Another Week has begun

Another week has begun and another week I am still home.  I made the appropriate phone calls at 7:30 to my Team lead but it was to voice mail.  I took the chance and called my co-worker and friend Lee Ann to keep her abreast of the situation.  Come to find out she was taking today off. I also told her of the most recent additions to the health list.   Including the TB exposure.  I probably should not have done that but I have already told a few of my neighbors.  I did include the reassurance that the Doc said not to worry about it.  Anyway she said just do as the Doctor says.  Then I accidently called Janet.  Don’t ask.  WE talked for a short time but told her I wasn’t coming in yet.

I slept downstairs last night on the couch.  It was fun.  If a little uncomfortable.  I did it because at least one (Tiger) wouldn’t be coming upstairs and so that’s why.  They both slept on my legs for most of the night.  As dawn nearly approached they became “playful”.  They decided to start wrestling to the point of Tiger hissing at Sky.

I guess I could say I was testing the theory of having a bedroom down here in the future like Liz suggested.  It isn’t quite the same but it has merits.

Since we have been up the kitties have gotten fed and have been chasing and meowing at each other (almost like a Marco Polo that humans do).  They ran upstairs when the landscaper stopped by with a proposal and the bill.  The proposal was to get money from the city to do some work from when they installed the sewer hookup.  When I asked Jim about it he suggested I call the Mayors office or the sewer department.  I think he is writing up a script for me to have when I call them.

While was waiting for him I called my office line and to check messages and found out the leave coordinator had called me last week.  I never thought to check messages. One of the calls was from the leave coordinator to let me know that they received the paperwork and needed to ask a question but they answered it themselves based on the last leave request. Anyway they are going to use my sick time and then vacation time.  Bottom line they approved my leave.  I called Liz to let her know the status.  I think I need to call benefits before she calls back and asks if I did to plan for the future.  At least that’s one thing off the mind (FMLA).

I have to prepare for the 4th District meeting this Thursday.  I offered the house as a meeting place and now I think it’s time to get those slipcovers ordered.  If I do order them I hope they come in time for the meeting.  I also have to finish the minutes from last meeting and the other two.

Right now though I am really anxious to update a few other files and get letters written.  I have some errands to run later…