All around Awesome day

I managed to get up at 5:30 this morning and get the things I wanted done taken care off all before leaving the house at 7:05.  I had my infamous to do list and there were several things on it that needed to be done.  For the most part more than half was done today.  THe only thing that broke my heart was seeing Sky looking out from the living room window with these big yellow cat eyes and head tilted as I drove out of the driveway.

I stopped to get DD & and gas and managed to get to the parking garage at a very decent time.  Janet was waiting for me.  THe only problem I need to rectify is my parking.  I couldn't use my key card.  First off I have not been there in over a month and I didn't get  a statement.  Either by email or regular.  I actually could have probably found an old statement and caled them.

WHen I got into the office everyone welcomed me back and said they missed me.  Even my Director ST gave me a hug.  Eveyrone was looking out for me.  I even got a semi welcome from ML...with a left handed snide remark that another person heard and flipped her the bird.  It was quite amusing.

Anyway I was very busy and by the end of the day ready to go home but  I couldn't just yet as I had an appt w/ the hemotologist.  I brought him up to speed (even though he had some of the reports) and he was saying the numbers for today were all good.  I see him in three months.

For dinner I stopped off and Mama Theresa's and got shrimp scampi w/angel hair and brought it home.  It was delicious and I scoffed it all up.

The clothes I ordered from the Country Store in Massachussetts last week arrived and I tried them on.  I took pictures of them but I will post them tomorrow.  I was pleased to see they all fit.

Poor Sky was closed off from the rest of the house I am thinking for several hours as the door to the cellar was closed.  As i came in Tiger was upstairs and when I noticed the door shut I opened it.  Tiger went down and came back up and so did Sky when I called them.  They were down there for most of my dinner.  I finally got them up here around 7.  They have fresh kibble, fresh water, a couple of treats, and cleaned out litterbox and so they are set for the night.  SKy was nuzzling my hand for some reason.  Now he is sittin in his spot by the diningroom wall.