So it begins

Well so it begins.  Today was the last day of work for me for the next five days.  As I go in Monday for the lung biopsy that I have been having mixed feelings about.  I got the two calls today one was for the medical history and medicine logs (or whatever you call it).  The Second call came in on the house phone with the T OA for Monday.  I have to be at the hospital by 12:45 and then will be prepped for the procedure.  That afternoon I will have the procedure (I am told it won’t be long).  I will then spend the night.  I probably will have some pain management done and Liz tells me I will have a drainage tube in my back over night.  Whoopee.    Actually now that it is more of a reality I am ready for it. 

Tonight I went shopping for the kitties’ food so they will be well stocked for the days I can’t go.  That was about all the shopping I did.  I was getting hungry and I didn’t think I should go grocery shopping if I was hungry.   So I went to IHOP for dinner.  I finally got home by 6.  I definitely will go shopping before the car wash tomorrow afternoon.

Like I said tomorrow morning will be filled with grocery shopping and the car wash.  I am hoping that I will be able to stay a couple of hours without any problems or objections.  The afternoon will probably be catching up on letter writing.

Sunday I have bingo and the final of the two Ice cream socials for the summer at 7 at Dr. T’s house.  Other than that I will be catching up on paperwork. 

Monday Morning Livia is coming to clean and I will make sure she will do Jim’s room.  Then around 12 Liz will pick me up for the procedure.  Then after that I will spend the night and come home Tuesday

Liz will bring me home sometime that Tuesday.  Jim will be here that afternoon to spend the rest of the week with me.  It should be very interesting.

I have been a little achy tonight for what I think is the second night in a row.  I have taken my meds and Tylenol so I hope it kicks in soon.  I will have to stop taking it the night before the surgery.

On that note I think I will call it a night.  I am going to try and get some sleep (I am not sure it will work as I had coffee with dinner tonight).