A beautiful Day

At 7 in the morning and it was only 58 degrees out.  With most of the windows open and the ceiling fans on and then the window fans.  It felt beautiful.  It is supposed to get into the low 80’s today. The rest of the week is supposed to be in the 80’s and sunny (one day is supposed to be 90) and a thunderstorm.

I heard from Jim this morning he was telling me what his day is going to be like and he shared a picture of his pride and joy.  Of course I told him my afternoon will be busy.

I fell back to sleep after breakfast.  I got up by 9 and finished emptying the dishwasher and straightening the kitchen.  I did another small load of laundry as well. 

I did some family stuff.  What that means is I sent emails to Jim’s kids.  Both James and Kristina are at school and Emily hasn’t returned yet.  At least I don’t think she has.

Around Noon I had lunch of soup and then took a slight nap.  Around 1 I started getting ready for bingo.  I gathered stuff and then headed out.  Made a stop at Dunkin Donuts.

I got to bingo on time and played for the hour.  Joanne was there and we had a good time I think.

Right after I headed to M&R’s and we chatted about downsizing and all that it involves.

Shortly after I arrived C and his family arrived and we started playing and ordered our food to come by 5:30.  We had a great time despite the fact that D was really obnoxious tonight.  She was nagging on her BF, and just getting on my nerves. 

We finished by ten and I left there around 10:30.

I have straighten up the kitchen a bit and checked kitty box and now I am going to get ready for bed.s