Houston We have Rain

Well we finally got rain.  It started sometime around dawn and for the most part continued throughout the day.  There were a rare moment or two of sun but overall it was straight rain.  At first it didn’t break the humidity but tonight its way cooler at 70 degrees.  I had to close some windows as it was coming in. I will be buried under the blankets tonight.

I saw the surgeon today right after I had my x-rays.  The biopsy showed nothing.  No lung disease and says it’s the heart.  Well this is conundrum because the Cardiologist says the heart is fine.  It’s going to get even weirder in a moment.

Late this afternoon the Rheumatologist’s office called me again to inform me that I would have to take the blood test I had last week over again as it would seem I have been exposed to TB.  She wanted me to take the blood test again.  I also have a UTI.  I am on Antibiotics now.  Anyway went to the lab and got the blood work done.  My hope is it will say I don’t have it.  This blood test was to prepare for the Infusion I will be starting up soon.  I don’t know what this will mean.

Liz and I took a ride to look at some condos today.  The first one we looked at was at Avalon of Milford.  There was a model in the main building and it really looked great.  It was a 1 bedroom first floor condo and it really was nice.  There are several available between now and December.  Then we looked at a few others from the outside and I didn’t like them…Yes I know I need to make appointments to see them inside.  I will do that sometime soon.

I really liked what I saw at Avalon even though it might be a bit more than I expected in price. 

Dinner was BBQ ribs from Joey C’s in Milford.  It was delicious with beans and potato salad and corn bread.  Unfortunately my hands and arms had been hurting until now.

I did some laundry, ordered groceries (and ended up forgetting a few things) when I wasn’t doing the appointments. 

Now I am heading to bed.