came home.

When I got home I put the dessert(ice cream sandwiches) in the freezer and I had my sandwich.  The kitties started to come down and ambled around and eventually came to me.  Nice.  THey did their own stuff while I ate dinner and watched TV.

I called Liz while starting my laundry.  I invited her to go see Flashback tomorrow night.  She told me they saw them once and they were awful.  They are supposed to be the best local talent.  She said she would go with me if she felt up to it.  She did say that Chris got a new job and was starting tonight.

My neighbor sa came over to use my shower.  she had a flood in her house and can't use her shower right now. So we did some chatting and then she went home and I went upstairs for a while.

We are supposed to get some nasty weather overnight but I don’t mind it would be nice if we got it.

I am starting to get tired so I will say good night..

Thankful Thursday June 25, 2015

  1. I am thankful for my family warts and all.
  2. I am thankful for the medical profession who strived to help me on the road to recovery.  I continue to get stronger and better every day.
  3. I am thankful for my job and coworkers for their support and love. (yes I said love too) they are my extended family.
  4. I am thankful for the home I have.
  5. I am thankful for the friends who are in my life.
  6. I am thankful for the two kitties that have brought so much to my life.
  7. I am thankful my bil continues to recover and get better from his fall last  month..
  8. I am thankful the weather is changing for the better again.  We did need the rain though.
  9. I am thankful for the organizations I am involved with as it keeps me busy.

  10.  I am thankful for the cleaning lady I have...

I was so tired last night after the long day I had I really didn’t stay long on the computer.  So I had to do this this morning.  

work was crazy busy.  Just when I thought I would catch up on the mail I had a deluge.  Happily JN offered to help and continued today.  After work I had the Health coach and we touched on some of the food aspects.  More protein in the diets, and moderation mostly.  I see her again in two weeks.

the woman’s club meeting was more of a social/membership drive than a board meeting.  We met the winner of our Dr Langner Scholarship.  She just graduated from one of the HS and is attending Yale Med School in the fall.  I didn’t stay for the ice cream part as it was getting late and I still had my dinner cooling in the car.

It was nearly 8 when I got home.  the kitties seemed happy that I was home.  they were rather active for a while.  I had dinner and then got the garbage out for today.  It hadn’t been picked up when I left this morning and usually it is by the time I leave.

As most of you know we had some really treacherous weather Tuesday night that caused damage and some power outages.  Much like many areas around the country.  Today and yesterday have been lovely.  Actually I don’t know how lovely today is yet but I will when I head home tonight.  I have been getting alerts for this weekend and it's supposed to be “messy”.  I will be house sitting for some friends this weekend so this should be interesting.

The kitties have been pretty funny this week.  they have been finding new places to sit and repose for a relaxing time.  Sometimes it will be under the glass table out back, or behind a chair or two.  They have been doing their usual wrestling and they shredded one of the telephone books I had lying around.

well Time for me to get back to work...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I was a little Premature

I think I was a bit premature in cancelling my appointment with DG yesterday.  As predicted the storm started just about 4 and it was thundering and lightening but by the time I got through to West Haven it was literally clearing up.  It didn’t help traffic at all though I ended up getting home by 5.  An hour later it started to thunder and eventually rain again.  According to the weather teams the storm moved through the state quickly but not before causing damage in many areas including Torrington (northwest) and North Haven.  The sky had some funky colors before it cleared up too.

Dinner was a couple of smart ones and bread w/italian dressing.  It was good the first smart one wasn’t very filling so that’s why i did the other stuff.  I cleaned up the kitchen and played with the kitties and then went upstairs after a while.

I did talk with Liz and they were fine and so was everyone else who was in the storm’s path.  we will catch up again on Thursday or Friday.

The rest of the night the kitties played or sat around out back or in the living room.  Tiger seems to like sitting behind the white chair in the livingroom.  She seems to be finding more and more places to sit and be safe.  One of the girls I told this activity to says this is what cats do all the time.  When I left this morning they were both on the bed.  I warned them I would be very late tonight.

I made arrangements for my car to be serviced and they will do it on the day I am off next week.  It needs to have its oil changed and other things checked like brakes and I hope he will take a look at anything that catches their eye.

I have the health coach tonight, and two meetings and right now lots of work to get back to so I am going to go do that...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We are supposed to

I am debating whether or not to call D and cancel our appointment for this afternoon as we are supposed to get torrential rains and a threat of a tornado.  However, I think that tornado is supposed to be for the northern part of the state but it is supposed to start around 3 this afternoon.. .  I knew it was coming before I left the house so I closed some windows and left some open so the cats don’t get overheated

I was so proud of myself as I had brought a smart one to eat at lunch.  well when I went to get it I discovered the box was empty. but left in the freezer.  I don’t remember it being empty when I put it in there this morning but I was also so tired a mack truck could have driven over me and I wouldn’t have noticed..  I am really not that upset by it and it is not the first time it's happened in the office.

Other than the stolen lunch work has been good.  I mentioned to my Team Lead/super my concerns regarding my guardian angel.  Apparently he gets it from her too.  It looks like I will be doing the collection letters again.  I will do those in the morning.  

In the mean time its time for me to go back to work.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day and Summer 2015

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Despite the crazy weather we had (that was predicted) I did have a great weekend.  

Saturday afternoon we had our car wash unfortunately it was called off after 2 due to unforeseen weather coming.  We really didn’t have that many cars come for the car wash but I don’t know how much we made all together (tickets were sold prior to event as well).  I stopped at mcdonald’s on the way home.  One of the Steak burgers and shake.   ONce I got home i watched TV and took a nap with the kitties.  The rest of the night did some laundry and watched TV.

Sunday I woke up early to the sound of rain and thunder.  The thunder eventually ended but the rain continued until mid morning.  I eventually got up and fed the cats and then watched TV for a while with Tiger on my lap.  We stayed like that for awhile then she got up and I got up around 8:30 and started getting ready for bingo.

I arrived at the Nursing home around 9:30.  I chatted with the receptionist when I noticed things such as a new sign out front.  I made my way to the recreation room where Julia was.  She was happy to see me.  We talked while I had my coffee.  She was trying to tell me who was here and who was new (as far as patients) but she wasn’t making much sense.  I did find out that RT JOanne was there but delivering Father’s Day gifts for residents.

I got bingo started around 10.  I had help getting the cards out and the chips from one of the residents.  We played until about 11 and had gifts as prizes.  It was a lot of fun and gratifying when they welcoming me back.  After bingo I went to visit my Friend Greta.

I spent about an hour with Greta and we talked about her career prior to teaching and since then.  We discussed her former students and those who were also my classmates.  She told me that one one student (in First Grade) told her he wanted to become a cardiovascular Surgeon.  That’s exactly what he did and he is practicing today.  When I got home later that day I posted a message to the Live Oaks Alumni Facebook page and since that time had plenty of replies.

After that visit I headed over to my Sister and BIL’s house.  They had already been to church and were getting ready to do some stuff around the house.  ACtually Sis was but Nelson was starting to get over tired.  I spent about an hour there as well and we chatted about their weekend and I found out more that my cousins from our Mother's side were up for a visit.  Actually they were going to a wedding on their Mother’s side (confused yet?).  There was a possibility we would meet up later on in the day but that didn’t happen.

I left their house around 1 and headed back home.  Before doing that I called my brother and wished him a Happy Father’s Day but i had to leave a  message.  He called me back  when I got home.  He had dinner with my Niece E.  We chatted about stuff.  He mentioned our cousin J who is now traveling in Vancouver with his boat “Floyd”.

After that phone call I spent a couple of hours surfing the net and signing up with a few new pen pal groups on Facebook.  So I did some pen pal work and then relaxed.

Sis called me around 5:30 and invited me to dinner with her and BIL and their daughter and son in law.  So we met at Pop’s Diner and for the next hour we talked and ate.  After we finished we headed home by then the weather had changed.  While we ate the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up and it began to rain.

When I got home I just watched TV and got some more laundry done.  I started the dishwasher going.  

The kitties have been playing and sleeping.  I have found them in some really weird places.  For example Tiger likes to sleep in the base of the table out back.  She was laid out behind the rocking chair in the back room and for a split second I thought she was dead.  This was after I found part of the telephone book shredded.  They got into the guestroom today.  They have been scratching the peeling paint off the guest room door.  Everytime they sprawl out I can’t help feel they are not feeling well.  Then I think no the floor is cool against their bodies.  I just don’t know.  When I see them wrestle each other as they were a little while ago I am assured they are fine.  I am hoping that in a little while they will come up and sleep on the bed again as they did earlier in the weekend.

Work was fine.  I felt like I was pretty busy for a Monday.  MY guardian angel is starting to get on my nerves again.  She has been getting a little to bossy and a number of people have told me not to let her do it.  Unfortunately if I say something it might get worse.  Like I said last week the next ten days are probably going to make me crazy.

It is getting late and I think I will do some f-list reading and then watch the news....

Saturday, June 20, 2015

What's going on?

Along with everyone else this week saw the pictures coming across the TV Screen that showed the events that occurred in South CArolina where Dylan Roofus shot nine people in a church after Bible study.  It brought back memories of Sandy Hook Shooting at least for me.  There have been stories of the background of Dylan Roofus.  The backgrounds of a couple of the victims.  There is a report that the Father of DR gave him a gun.   i actually have to read the articles that have culminated over the last two days.  My prayers and thoughts to the victims and their families and friends and the entire town having to deal with this.

One of our middle schools had to be shut down two weeks ago because of Bomb Threat.  Well a 19 year old Maryland Man was taken into custody yesterday for making those threats.  He is in a Maryland Jail now.  Why would this person do this?  I believe I heard or read that he took the screen name of an acquaintance and made the threat.

Work went well but was glad the week was over.  I admit it's going to be difficult to keep focused because I am taking that long weekend off.  In the mean time there will be plenty of mail to open and readdress.  It will have to be done but It will be a struggle I think.

Last night I went to IHOP for my dinner.  I had it early because I also got the cat food and supplies.  I was going to go this morning but decided not to.  Anyway, I had one of their summer stacks they had been promoting for the last couple of weeks.  It was the one with banana and cream and nilla wafers, and eggs, bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns.  It was a lot granted but I ate most of it.

Today was the Club Car wash and the weather didn’t cooperate.  We had about ten cars for two hours and it began to rain around 1 and so we started to clean up by 2.  On top of that the girls who did a great job had to leave for other activities (family and otherwise).  I was home by 3.  

I had mcdonalds for lunch so I am not all that hungry yet for dinner.  I am not sure what I will have when I do.  

Right now the kitties are sleeping on the bed.  Something they haven’t done in a couple of days.  I don’t think they moved from the sofa or chair where I left them this morning til I got home.  They joined me when I came up after lunch.  I started falling asleep for a while and so did they.

I think I will watch TV for a while...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Thought

I thought for sure I would be extremely tired by lunch time today.  I wasn’t though.  Why you ask?  Well I woke up several times during the night.  I pretty much stayed awake from 2 am until it was time for me to get up for the day.  Why you ask?

Well I had a headache for most of yesterday as I mentioned in my Thankful Thursday post and after eating and watching some TV I guess I fell asleep until I discovered no kitties on the bed.  I went in search of them.  I found Sky in his usual spot.  It took me a few minutes to find Ms Tiger.  She was in a semi new spot behind the loveseat.  I had called out to her before finding her there.  She eventually came out and so I spent time with both of them.  At one point I found myself following TL and decided against it.  I just went up stairs and did the thankful thursday post and watched tv for a while.  I did notice they do still curl up with each other and sleep.

They didn’t come up until nearly 5.  They each sat in their own windows or out in the hallway (which both have been doing a lot of too) and then sky would come up and nuzzle his face in my own.  (sigh) as i was relieved.  I guess they have their moods too and don’t always want to do group things.  

even though they started at 5 I stayed in bed longer and then got up when the alarm went off and 5:30.  they followed as I headed downstairs and we did our thing.  I had to sweep up the bathroom floor when it came time for the box to get cleaned out or I would be in mud getting out of the shower.  I was happy to see they didn’t shred the newspaper under the box.. Once they had been fed I had my coffee and yogurt I did doze on the couch until 6:30.  

I managed to shower, dress, pay more attention to them and then take off before 7:30.  I decided to stop at DD and get some more coffee and one of those cheesecake squares with cookie crumbs on it.

The morning was spent on the re-address mail and then daily stuff when it came in which also turned out to be more readdress mail.  I will be turning my attention to the sorting of the denials very soon.

I have a fundraiser to attend tonight for the Mayor.  Its at our favorite hangout Stonebridge.  I don’t want to dress up for it I hope what I am wearing will be sufficient.  I am also not staying long as I have things to do-like sleep.

OKay lunch is over...have a great afternoon...

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for my family warts and all.
  2. I am thankful for the medical profession who strived to help me on the road to recovery.  I continue to get stronger and better every day.
  3. I am thankful for my job and coworkers for their support and love. (yes I said love too) they are my extended family.
  4. I am thankful for the home I have.
  5. I am thankful for the friends who are in my life.
  6. I am thankful for the two kitties that have brought so much to my life.
  7. I am thankful my bil continues to recover and get better from his fall last  month..
  8. I am thankful the weather is changing for the better again.  We did need the rain though.
  9. I am thankful for the organizations I am involved with as it keeps me busy.

  10.  I am thankful for the cleaning lady I have...

I can’t believe this week is almost over again.  It went by fairly quickly. That could be a good thing and a bad thing.   Monday Night I had dinner with my Friend Dave at Olive Garden and we had a good time.  It was our standard “let’s catch with each other with dinner” night especially when we don’t see each other regularly and don’t call each other.  We do email each from time to time.

Work has been getting busy and a little frustrating for me for various reasons.  We had our our fire drill on Tuesday and it was a challenge to get down the six flights of stairs so next time I will be in the stairwell with several others who can’t maneuver the stairs for whatever reason.  I am really looking forward to my long weekend next month.

I have to tell you my shoulder has been giving me a hard time this week (and as i mentioned my knee and the breathing)I have been taking the tylenol and prednisone when I have to.  I had a headache for most of yesterday afternoon until about 7.  I was glad when the tylenol kicked in.

I received a lovely baby shower invitation to for my Niece Ashley who is having a baby in August.  WE have been asked instead of a card to bring a book with a note inside.  The shower is going to be in Danbury CT in mid July.

I am hoping that we don’t get rain during our Club sponsored car wash on Saturday.  I am not sure if it will be a good turn out if does.  I remember one year it did start raining and it seemed to not get as many after all.

Monday, June 15, 2015


It is very ironic when we wish or hope for something like rain and when it comes it comes as too much.  The rain started sometime around 3.  I could hear it come down so I got up and closed the windows.  It wasn’t really coming in but the window sills were damp sticky.  I am thinking if I left the sun room windows open I would be mopping up a lot of water on the ledges.  In the end it will be good for the lawns, gardens and fields and orchards and perhaps the rivers and lakes.  

This rain storm caused some problems on the road this morning.  A truck ended up going in the wrong direction and over the embankment.  It caused a back up both north and south bound and even though I left at 7:20 I was still five minutes late.

Work was good.  The mail seemed really high in volume maybe that’s because I got to it before my Guardian Angel.  It was done but gave me more re-address mail to work on.  Wheee.  We received an email from administration (the Dean and Assistant Dean of Med School) trying to discount the New Haven Register ARticle regarding the Jobs rally-march from Friday.  Some people I spoke to about it didn’t believe them.

I got an invitation for dinner from Dave this morning and made arrangements to go to Olive Garden.  He picked me up around 7 and actually got to meet the kitties.  OF course one took off and the other I stopped before he got too far.  we had a nice time.  we talked about our families, work, and vacations we hope to take.  we had their special cucina MIa.  We each took something home with us.   I found out that it was dave who left the bottle of coke in my doorway several weeks ago.  The evening came to an end and we were home by 9.

when I got in the kittens were ambling around the foyer.  I turned on the lights and got some tea ready and cleared out  the litter boxes and refilled the kibble.  I am going to eat my dessert and then headed upstairs to do the same for the litter box upstairs and then got ready for bed.

sky has been cuddly so I can’t stay on too long and I want to watch tv for a bit before going to sleep.   

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Mountain

None of the movies or regular shows were holding my attention last night..  Not the hobbit movie, the Jurassic Park 3 movie, or the final Harry Potter Movie.  For the regular shows the L&O marathon are showing eps I have seen recently.  

I did some laundry but after awhile I decided to finish it today.  I am all set for the week.  

The kitties spent a lot of time out back watching the world from the back door and their perches along the windows.  They were pretty quiet in the afternoon despite the fact I found “yak” in the corner of the room.  Not sure when it happened but wasn’t much of an issue anymore.  When it was time for me to go to bed they stayed downstairs.   I decided some time after 1 this morning that I would sleep down there.  Sky on his usual spot and me on the sofa and Tiger on my legs for the next few hours.  It was daylight when I woke up and the kittens were playing.  We went through our normal routine.  When I told Liz about it she couldn’t believe it.   When I told Jim he totally understood and told me he does the same thing when his princess doesn’t come up. After they were fed and doing their own stuff which included coming back up here and we went back to bed for a few more hours.  Hence the title of this.  Mohammed and the mountain.

Once I got up for the day I did watch TV, talked with both siblings (as I mentioned) and did a few chores.  BTW, The garbage bags from Glad?  The ones that are ribbed and supposed to be super strong?  Not so much.  I had the broken glass and it punctured the bag.  

The weather was beautiful it was in the 80’s all day and sunny.  It started changing around 6 tonight.  It has cooled down and gotten breezy.  We are supposed to get some “Hazardous Weather overnight and make the commute to work questionable and it's supposed to be like that all day.  On one hand I will believe it when I see it on the other I believe it will happen.  We really need it because we haven’t had any rain since the beginning of the month.

Well it’s getting late and I am starting to get sleepy.  Have a great night and see you tomorrow.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Early Morning Wake Up call

You would think it being Saturday Morning that I would get a chance to sleep in right?  No.  After being woken up by Sky with his normal meowing  at 5:15 in the morning.I heard a loud crash.  It was Tigerlily.  After she gotten up on the mantel.  The few items left on the mantel were on the floor including two framed pictures.  There was broken glass almost everywhere.  The box of sheep that Mom gotten also all over the floor but miraculously not broken that I could see. I had to reset the Yale anniversary clock I got years ago.  I cleaned up the glass and put the pictures on the coffee table.

Once I got the glass picked up and straighten up the mantel scarf I decided to clean out the litter boxes and then get their breakfast.  It was just about then that one of them literally got underfoot and tripped me.  I had dropped the water bowl onto a plate that was in the sink.  It broke.  I scolded them for all that had happened.  It was not starting out to be a good morning.

Once all that was done I had coffee and the kittens avoided me for at least an hour.  I had my breakfast of pizza and coffee.  After that I had emptied the dishwasher and then went back to bed for a while.  

While I was trying to get back to sleep i had the TV on and sky was there for a while.  I am not sure where TIger was but I think I found her downstairs when I came down to take my shower.

I had my hair appointment at 9:30 so I was really running around trying to get ready and get there on time.  I managed to get to the salon by 9:30 but Karen had to take a phone call.   I didn’t have to wait that long but I managed to have coffee.  We talked about our family's, life in general and it was quite interesting. We were finished by quarter after 10.

When I got home I stopped and talked with neighbors.  First was Chris who was working out in his yard.  We talked about the non-existent thunderstorms we never got.  I told him about the morning’s events.  He was understanding.  THen I saw Sylvia.  SHe too was working out in her yard.  We talked about pets and stuff (again told her about the wake up call) after we finished I came home.  The kittens were on their way down to greet me.  Everything seemed good.  Well I did find some small shards of glass and threw them away.

I called Liz and chatted with her until someone was at the door.  We talked about the kittens adventures and we discussed solutions (like spraying something other than water) to stop them from doing or going places they are not supposed to be doing/going.

After hanging up I put a load of laundry in and came upstairs and relaxed for a while.  I was watching various movies including the rest of L&O marathon and then the Mummy 3 movie.  Sky showed up and laid at my feet and Tiger was in her spot in the spring mattress.  They both woke up around 2 and now are in the back room hanging out.

My shoulder has been hurting for the last couple of days.  It isn’t right now but if I move a certain way (like trying to get up from the bed or lean down to pet the cats) it would hurt.  Right now its now as bad because of tylenol.  So for now I am taking it easy.

I think I am going to take a nap as i am getting tired and in a couple of hours make spaghetti since the pizza is gone.

I don’t think we are going to be getting any rain today the sun is shining brightly and it's beautiful out.  It is in the low 80’s. It is that in the house as well.  So enjoy it.

take care...

Friday, June 12, 2015

I have been so tired this week

I was tired every night that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I wanted to watch TV a few times this week and couldn’t.  I am hoping to continue the trend of a full sleep tonight and I may even go as soon as finishing this entry.

Tuesday I didn’t meet with DEbra.  I just wasn't feeling good and I needed to come home.  We were supposed to have a phone session Wednesday but never connected.  I thought about calling her but I have been fairly busy at work.  I am not sure if we'll be meeting the rest of June or not.  She is supposed to be vacationing a few times this summer.

Wednesday was a crazy ass day.  I had everything done early and basically had to find things to do until I left at 2:30.  I left work early thinking I had an appointment w/Dr. Sonia.  I got there on time only to discover that it was cancelled when I was there last time.  I should have noted that in my notes from last time.

That night was the Woman’s Club Rita’s Italian fundraiser.  The girls did the promoting and scooping while DR. T, Roberta, and I sat and chatted.  I was treated with a custard cone by Roberta.  There seemed to be a lot of people there but I really wasn’t facing the store a lot.  We did have a visit from the owner.  He was the father of one of our former girls club member.  She is in Spain and will be coming home this weekend.  We were there until 8:30.  I was home by 9 and as I said in the opening I was in bed shortly after that.

Thursday was pretty good.  I wasn’t able to get everything out but I was doing other things that SR gave me to do.   That evening was the Jobs March across the city.  I was going to bail but that was until Elia the organizer stopped by my office.  So I relented and attended.  We met at Kelly’s Bar and Grill on Crown Street.  We had appetizers and then more people came around including the current President of Local 34.  We left around 5 and marched to City Hall where all the other organizations were waiting to start.  There was some changes in the marches.  At first we were going back to the Med SChool but there were not enough members from there.  So they were going to go the opposite direction.  However, my legs, knees, and breathing were not cooperating as it was quite humid.  So I left with a couple of my friends/co-workers back to the garage and headed back home.

I did try and stay up to watch the LOTR movie however it didn’t work.  I was dozing and trying to sleep.  Sky came and laid under my neck a couple of times.  He eventually went to his spot at the end of the bed.

Today was busy and I ended up getting more re-address mail and it built up.  One good thing is I am able to use Epic system.  Eventually I will be doing the refund checks (which basically means I make notations on each patient's account and the mail out the refund checks.  I can also use the system to look up stuff to see where each document goes to.  It should be very interesting.  I hope I can use it well.

Tonight was pizza night.  I had three slices and juice.  The rest of the pizza will be eaten during the weekend at some point.  

I really don’t feel like doing much tonight that includes things that need to be done.  My shoulders are hurting a little tonight as well as the knees so I am thinking I will do it before leaving for my hair appointment.

The kitties are quiet right now.  Sky spent a lot of time meowing/crying loudly earlier but I couldn’t figure out what he needed or wanted.  He is sleeping right now.  Tiger is out back on the ledges relaxing.  She knocked over a dvd player (the mini dvd player) on to the floor.  I can only imagine what they did today.  I am pretty sure sleeping was a huge part of the day.

The weather has been warm and summerish.  Several times it was reported that hazardous weather  would be coming through Milford.  It never happened.  I have also heard and may have mentioned it earlier that the weekend may have some rain storms.  If that’s the case I will embrace that opportunity as I usually love rainy weekends.

I have very little planned for the weekend.  I am getting my hair done in the morning and probably grocery shopping.  I think there is a couple of things going on in town and I might check it out.

I talked with my sister last night.  She has been busy working in her garden almost all week.   She told me she is planning on going to Atlanta for a conference.  She was afraid she would have to cancel it after all that happened with N.   There is still two weeks until she goes and she is leaving the option to cancel for then as well.  She did tell me that my nephew C lost his job at the restaurant he has been working at.  He is heartbroken and unemployed.  I don’t know what he will do know but I hope he finds another job soon.

I have heard from Jim through Facebook this week.  He shared videos and stuff with me and of course I replied.  I will email him this weekend though.

I heard from my pen pal Mary L the other night.  I will be writing her this weekend.  I have to read the entire email later but she sounds good for now.

Well that’s about it for now...Have a great night and great weekend..

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for my family warts and all.
  2. I am thankful for the medical profession who strived to help me on the road to recovery.  I continue to get stronger and better every day.
  3. I am thankful for my job and coworkers for their support and love. (yes I said love too) they are my extended family.
  4. I am thankful for the home I have.
  5. I am thankful for the friends who are in my life.
  6. I am thankful for the two kitties that have brought so much to my life.
  7. I am thankful my bil continues to recover and get better from his fall last  month..
  8. I am thankful the weather is changing for the better again.  We did need the rain though.
  9. I am thankful for the organizations I am involved with as it keeps me busy.

   10.  I am thankful for the cleaning lady I have...

Work is doing good.  For the first time I am so caught up there is nothing on my desk except the things that are supposed to be there.  However I know that will change eventually.  There is a union march this afternoon after work for Jobs security.

Everyone in the family is doing good.  BIL continues on his path to recovery with PT and doctor’s appointments.  They are still planning on surgery for him some time over the next several weeks.  

The woman’s club had the Celebrity Scoop at Rita Ice last night and I think we did pretty good.  We have a few more things coming up in the next couple of weeks.  They look like it's going to be fun.

The Weather has been really nice.  It's been in the 60’s and 70’s.  It is supposed to get very warm.  We are supposed to get some thunderstorms over the weekend though.  

Monday, June 08, 2015

My Weekend

My weekend seemed to fly by again.  After getting the lab work done and going shopping  I took some time to relax with the kittens sleeping at my feet.  NCIS was on the TV.   I was hoping to hook up with Roberta to ride to the Senior home but it never came to fruition.    She missed out on some fun!

As usual I was the first to arrive from the group. Then everyone began to arrive and we started decorating the area where the dance was going to be.  The administrator was already setting up the refreshments (and there were a lot).  While we were waiting on the entertainment to arrive I took the opportunity to visit with Neighbor Kim’s grandfather AL,  It was a relatively quick visit but he looked good and remembered me (and that’s good for 90 plus years).    The girls and I were dancing to a lot of various songs and (yes we included the residents).  I really surprised many with the amount of dancing I did.  I even danced with my friend “Alan J”.  He is also in his 90’s and was a prominent politician in town.  It was nearly 8 when we finished and headed home.

When I got home I played with the kitties and cleaned out their litter boxes and freshened up their kibble and then headed to bed.

Sunday was my Sister’s Birthday and a small surprise party.  It was a small party of family and friends.  Nelson’s mostly, and Liz’s friends, and acquaintances from church and school.  The food was catered by Lassie’s Restaurant and there was plenty.  My gift to her was a candle from Yankee Candle store along with a car jar that was called Beach Walk, and a shadow box about Sisters.  I stayed until about five.  

When I got home I did some more laundry and watched TV for a while.  I was listening to John Diliberto’s Echoes Radio program that’s on WSHU every week.  I must have fallen asleep at some point because the show was over and the other one was on.  Next time I woke up it was after midnight and the kitties were sleeping on the bed.

Today was a good but long day.  I woke up around 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep.  SKy started his meowing around 5.  After a while he stopped and started sitting next me until I got up.  By then it was just before 5:30.  I took care of the litter boxes and put some clothes into the dryer and then fed the kitties.  I really took my getting ready for work.  I didn’t leave here until 7:30.

Work was fine.  DF returned from bereavement leave.  Her husband died a week ago unexpectedly and she was (understandably) really having a hard time .  We will be there for her and to support her as needed.  

The ride home was a bit slow at first (that’s for another blog entry) then around West Haven had no problems but I could see the traffic slowing down by exit 40 (Woodmont Road).  i was glad I got off when I did.
I made baked chicken with italian dressing and panko crumbs and corn nibblets for dinner.  It was pretty good. I had a couple of those and the rest is in the refrigerator.  I had ice cream as an appetizer.  

I may call it an early night as i am tired and starting to get a headache.  I just took the plaquenil, Orencia as my face has been breaking out and well the plaquenil takes care of the rest of the body from flaring.  I do have to admit my ankle  has been hurting on and off all weekend and my left knee has been aggravating too.

I will see you tomorrow....

Saturday, June 06, 2015


I am finding it hard to get motivated this morning.  I have been up since 5:30 thanks to Sky.  I had to clean up vomit of sorts under the bed from one of them.  I have no idea which one but I suspect it was from the kibble.  I still have the blue wilderness left and though before opening the other bag of the  “new stuff” that I could finish that.  I may have to rethink that rationale.

This morning I have to get bloodwork done and I am not looking forward to it.  The Lab opened at 7:30 but I suspect again that it will be busy.  After that I need to go grocery shopping.  

I also have to get a gift for my sister.  I spoke to my BIL and he says they are still having the “surprise party” tomorrow afternoon.  He thinks Liz knows about it already but he isn’t sure.  

Later on this afternoon is the Spring Dance at Carriage House Senior home and it should be fun.  Its only for a couple of hours but I can’t wait.  I hope it is a huge success because we can do it again next year as well.

I better get going...

Not doing very much this morning