Been Home a couple of Days now

Been home now two and half days (it seems longer) and its good but I am still taking it slow at the request of my family.  Today was quiet.  Jim and I put together a shopping list and then about being organized and taking charge of our health.

I called the office and left a message with LC to let her know I wouldn’t be coming in on Monday and probably not until I see the Doctor.  I don’t know if she got the message or not.  I tried to leave one with BB but his voicemail was filled.

The Home healthcare nurse came in today and it was the lovely lady from yesterday.  She took the vitals and they all seemed good.  She says the wound seems to be healing well.  She reminded me to hydrate as much as possible.  To call if we have problems.  She was very helpful with questions we had regarding the O2 (oximeter) levels and everything else. 

After she left I hung out and was waiting for Liz to come over but I would later find out she was at picnic and so she didn’t come over until dinner.  We all had a great discussion about their concerns for me and my health and reminding me I need to be a little more vigilant.  At the same time Jim conceded that I could be taking care of business.  We also talked about options like condos as opposed to having a house.  I suggested we all meet with Debra and discuss all of our views.  This could be soon or not.  Oh and Liz and Jim worked together on the cart.  J.  This really pleased me on so many levels but that’s just me.

My Cousin Stopped by before the family powwow with dinner (meatloaf and corn) and we chatted for about 15 minutes about health, cats, and all that goes with the cat world.  It was really great. 

Once we had dinner it’s been fairly quiet. We did walk three times up and down the street and have been reading, cleaning up for the night and surfing the net.

The kitties have made themselves scarce for most of the day.  It seems Tiger stayed down in the cellar for most of the day and Sky came up a few times and went back down.  They are starting to get back out again.  Jim first thought it was a bad idea for them to be down there and then rescinded that idea (or view) because it wasn’t important.

Tomorrow Jim is going to help me give the kitties their monthly flea and tick med and then take my car to get cleaned out and then head home for a few days.  He says he will come back by the beginning of next week (before or after my birthday).

I am hoping to get some letters written and get some laundry done.  I probably could have had Jim do it but I felt weird even thinking of asking him.  He probably would have been glad to do it.  Again he has been doing a lot for me.  It all depends on how I feel too.

Right now though I am going to get some sleep because the kitties will be getting me up early anyway.