Fruitful Friday

I couldn’t think of anything for a title today so I apologize for the cutesy title.

It is nearly 1 in the afternoon.  The kitties are elsewhere in the house.  I was taking a nap back in the bedroom.  But now I am trying to figure out what I want do to do on the last day of my medical leave.

I met with my financial advisor for the Dryfuss funds and he says it’s doing well (even if I don’t have a lot in it).  Then we talked about other financial incomes/investments plus health.  I think I got back here by 11:30.

I talked with Liz today as she was taking my BIL to outpatient PT.  We talked about that meeting, last night’s meeting and what I am doing for the rest of the day.

The 4th District meeting went well.  Aside from me there were ten people.  I wasn’t expecting a couple of people and they showed up and the people I was expecting had to back out.  I had some help serving and cleaning up but for the most part I waited until today to clean up.

Now I just have a lot of chips and dips and cakes around.  I have already had some of the stuffed bread and cake and chips and salsa. I have also had soda.  I know I am going to get achy. 

I probably should drink the water that’s here instead of the soda.  I think I should stay away from the cheese slices here too.

Aside from the rebroadcast of Emergency at 5 pm there isn’t going to be much on TV tonight that I am interested in.  That may be a good time for me to work on a few things like the letters I got this week and over the last several weeks.