A Pretty Successfull Day

I got busy but managed to get a lot done.  Just as I was getting ready got a couple of phone calls.  An organization for breast cancer donations and of course the nurse from Aetna to catch up with me.  She is calling back sometime tomorrow.

The appointment with the GI doc went smoothly.  I have to have a ultrasound on the abdominal area next week and I see them in two months.  They updated the files to include the new lung doctor and the new Rheum.

After that I went to the Eye Doctors office to have the nose pad fixed and to pay a bill.  I don’t know how long I was there but I ran into a classmate of mine and we were just catching up.  I finally got home by 2.

I had stopped at Adams and picked up lunch and supper.  I ended up eating all before dinner.  It was General Tso’s chicken and a bunch of wings.  I was not in the least interested in eating dinner by then.

I did sign up for the shop at home from Shoprite and it was easier than I thought.  I then shopped and it will be here tomorrow morning.  The rest of the day I relaxed and napped.

I was supposed to get together w/Roberta but her errands ran late so we are getting together later on this morning.  She is bringing lunch.

Jim got in about 12:30 this morning and is just getting up now. 

The kitties were funny.  I stayed down here until Jim came in last night (even though I tried to go to bed but I heard Tiger crying.  When I went back to bed Sky came with me until 4.

They both were meowing so loud that I thought they would wake Jim up.  He says it doesn’t bother him but it would me.  So by 6:15 they were fed.