A whale of a story

Apparently there was some excitement in Milford Sunday afternoon.  A humpback whale was spotted in Long Island Sound in Between Charles Island and Milford Coastline.  The video from Patch.com is weak but I am trying to see if anyone else saw it.  I remember years ago there was a beluga spotted on the CT coastline but I don’t know what happened to it after that.

I finally got back to sleep around 4 and stayed in bed much to the chagrin of Sky until after 6.  I got them fed and they hung around.  They went upstairs when Juanita arrived at 8:15.

Juanita was the nurse from the home healthcare and she was wonderful.  We talked about health, she has Lupus too and the things that work for her and that don’t.  She loves old houses and did everything perfectly.  

Once Juanita left I showered and got ready for my appointment.  Liz picked me later then we planned but we still got to Dr. Sonia on time.  I will be updating my health blog with that stuff soon or tomorrow as I am tired.  Anyway we didn’t get out of there until maybe 1:30 or 2 as I also had to get some bloodwork done.  It looks like I will be going on Benlystra infusions once I have the final diagnosis/prognosis of biopsy. 

When I got home I had lunch, took a nap and by 4 made some phone calls.  I had to schedule my dermatology appointment, my long overdue GI appointment.  I made a medical records request transfer from one Pulmonary Doctor to the other.  My GI appointment is tomorrow.

While I was doing all this the kitties were napping.  Sky was under the bed and I found Tiger behind the couch sleeping.  I should have taken a picture.  She stayed there for quite some time and then they both woke up.

Dinner was someone easy I had pork patties.  The meat was frozen and so I needed to get them cooked.  I notice they don’t make patties as well as beef patties do.  Maybe it was because it was the type and frozen.  They were good.

I cleaned up the kitchen and sent the dishwasher through.  It should be finished in about 20 minutes.  I will empty it tomorrow.  I should probably straighten up a little more of this dining room table but I am getting tired.

I have to update my health blog but I think I should do it in the morning as well.

I hope you had a great September 1, 2015.  There is officially 21 more days until fall arrives.  Can you believe it???