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My Birthday

Today has been quite a day.Extremely hot for most of it.It was humid before 8 am.It has cooled off considerably but I also put the fans on upstairs hoping the air would circulate down here.Not sure that worked.
I was expecting the Home health nurse to come for a visit and I ended up having to call her just before I left for my sister’s.It turns out she is coming tomorrow by 8:30.She is allergic to cats.She asked me to put them somewhere else.They will probably do that on their own.
I also called the office to remind them I wouldn’t be coming in this week and LC called me back and suggested I call HR for the FMLA packet.I explained I got that started earlier in the month.I was just waiting for the Doctor to sign and fax it.Do you know what I did next?I called HR to see if they ever received the packet and they didn’t.My next call was to the Dr.’s Office.They said they would send a message to the Dr. to get it done and to do it.So my hope is when I see him on Thursday he would have done i…

Last Vestiges of Summer

I know that we still have another month or two of summer but today it seemed like everyone was out enjoying as much as they could.My neighbors were working in their yards, I saw bicyclists out riding, Joggers running, and a basketball tourney going on at the local park.
I took my drive to the post office and did okay.I ran into Christine one of my co-workers.We chatted while she was weighing her mail and I mailed my letter and picking up mine.
It’s been beautiful.It is 85 degrees out and now starting to get what I call overcast.I don’t think it’s supposed to rain today but it wouldn’t hurt.It is supposed to get very humid this coming week.
We have new neighbors.Maria has new tenants that moved in yesterday and I think are almost finished moving in today.Neighbor Don met them yesterday and seemed to have good vibes.The other house that was flipped may have new owners too.There was a couple here today looking at it.I had an opportunity to catch up with the agent because he was a neighbor.

A Quiet Evening

It is after 6 and I am about to take a walk.Liz urged me or reminded when I spoke to her nearly 2 hours ago.When she asked if Jim was still here and I told her he wasn’t she didn’t seem pleased.I told her I am fine (except the wrist) and that I will be okay.She may call later tonight but I think it depends on whether or not she is tired.
I told her that I will be taking a test drive to the post office tomorrow.She didn’t even think about the driving situation or whether I could.I think she was expecting Jim to stay longer but I have no problem with it.It will all depend on the phone call I get tomorrow.He has been here literally three days.He has said in the past that “three days is his limit” only because of his cat, and his obligations back home.That is not a problem for me.Now if I was running a fever or really unable to move anything then that may be a different story.
I can walk around I have been doing a little laundry.I have been calling friends, and doing my favorite stuff sleep…

Early Morning

My entire day will consist of laundry and watching the LOTR marathon today and a safe bet of sleeping.I got up early (5:30) to feed the cats.Normally I wouldn’t do that but Jim was sleeping and I didn’t want Sky to meow as loudly as he has been in the last few days.So I fed them just after 5:30.It was nice Tiger came up from the cellar.Once I got them fed I had coffee and fell back to sleep until about 8.That’s about the time Jim got up.
It was a bit chilly this morning but really nice.I buried myself under the blanket here.Jim and I talked about it when he came down.Now it is a little warmer.Actually it is just 68 degrees.
Since we have been up we emptied the dishwasher, started laundry, and he emptied the dehumidifier and now he is going to clean my car for me and then take off for home for a couple of days.
It’s funny to see the kitties still skittish and jumpy but they do come out for a little bit and back downstairs for most of the time.I really wish they were a little more outgoin…

Been Home a couple of Days now

Been home now two and half days (it seems longer) and its good but I am still taking it slow at the request of my family.Today was quiet.Jim and I put together a shopping list and then about being organized and taking charge of our health.
I called the office and left a message with LC to let her know I wouldn’t be coming in on Monday and probably not until I see the Doctor.I don’t know if she got the message or not.I tried to leave one with BB but his voicemail was filled.
The Home healthcare nurse came in today and it was the lovely lady from yesterday.She took the vitals and they all seemed good.She says the wound seems to be healing well.She reminded me to hydrate as much as possible.To call if we have problems. She was very helpful with questions we had regarding the O2 (oximeter) levels and everything else.
After she left I hung out and was waiting for Liz to come over but I would later find out she was at picnic and so she didn’t come over until dinner.We all had a great discussio…

I survived

I left here on Monday just about 11:30 or so Liz picked me up and we signed in and went into what I call the prep room to get the vitals all the information and then dressed (or undressed).I was originally scheduled for 1:45 but didn’t get in until 2:15.The last thing I remember was going into the OR and getting set up. I was a little anxious because the mask was a bit large and claustaphobic but the nice man calmed my nerves and the next thing I knew I was being wheeled into in SICU.I lost all track of time.
Unfortunately as I was getting settled in one of the other SICU rooms was starting to flood so they had to move me down past the three affected rooms.I was placed in a room far removed from the excitement.I was there until Wednesday afternoon.During that time they had me walking, they took x-rays, and of course bloodwork, and of course the normal meds.I tried to get some extra sleep since I am normally a light sleeper.Before I left they took the tubes out that they used for the ac…

A Beautiful Morning

It is a beautiful morning.  I didn’t think so at first as I woke up with a headache and took some Tylenol and heaved it shortly after that.  I had it with milk.  Once I heaved it I fell asleep on the couch while the kitties ate their breakfast.  Happily the headache is gone.
After getting up around 9:30 or so I got the bed made (that’s what caused the headache.  The sheets were pulled from the bed and exposed the mattress and that usually gives me a headache).  It may be time to get a new mattress cover and new set of sheets that usually fit.
I have also been revising the minutes from Thursday’s meeting.  I was so late that night.  I didn’t realize that KR had moved to Beach Avenue and so I had to go there.  It was a beautiful evening.  It is a beautiful home too.
I just took a picture of the cats at the top of the stairs and it showed the chairs with the stuffing coming out.  Now I regret doing that because it looks messy.  I am going to have to really get those things that cover the fu…

So it begins

Well so it begins.Today was the last day of work for me for the next five days.As I go in Monday for the lung biopsy that I have been having mixed feelings about.I got the two calls today one was for the medical history and medicine logs (or whatever you call it).The Second call came in on the house phone with the T OA for Monday.I have to be at the hospital by 12:45 and then will be prepped for the procedure.That afternoon I will have the procedure (I am told it won’t be long).I will then spend the night.I probably will have some pain management done and Liz tells me I will have a drainage tube in my back over night.Whoopee.Actually now that it is more of a reality I am ready for it.
Tonight I went shopping for the kitties’ food so they will be well stocked for the days I can’t go.That was about all the shopping I did.I was getting hungry and I didn’t think I should go grocery shopping if I was hungry.So I went to IHOP for dinner.I finally got home by 6.I definitely will go shopping b…

Better Day

I have to say today is a much better day.  I managed to get up my normal time despite Sky’s best effort to wake me at 5.  He rammed his head against mine to wake me up.  He finally gave up after awhile.  When my phone alarm went off I got up.
I did the normal routine.  I am getting a little concerned that the litterbox in the downstairs bathroom isn’t getting used.  I looked around for any unusual things but didn’t see anything or smell anything.  Thankfully I wouldn’t want to start my day with that.  I may have to check the cellar but I don’t really think they did do anything down there.
I left the house by 7:30 and had no real traffic to speak of.  I got to the office at a good time and worked all day.  A part of me says i am making progress and the other have is doubtful.
It was in the low 80’s today which was a good thing and I think it was because of the clouds that had moved in this morning.  They seemed pretty ominous and beautiful at the same time.  I think we are supposed to get…

My Day didn't start Well

I couldn’t find one of the set of keys I normally use.  I ended up getting caught in a traffic slow up, and the brand new cart that Liz got me as an early birthday present and put together for me fell a part just as I got to my office.  I ended up being late for work too.  Of course that all changed by the end of the day.  I found the keys when I got home, and Liz came by and fixed the cart and put the extra wheels on it and did a MacGyver with a hook from the curtains and the wheel.

Other than that work was fine.  Kept busy but still have lots to do.  My Guardian angel wants to organize my office again before I take off next week.  She wants me to clean and dust everything.  Me thinks that perhaps I may still be moving after all.  She won’t be in on Friday.

I am starting to make preparations for the biopsy this coming Monday.  Liz suggested that I ask Jim to come stay with me when I get home on Tuesday (the projected release date)  and he will spend the following three days keeping a…

I think i am killing Sky's hunting instincts

There have been birds flying around the roof by the bedroom window and Sky has been watching them intently and would meow sadly because he can’t get to them.  He just got off the window sill from watching.  He wasn’t overly thrilled I stayed in bed until 6 despite his best effort to get me up the normal time.  He even played with my toes.
I woke up a few times during the night so I wasn’t really anxious to get out of bed early.  I may just lay down a little longer then I need to go and print out the letter I finished yesterday.

Guess who?

i have been wanting a close up of Tiger and the best I could come up with is this.  It was during her late day snack.  We did sit together on the couch before dinner.  It was great.  Now she is out back lying down by the back door.

It got up to 87 degrees today it was really hot for me to the point where I ended up coming upstairs and watch TV with the fan.  It has gotten much cooler because the temperatures are dropping.  It is supposed to drop to the 60's and we may have a thunderstorm.  I hope that means It will be much cooler.  Although some of my friends online have told me they had Temps of 101 to 104.  I don't think we have gotten that hot this year.

I had a Lean Cuisine tonight for dinner and it just didn't keep me satisfied.  I don't want to cook anything more or even order anything.  So I decided to chow on Animal Crackers.  I was sorely tempted to get ice cream but I will be having ice cream tomorrow.

I got an email reminder from Dr. T today about the first of …

It is getting warmer

It is about 82 degrees and I could feel it...I opened some windows. At least there is a breeze.  I am still not going out there though.

The kitties are enjoying their day.  After they came out of my old bedroom they went downstairs for awhile.  It amazes me that I didn't notice them until I saw them sitting on the cellar stairs.  I think Tiger is there now and Sky was doing this:


Good news the TV in the living room is working normally again.  It must have not been plugged all the way.  I have the music channels on right now.  They are called Music Choice Channels.  I guess Optimum customers have it.  There doesn't seem to be any videos just music.

I finished one letter to Claudia in AZ but I just have to print it out and mail it. I have a few other letters I need to finish as well.

I talked with Liz this morning.  She has been busy with Double the Nelsons.  Nelson #1 is adjusting to being home but got a visit from Nelson #3.  We touched on the phone call from the Cardiologis…

Thankful THursday 8/13/2015

I am thankful for my Family warts and all. I am thankful for my home I am thankful for the kitties that bring me joy. I am thankful for my job and coworkers. I am thankful for the Doctors who are trying to figure out the latest Health issues. I am thankful My brother in law is on the road to recovery and will be coming home tomorrow. I am thankful Baby Madison arrived safely into this world. I am thankful for the organizations I belong too. I am thankful for the friends I have and are making through pen paling.
My health is source of concern.  I am having an EKG before I have the lung Biopsy that is scheduled next week.  If this confirms or disavows any heart problems that is.  The Lung biopsy is to see how active the Restrictive Lung Disease is as well.
My BIL’s recovery seems to  be going in the right direction.  He will be coming home tomorrow.  I suspect his recovery will be ongoing.
My nephew and his wife had their baby this week and Madison and parents are doing quite well.

Early Start to the morning

I was up by 6 this morning thanks to my furry four legged alarm clock.  I managed to get the cats fed and cleaned out the litter boxes.  Hey I am so in love with World's Best Kitty litter since it is septic and sewer safe.   It is a lot easier to get rid of then putting in plastic bags and throwing it away.  Sorry for the plug but I just had to put it out there.

I have to say I am still getting use to the windows 10.  I am not having success cutting and pasting from Googles Docs to any of my blogs.  I mean I can cut and past from site to site but not them.  Does that make sense?

It is almost 9 and it is already 70 degrees out and It is only gonna get hotter.  I am not so sure I want to be at the annual Oyster festival with the 02.  The DTC is having our food tent up on the green today and I am not sure I want to be near open flames. 

I am still trying to figure out what of the O2/compressors I need to use.  I don't want to use the big one downstairs because it only goes 50 ft…

Friday Again?

Another week is coming to a close.  (Thanks Captain Obvious #2).  Once again didn’t write as much as I normally do but I will probably make it up during the weekend some time in between grocery shopping and the pen pal writing and the volunteering.  I have noticed that you can’t exactly cut and paste on Windows 10.  Unless I am not understanding it right.
Work is okay still a little stressful for some people with regards to seating assignments.  Personally I am trying to get everything so that nothing is looming so that I have very little to move and in case I do have that biopsy.  I may take a couple of weeks off around then if It does happen.
I had the Echogram yesterday.  It didn’t take long and after a few other errands (delivering FMLA and Parking tag papers to get signed) I made it back to work by 11.  After a long conversation with Liz I have decided that depending on what Dr. M says about the test and his view on the lung biopsy then I am going to get a second opinion.  I am sur…

Monday was like every other day

Monday was like every other Monday.  I got up, I  take care of the kitties needs, I get my coffee and get ready for work.  But for one thing Yesterday  was the third anniversary of my brother’s passing.  He was helping my sister-in-law move furniture around (their offices) and he sat down to moderate a blog he was a part of and had a massive heart attack..  He never regained consciousness again.,  He was honored very nicely by the members of his blog and on the website from the funeral home..  His family put memoriams up since last night..
Since his death one of his sons returned home, his other son got married and is currently stationed in Florida and his only daughter is living in NY with a very handsome and kind man.,  She is an actress (talented) and has been in theater for years.  She was doing a role she has done many times before but this summer it was on broadway.  There have been changes as well.  My SIL is in the process of selling the house they have lived in for many year…

I had a great time yesterday

Yesterday was Dr. T’s Pool party and it was a lot of fun.  It was mostly her friends from the Education world.  Some of them were retired and some were just starting a second career.  Of course Woman’s Club members were there too.  The weather was nice.  I didn’t think the weather was too hot but then again i was wearing jeans and a shirt.  Not the Hawaiian theme that Dr. T was hoping for.  I guess I didn’t pay attention to that detail (again).  They were very accommodating to my POC and had places to plug it in.  The food was great.  I stayed until 6.

When I got home it was nearly 7 and I spent the rest of the night watching TV and managed to make the bed and put some more laundry in the wash.  I actually have more to do before going out today.

I was in bed by 8 because I was tired but did watch TV and surfed the net for  awhile.  Sky came up for a while and slept at the end of the bed and he also cuddled with me.  He did that a few times during the night.  Tiger came up near the end o…

Saturday morning cuteness.

This was what the kitties were up to this morning...:)

Not enough Time in the Day

I just don’t seem to have enough time in the day or energy these days to do much writing.  I did some minute shopping on Saturday and Sunday and I managed some family time with Liz and Jim.  I was also getting on a schedule with the 02 cylinders but that all changed yesterday with the new gizmo.  Its the portable Oxygen converter.

Liz and I spent some time on Saturday morning reviewing my newest purchases (the oximeter) and then we looked over things to purchase to use for the Cylinders and carriers.   She did it as a birthday gift for me.  I should be getting it sometime in the next week.  Liz has been going non-stop this past week with the daily visits to the hospital and shopping for one of those adjustable beds for when Nelson returns.  She is starting to get run down as she has been tired and almost getting sick.  I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I have a feeling once Nelson is home permanently she is going to have royal MS Flare-up.  

Nelson was moved earlier this week to YNH…

Another Week is Up

This has been another busy week again.   I know I haven’t written much in the last couple of day and that includes pen pal letters that I am still working on for Donna and Diane.  I mean i usually do a midweek reflection and the Thankful Thursday or any of the other starter discussions.

Work was short this week as I took Monday off because there was a lack of Oxygen cylinders.  Tuesday was very busy between opening, sorting, and delivering the mail.  I spent a lot of time on the readdress mail too.  The Week ended with the discovery of body parts in abandoned Body that once housed the Salvation army organization.   The building was across the street from my office.  So local media was literally parked outside for two days all day.  A few of my co-workers were out front and managed to get on TV and some were trying to avoid it. LOL.  

I am still trying to get used to the oxygen.  I met with the Respiratory Therapist from the Medical Equipment mid week to see if I can be qualified (???) t…